Declare Conversion as a Hate Crime

By GSK Menon published on July 10, 2016


News is coming in about 15 Kerala converts who have gone to Syria to join dreaded terror outfit ISIS. Hindu and Christian girls who converted to Islam have also gone to Syria.

Indian Secularism will soon become a great threat to world peace and stability. Mad,fundamentalists and converters are running amok in our country, eyeing to convert the huge Hindu population, and thereby adding to their ranks.

Making rubbish claims of equality of religions, all religions want peace etc, our stupid politicians are playing with fire. Any person who just glances at the religious books of the desert religions will understand the venomous hatred directed at followers of other religions.

We are unable to control Kashmir and North East because of their religious make up. Assam is developing into another Kashmir, and so also Kerala.

What is going to happen after 25 years ? Belief in secularism is going to culminate in the disintegration of India. The earlier we discard this foolish concept the better for India. Now is the best time, even Europe and America are worried about Islamic conversions.

If India bans conversions of Hindus, it will put a brake on fundamentalist forces operating in our country. The world itself will welcome it as maximum number of converters are hunting in India for fresh converts, maximum number of NGO’s are operating in India, getting Hawala money and using it for subversive activities.

Declare Conversion as a subversive activity, that is what the government needs to do. Hindu organizations should start seminars, discussions, TV debates and public meetings to warn about why conversions will lead to subversive activities.

Today’s TV shows are showing visuals of a Hindu housewife whose daughter converted to Islam and has ostensibly fled to Syria. The girl was studying in a Dental college. It is the so called educated youth who are falling prey to wicked preachers.

Why blame only Zakir Naik when there are hundreds of Zakir Naiks both Muslim and Christian, who are spreading venom and hatred to lure converts.


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  1. BH.Tukaram Reply

    July 11, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    We totally agree with the author.

  2. Subhas Mitra Reply

    July 12, 2016 at 11:37 am

    A few days back I wrote on “Armed Forces Special Power Act ” I thought that is relevant to this subject. Plz have a look .
    Altering demography and AFSPA:
    No doubt scrapping AFSPA in Manipur (they debate in USA and writes in New York Times) are good news for democracy loving people particularly when Supreme Court say so.
    But as a citizen who has been there and thinks Manipur “stands on quick sand” if not ‘warlike’. Everybody knows how the change of religious demography of NE started after formation of NEFA with Brit Army’s boots, gun and dole. They moved out with army, navy and air force but the churches were not only keept back but were given extra teeth by removing certain restrictions on evangelical Catholic churches.
    It seems to me that members of this Demography Altering forces (DAF) increased with the time adding Communists, Evangelists of deserts religions (including Sufis), Rohinga supporters (Hyderabad), Pak-china and greater Bangladesh constituents. These DAFs are so wide spread in our system and not isolated. My request to Justice Madan B Lukar and Uday Umesh Lalit is to take opinions of concerned seniors Army and Police officers before fully depending on rule book (constitution). Our constitution permits positive variation/deviation but what is +ve for DAFs cannot be +ve for the nation as a whole. Therefore my request is the following points may please be considered before taking a final call.
    1. ‘No immunity to unjustified death’ should not interfere military discipline and over rule ‘court marshal’. We know our First PM felt Military and ordinance factories are to done away with after forming Non Alliance Movement. Now we can see his foresight.
    2. We have seen DAFs in our judiciary during NUN Rape case in Nadia. How they jumped on RSS/BJP and held Hindus as criminal and the Nun was allowed to leave without medical test which is mandatory for rape establishing. We heard Justice Lily Thomas, Kurian…..opinions as well as former Navy Chief Adml. Sushil Kumar( a catholic). But when it was found that rapists were Muslims from Bangladesh, our media never wrote a line thereafter.
    3. All DAFs are neither always violent terror like nor the Manipur issue is only a law and order, economic, or development related secessionist case. Many DAFs are just “sweet nothing” they infuse slow poison mostly through education and health services. Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal was jailed on false cases for raising such issues and attempting to find solution of Ayodha stands.
    4. For quite some time now Churches started free coaching to make their representative’s presence in IAS/IPS / Judiciary/ journalism and other important places example: Kerala Chief Secretary, an evangelist on Govt. duty. Muslims too followed suit for last couple of decades to enhance DAFs strength.
    5. There are reasons to believe that all Maoist activists and their logistics have blessing of DAFs.
    Thus I feel our law should ensure that we remain a secular integrated state and not a ‘trucial state’ of some non state theocratic forces abroad.

  3. M. G. Desai Reply

    July 17, 2016 at 7:14 pm

    Such cases are on the rise everywhere. However, public memory being short, everybody except the parents forget about such incidents after a few days. I suggest that there should be an independent website to maintain a permanent record of such cases so that some real time hard statistics will be available.

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