#IntolerantCPM Attacks Swami Chidanandapuri

By Courtesy: Janmabhumi published on January 29, 2016


When one becomes a Marxist, one is shorn of decency, decorum and ethics. And when blinded by hatred for Hinduism, they stoop to any level that will aid them in unleashing their hatred, as was seen when a gang of 50 DYFI goons barged into the hall where head of Kolathur Advaithashramam Swami Chidananda Puri was conducting a spiritual discourse, proceeding to attack people physically and showering the seer with vitriolic verbal venom. The programme was interrupted in the most despicable and lowly manner.
The incident took place on Thursday evening, in Kuttyadi, where a large gang of local DYFI goons headed by block panchayat member Adv Manoj Aroor and O Ramesh barged into the hall where the discourse was being conducted. They tried to attack the seer, shouting slogans and spewing verbal abuses on him at the same time. According to sources, the gang led by local DYFI goons.
“They would have proceeded with the destruction unbridled, had the crowd that gathered there not swung into action and shielded Swamiji. With police help, the goons were chased out.”
Responding to the incident, BJP state president Kummanam Rajashekharan has said that CPM, “by indulging in this ineffectual charade of high-handedness, of humiliating the venerated seer Swami Chidananda Puri who has ceaselessly striven for the permeation of Sanatana Dharma, the Marxist have humiliated the entire majority community. The state leadership of CPM must apologize to the people for this deplorable and deriding act.”


Pointing out how the Marxists had recently embarked on a tirade of belittling Swamiji and other spiritual gurus of Bharat via posters, Kummanam said that the Communists ridiculed spiritual seers as “spiritual merchants under the cloak of Maareecha”. Their aim is to create anarchy in society by intimidating spiritual Gurus,” said Kummanam, calling out to the government to take stringent action against the marauders.


The prgramme was the fifth day of ‘Haindavam 2016’, conducted in Aroor UP school by Saparya Dharma Seva Samiti.

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  1. Dennis [Vinyakan]Panakal Reply

    January 29, 2016 at 10:14 pm

    Spewing verbal abuses and physical assaults by DYFI vandals on veteran Hindu seers’ and other prominent personalities are simply their usual last resort literally meant to disrupt any party or group that works for Hindu cause and integrity or likely ts progressive.march under Modi sarkar. Doubtless, they have no respect at all for Hindu customs and traditions,which long before their ancestors had followed.over centuries. But when soon after Marxian ideas start running in their veins, they began to show signs of dementia and tent to group in the dark or had been booted out from their own hereditary straits . So, it happens to them time and again, that the dementia works upon them collectively whenever these anarchists are been found excessively pumped up with so much of anger and hatred or ganged up in an aggressive campaign of shouting anti-Hindu crappy slogans.

  2. M.Gopalan Reply

    February 17, 2016 at 11:08 am

    At last Lord Macaulay’s education system is bearing fruits now. His main aim was to turn Indians against India, create an unpatriotic generation with inferiority complex ,worshiping foreigners ,denouncing any thing remotely connected to India. One could find more anti Indian sentiment in Kerala and Bengal witch boasts being most educated states in India. And these states producing more anti national elements than any other states thanks to Macaulay.

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