Liberate Kerala from #CongCPMNexus

By Chelvapilla published on February 20, 2016
Cong- CPM Nexus

Cong- CPM Nexus

For a long time though there was growing presence of Hindu nationalists in Kerala, the state remained play ground for interminable politics of troika-Congress, Communist and Muslim league . Though both the former parties swear by Secularism, for the sake of power and pelf , the principle is set aside in forming alliances off and on with Islamic Communal parties or factions of original Moslem league that divided the country. One time it is combination of Congress + Muslim league in power, at other times it is turn of Communists to ally with Islamic parties.

While Congress at the center in a grand gesture for appeasement became a party to partition of country itself giving Muslim league 1/3 of country , Communists did not do bad either where they had strong holds, one in Kerala the other in W Bengal.

Then Communist CM in Kerala, EMS Namboodripad carved out a Moslem majority district in Malappuram in Kerala.

However right at the start when Nehru’s Congress made alliance with Muslim league in Kerala, that is after bloody partition that resulted from league insistence to divide the country. There were some protests at this best example of unholy alliance. Nehru gave assurance that Muslim league at the time was different of Jinnah that divided the country.

However Muslim league chief Sulaiman Sait disputed Nehru ,asserting the Muslim league in India even after partition is same as Moslem league of Jinnah.

Regardless of parochialism, communalism , Islamic politics never bothered Congress or Communist parties nor any other political party swearing by secularism .

Even long before partition in 1947, way was paved to it by Gandhi in 1921,when he endorsed Khilafat movement launched by Mohammad Ali and Shoukat Ali brothers. Even though Hindus of Kerala supported the Islamic state of Caliphate then , still mercilessly hundreds of thousands of them were massacred . Chamchas existed then and now who even support such ghastly event. EMS Namboodripad , Communist leader characterized Moplah Muslim carnage of Hindus, as ‘agrarian revolution’ and more recent secular intellectual dished out story that Khilafat agitators killed only ‘upper caste Hindus’ . He however forgot to add another favorite virtue assigned to Islamic tyrants of history in India to Khilafat- they ‘uplifted lower castes’ ! What a great reform movement ?

One reason it was said why Communists gained strength in Kerala, W Bengal was in those days before partition and during agitation for an Islamic State, Pakistan, Congress essentially became an ally of Moslem league in its designs . The peculiar non-violence of Gandhi gave no succor or protection to Hindu population in these two states. So Hindus went for Communists who had no inhibitions against use of force to thwart force. And at the time Communists paraded with pictures of Shivaji, saying he was liberator of proletariat . And Communist party Chief Sripad Amrit Dange even wrote commentaries on Veda and spoke on Gita as well, of course with his own interpretations. In other words just like Congress party itself posed , and was recognized only as such at the time, as a Hindu party, Communists too went through that phase for some time when that stand was a paying proposition. Soon as history has shown both saw even bigger advantage in forming alliances with Islamic parties, after all Hindus of India had long history of being betrayed any way .

The result of all such politics was Hindus of Kerala are facing danger of becoming a minority in the state . The fate of Hindus in Kashmir tells us what to expect when they become minority.

This potential catastrophe by all means need to be prevented. Congress and Communist parties, the two major contenders for power are not capable of bringing any change in their politics to stop deterioration of Kerala state or people.

Bharatiya Janata Party offers hope in this regard, to change status quo and bring Kerala too into same main stream of politics of pro India nationalism. Kerala needs to be liberated from present divisive politics of minoritism that caused havoc to India .

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