Zakir Naik & MM Akbar – The Terrible Twins

via Synonymous published on January 19, 2010

Internet, especially Youtube, is full of audio & video materials floated by Dr. Zakir Naik and MM Akbar slandering Hinduism and glorifying Islam. These two seems to have reached a firm conviction that insulting and demeaning Hinduism is a necessary requirement for justifying the glory of Islam. The underlying logic is strange but their objective is very clear. They are flooded with money from abroad for taking this insulting business to higher levels, raise the morale of their bird-brained followers and also get as many converts as possible. The saddest part is that their efforts are going unchallenged. The feeble attempts to defend are always played out to their benefit by some of our weakling leaders and that too on their platforms.
The terrible twins speak in same wavelength and follow the same gimmicks. Both have mugged up some Sanskrit verses from somewhere (may be trained by LeT) and it is interesting to note that they follow the same line of assault. Some of their interesting highlights are:-

1.      There is no reference to rebirths and caste system in the Vedas. These two were introduced by Brahmins later.
2.      Prophet Mohammed is named as such in Bhavashya Purana(?)
3.      Nasthree Swatantryamarhati (Women don’t deserve freedom) is how Hindus treat women
4.      Advent of Islam in India is a revolution to liberate all the oppressed to become equals
5.      Quran, the word of God, though in Arabic is meant for all humans
6.      American imperialism and caste oppression are the main problems in India today
7.      Islam is a religion of peace devoid of any superstition and the only true religion
8.      Hinduism is weak, illogical and regressive
9.      Jihad is revolution and there is nothing wrong in being revolutionary
10.  Prophet Mohammed is the final and there cannot be anymore true prophets
Now, for any freedom loving rational human, these are cheap lies that smacks of only hatred for Hinduism and attempts to cover up the true and ugly face of Islam. Deception, dishonesty and diabolism are all very much acceptable in Islam and each of the above points are either simple lies or distortions of truth to suit their arguments. Suppression of the three lines that comes before ‘Nasthree Swatantryamarhati’ is enough to highlight their cunningness. As for equality and peace in Islam, ask anyone who has been to Arab lands or see the bloody horrific scenes of bomb blasts the world over. The real problem in India today is Islamic Terrorism (not caste oppression) and Arabian imperialism (not American). And it would be interesting to hear some solutions to these two from the terrible twins.

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