Irom Sharmila, welcome to Kerala!

By Sarath Edathil published on March 20, 2017

Why just a visit ? You can stay here permanently. You have fasted for more than one and a half decades for the people of Manipur and yet they did not accept your sacrifice. Though your demands were not met, you chose to abandon your protest. With a month of PM Narendra Modi coming to an understanding and a peace accord with the Naga militants, you stopped your sathyagraha. This is not because you were afraid of Modi. Nor was it due to fear of any harm, or a desire to get married. Everything was for the people of Manipur. Yet, the people of Manipur who had been victims of the cruelty by the Indian army forgot all that. It is a great thing that you could not forget all that Army cruelty. Even so, please continue to speak for those 90 Manipuris who have acknowledged you. There are only four places outside the NorthEast where you can continue to do this. Kashmir, Hyderabad, JNU and Kerala. The first three places are not so safe for you. So, welcome to Kerala.

Kerala is an apt space for you in every sense. It is here that a for the first time, a foreigner entered to sow the seeds of anti-nationalism.

It is this place that Swami Vivekanandan described as a madhouse.

When the whole nation joined together for India’s independence, it here that the agitation for the Turkish Caliphate was started and the heads of Hindus chopped and dropped into wells.

This is the only place in the world where a Bandh was called when Saddam Hussein was killed in Iraq.

It is from here that 22 people joined the ISIS last year.

It is here that a Mosque in which weapons were stored and locked by the Police was forcibly opened by a Member of Parliament.

It is here that the palm of a teacher was chopped off for preparing an Exam question paper.

It is here that a teacher was hacked to death in a school classroom in front of his students.

It is here that we have a party which yanks babies by the feet and throws them out on the roads. It is here that we have the party which kills old women with bombs and burns young women to death.

It is here that we have a democracy where the Governor is not invited to Government functions. This is the only state where a statue of the father of its language is deliberately not allowed in the venue where the language day is celebrated.

It is from here that the poisonous seeds of anti nationalism are taken to JNU and HCU. It is here that has the little girls you wanted to see; girls who abuse the Prime Minister of the nation in the most puerile fashion.

Thus there are many things here which will attract you. So, welcome sister.
Even though you worked against the Nation’s armed forces 24 hours a day, the reason I do not call you out on your anti-nationalism is only because you were fasting for the last 15 years. So I restrict myself to this statement. The nationalists in Kerala are strong enough to bear the burden of one more anti-social. That is because we are able to see some of the blessings which you or those who have invited you cannot see.

It is here that Sree Sankaracharya and Sree NarayanaGuru were born. It is here that Poonthanam and Pazhassiraja were born. It is here that the Temple Entry Proclamation and the Paliam Proclamation were made. It is here that benevolent Kings gave wealth to Gods for safekeeping. Such memories are sufficient to sustain our resistance to you and your friends.

And because you are visiting Attappadi hills, we have another thing to say. The tribal hutments of Attappadi are just a short distance from where you will be holidaying. Among these tribals, the infant mortality is 58 when the average infant mortality in Kerala is 12. In many such aspects, our Attappadi stands abreast with African nations like Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Very near to this is Valayar where those two girls who were raped to death and Kanjikode where a woman Vimala was burned to death by goons of your political allies used to live.

So please don’t lecture us about the greatness of Kerala at least while you are staying there.

RSS Pracharak, Ernakulam, Kerala

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  1. agusta Reply

    March 21, 2017 at 7:47 am

    This is a fairly insensitive article. Although in the name of freedom of expression of you are entitled your view. You didn’t have to live through the perils of AFSPA, so you probably wouldn’t understand what the people went through. This woman spent a large chunk of her life to champion a cause that she didn’t know would help or not but she kept going. It is thorough disrespect to a person who fights for her people but not against the idea of a nation. One cannot always swear by the army and try to steamroll anyone that comes against it. Army is for the nation, and army needs to think twice before going against its own people. We uphold the idea of India and respect every person. Welcome her with open arms and a clean mind. Be a true Pracharak. Jai Hind.

    • Girish Tvm Reply

      March 25, 2017 at 3:05 pm

      One is known by the company one keeps, In Kerala, she was with the SDPI and the Marxists – both opposed to the idea of India as a sovereign democratic truely secular state. As for AFSPA, that did not happen by itself. It happened in response to the armed insurrection against the nation in that state. No insurrection – No AFSPA .

    • Roger Reply

      March 27, 2017 at 7:18 pm

      This lady Irom Sharmila was celebrated as a Liberation fighter against an alien regime by several Fake News outlets. One got the feeling the Indian Government was an oppressive occupation force in Manipur with people seething in anger. Fast forward to 2017, where she actually tries to prove her point. She got 90 votes. Less than a class size in most colleges. What a joke!
      One really wonders how many of these ‘Liberation Movements’ actively promoted by the Pseudo Media, are real movements vs some nonsense to fill up their pages and peddle it to gullible readers.
      The Fake news outlets including the foreign ones owe an explanation to thier readers how a mass movement just got 90 votes.
      BTW Irom to her credit does not claim rigged EVMs.

    • Sathish Reply

      March 28, 2017 at 10:34 pm

      Any how manipuri people have rejected her outright. Isnt it ?

  2. RKG Reply

    March 28, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    If AFPSA is intolerable, the people of Manipur had elected Irom Sharmila. The insurgency perpetuated by the separatists forced the Central government to extend AFPSA to Manipur. Role of Irom Sharmila in Kerala is irrelevant as the LDF or UDF is sincere in their effort in the upliftment of adivasis and Dalits, they could have saved them from tyranny. But these fronts treat them as mere votebanks. Only a nationalist government in Kerala can end the harassment meted out to these sections. The takers of Irom Sharmila in Kerala are Maoists, jihadis and other anti-national elements. The CPM support to this lady is fake, as for LDF, naxal Vargheese is now a criminal, not a revolutionary.

  3. Desmond Coutinho Reply

    May 15, 2017 at 9:09 am

    It may be of interest to Keralans that yesterday at Jantar Mantar following a day of talks with retired and dismissed jawans and retired senior officers of the Army and Air Force many Jawans signed a joint statement with Irom Sharmila Chanu calling for the repeal of the AFSPA from India. They argued that the citizens of India are not their enemies, that poor conditions and abuses by the system lead to the deaths of over a thousand Jawans every year. So Sharmila in return extended her support to their just demands for fair treatment including the removal of all colonial laws and privileges now entrenched in the Indian Army including the AFSPA. Jawans are daily humiliated as if serving under the British cleaning officers shoes doing their laundry the money for their basic food and clothing is stolen before it is properly disbursed just as the development funds go astray long before they get to the people of Manipur once authorized in Delhi. Just as ordinary Jawans now demand same rank same pension together with Irom Sharmila, they now join with Irom Sharmila and the peoples of the North East in the demand for equal rights to all citizens irrespective of whether they live in Delhi or Bangalore or Imphal. The full text is available from and join with the vast majority of Jawans who do not want the continued imposition of the AFSPA against the peoples of the North East.

    Irom Sharmila will continue separately to demand the removal of the AFSPA from J&K so that India fulfils its destiny as not only the largest democracy in the world but also becomes the most democratic. Irom Sharnila wil continue to live and travel freely in the republic of india which she loves campaigning for the betterment of this nation which she loves and for the removal of the AFSPA.

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