You reap what you Sow

via HK Correspondent published on April 21, 2008

The Marxist party is in a big fix. Their shades of deceit is falling apart one after another. The PB members son’s connections with mafia don’s being exposed. The criminal police nexus being exposed time and again. They are in a total dilemma not being able to explain to the cadre why they support the UPA government at the centre and at the same time crying about the growing inflation. They are trying hard to explain the growing shortage of rice in various parts of the state whereas they are now responsible for the late reapng of crops in Kuttanad that led to the destruction of crops worth crores of rupees.

And to cover their tracks they have found a new way. They have started what was stopped in Kannur. Despite clear wanings that attacks on sangh parivar activists will lead rebuttal all over India, they have started well orchestrated killings and attacks across the state. Even distrcits like Thiruvananthapuram where the sangh does not have strong base as far as numbers are concerned are facing strong attacks from the unholy nexus between the marxists and the jihadis.

The brutal attack on the Seva Bharati Balasadan in Thiruvanathapuram is a brutal example of how low the marxists can go. They know that terror alone has been the sucess of this fading ideology. Right from the time of its birth they have used the power of the gun to come to power. They used it in Russia, Cuba, China, North Korea and everywhere. And now they are using their tactics to regain their losing battle in Kerala.

But unfortunately they have picked the wrong opponents. They have started a war on opponents who have a wider ideologocal base. Much bigger numbers across the  nation. And even across the borders of the nation. They know their streets fights can’t win for long so they have now started terrorizing people and using brutal attacks on the RSS cadre as an example.

The shameless and spineless public of Kerala stood around and watched when a school teacher ( Guru for the indians ) was hacked to death infront of his students in broad daylight and then the same people where set free by the courts for lack of evidence. After they were released they burst crackers and celebrated infront of the the murdered victims home. The same spineless malayalis today stand and look around and watch their TV reality shows when the caretaker of a balasadan was attacked infront of the children.

This writer fails to comprehend how this state known for high literacy levels can remain so mute to such cowardly acts. Have the keralites lost their sence of responsibility and power to protest? In western slang..’ have they lost their balls?’ Your land is being attacked, your temples are being attacked, your people are being attacked and you stand around and look the other way and run after petty issues.

Ofocurse, the perfect explanation in between all this madness is Politics. The people of Kerala want to be normal people and claim they don’t want to be part of politics which is very dangerous in Kerala. But can any citizen of India stay aloof from the political climate of our country. Every decision we take, even if it is a vote, makes a difference in the life of countless number of people. Shying away from our responsibiliies in the name of fear makes you a big coward. And not making your views heard and not protesting against what is wrong makes you a bigger coward.

HK had warned the CPM cadre last time that they would face reactions all over India if the Sangh parivar activists are targetted in Kerala. We warn you again.

You reap what you sow.

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