You Hurt Millions of Hindus… Why?

published on January 8, 2010

Dear All Please join the campaign and help yourself. Please send your own letter to Kerala Kaumudi : [email protected] to lodge your protest and righteous indignation against their contemptible act of insulting Lord Sreekrishna. Please write in your own words and opinion. Following is the sample letter which may help you.

Haindava Keralam


Dear Editor,

I am a regular subscriber to your e-kaumudi, the online edition. I was equally surprised and shocked to read an article in your Thiruvananthapuram edition on 6th Jan in the Desham/Videsham page that “Warren Betty becomes New Sreekrishnan”.

Alongwith me millions of Hindus feel maligned by your news paper. I was surprised because a news paper that I considered unbiased and investigative, has printed such a rubbish that hurts religious sentiments of us and hundreds of thousands of other Hinds . I was shocked because even no other papers that belong to anti-Hindu syndicate or biased political parties did not do this. What has happened to your paper?

Do you know who the Lord Sri Krishna is? Lord Krishna was not a casanova, nor was a womaniser. He is Supreme Godhead or Universal Consciousness manifested in the Human form. Therefore any sane person understands that Lord Sri Krishna is above the fleeting sensual pleasure, and all opposites, which only human beings are slaves to. And His Sacred Song, Bhagavadgita is the subject of most moderrn Management in the West. It is the manual of everyone.

Without Lord Sreekrishna there is no India and India is still one because of Lord Krishna. He is in the breath of every Hindu. He is the soul of not only India and Hindus or atheists but whole humanity and creations. And when you insult Lord Sreekrishna, you insult yourself, because within your physical body dwells Him. It was after the British invasion of India and forceful removal of ‘Gurukula Vidyabhyasam’ from the scoeity, the misinterpretation of Lord Srikrishna started by the proponents of British rule and the Christian missionaries.

The Hindus who have been subjected to torture, abuse, famine and lack of opportunity for education during the British rule became ignorant about the ancient wisdom of India and the scientific aspects behind many of spiritual teachings, including Lord Srikrishna’s pastimes. And this is no more the case today. Therefore, with all my conscious thinking, I contempt very strongly your chosen way of insulting millions of Hindus and the country.

You are, therefore, is obliged by your malevolant deeds, to publicly apologize to the millions of Hindus whom you have hurt.


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