Legal Action Taken Against Vicious Anti-RSS Article in Shillong Times

By Vinay Joshi published on February 3, 2016
After maiden RSS route march in Meghalaya's capital Shillong, Christians leaders are in deep shock. As a result Catholic priest Father Albert published article in The Shillong Times equating RSS with Nazism and Fascism. I sought clarification from Editor, Shillong Times. In reply Editor made futile attempt to cover up article under the guise of Freedom of Expression. I shot back with detail email to Editor, which is pasting below. Today I have initiated one more legal action against another article in the same newspaper.


Dear Patricia Madam,

Do you mean freedom of expression is mud sledging? lodging unsubstantiated allegations? misusing newspaper for making prototype allegations which are never proved in court of law?

As per my knowledge of Freedom of expression, it never allows anyone to tarnish the image of person or organization.

If Freedom of expression is so cheap in nature, then, Shall I make allegation against any journalist, author, publication that so and so person uses Ghost Writers and puts the article written by Ghost Writers as his/ her own? Shall I make allegation by exploiting Freedom Of Expression that “Patricia Mukhim” has employed scores of Ghost Writers to author articles and SHE used to publish these articles pretending to be authored by HER? Is this Freedom of Expression?

Prejudice coupled with Gobelian Propaganda can be dangerous coktail, it may backfire on you.

RSS always welcomed positive criticism. But never used force, intimidation and conspiracy as a tool to neutralize its opponents.

You knows well what happened to Bah Rijoy Singh Khongsah for his association with RSS. Rojoy Singh was veteran indigenous Seng Khasi leader, who received repeated threats for his work for indigenous culture and Niam Tynrai religion. Rijoy Singh didn’t bowed to pressure but ultimately lost his life. Do you attribute Rijoy Singh’s murder to High Democratic principles? Was it not Nazi and Fascist ideology of eliminating opponents in cold blooded manner?

You knows well what happened to Arnab Hajong, veteran Hajong author from Garo Hills for taking side of Bangla script Hajong language instead of Roman script. He vehemently opposed using Roman Script for Hajong language replacing Bangla, which is being used as official script since hundreds of years. Arnab Hajong received threats for his views, he ignored it and finally physically assaulted on Garobadha bridge. NO Police station registered FIR in the matter, HE approached Guwahati High Court, and Meghalaya Police registered FIR only after Hon High Court compelled Police to register FIR.

Madam, Freedom of Expression is not a joke and no one other than RSS and Indigenous Faith Groups in North-East India knows the real meaning of Freedom Of Expression, as RSS and Indigenous Faith Groups have lost scores of dedicated cadres to safeguard Freedom of Expression. YOU, being a senior professional and dedicated journalist knew what price RSS and Indigenous Faith Groups paid heavy price to defend Freedom of Expression, but still it would be appropriate to recall the list of those who sacrificed for defending Democracy and High moral values within last 30 years in North East India. Here is the list.

1) Bah Rijoy Singh Khongshah- Meghalaya-Abducted & Murdered for serving ancient Niam Tynrai faith

2) Arnab Hajong- Garo Hills- Brutally assaulted for taking side of Bangla script and opposing Roman script,

3) Swami Shanti Kali Maharaj- Tripura- Murdered for trying to preserve indigenous religion of Tripura Tribals,

4) Pramod Dixit- Assam- Shot dead for being dedicated to social service

5) Shuklewar Medhi- Assam- Veteran professor and RSS leader shot dead for serving society,

6) Bineshwar Brahma of Bodo Sahitya Sabha killed for opposing Roman script to Bodo language,

7) Muraidharan- RSS Pracharak killed in Assam for society.

8) Shyamal Kanti Sengupta- RSS Pracharak abducted & killed in Tripura,

9) Sudhamoy Dutta- RSS Pracharak abducted & killed in Tripura

10) Dinendranath Dey- RSS Pracharak abducted & killed in Tripura

11) Shubhankar Chakraborti- RSS Pracharak abducted & killed in Tripura.

The list of victims of religious and political persecution is unending in North-East India. Senior journalist Nitin Gokhale had wrote article in Tehelka few years ago on the topic of religious persecution of tribals in Chanlang and Tirap here is the link of that article

Please go through it to know what is going on in North East.

Now I will take note of  Mr Albert Thyrniang, the author of RSS bashing article in your paper.

As per website of Don Bosco Tura ( Mr.Albert Thyrniang is Catholic Father. It means he is religious leader. The common man always takes religious leaders very seriously, which increases the responsibility of religious leaders manifold. The word and deeds of religious leaders are precious, and people expect, these words must be 100% true and logical, it should not contain fabrication and manipulation, must be free from chicanery. But Fr. Albert failed on all criterion. It would be fair for his reputation and post he adorns, had he cross checked his doubts by directly contacting RSS leaders in the region, but he didn’t. Instead of doing that he used run-on-the-mill allegations to corner RSS. I firmly say, it won’t work anymore.

Finally I will analyze overwhelming participation of indigenous youth in RSS Path Sanchalan (route march) in Shillong. It is the manifestation of tremendous confidence that is developed in the youth from Khasi and Jaintia community, which led them to participate in the RSS march. In the absence of RSS these youths from indigenous communities would had chosen another platform to express themselves. The valid mode of expression and due respect has been denied to indigenous tribes of North east India by many factors. So, they chose RSS, nothing objectionable in it.

After the abduction of Rijoy Singh Khongshah, people from indigenous faith had took a huge procession in Shillong in year 2001 and about 20 to 30 thousand people participated in the procession, to express their anger against their religious persecution. This time they took out not to protest anyone but to express their confidence in their Way of Life, which was suppressed for so long. PLEASE don’t deny their constitutional right, PLEASE don’t condemn them, PLEASE respect them, as doing so will ONLY increase your respect and space in the society.

LAST POINT:- This is 2016, where internet has teared apart all myths and concocted theories. People can search for the knowledge and information and decides their views, so don’t try to spread concocted, manipulated and fabricated theories and the guise of TRUTH.

Conclusion:- The attempts to defame RSS and to lodge unsubstantiated allegations against RSS won’t be tolerated anymore and it will be DEALT with firmly by exploiting all valid, legal and constitutional means.

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  1. jaimohan.n Reply

    February 3, 2016 at 9:48 am

    god work may god bless bharath

  2. sachin Reply

    February 6, 2016 at 2:36 am

    well – be active in North East

  3. GSK Menon Reply

    February 8, 2016 at 8:54 am

    We must help all citizens of North East to Return to their Ancestral Faith. The people of the North East were fraudulently converted to this Desert Religion, today many of them go around with a guitar singing about the Jew. Help all to come back to their roots.

  4. Raj Puducode Reply

    February 16, 2016 at 8:07 am

    LONDON: Pope John Paul II had a close relationship with a married woman which lasted over 30 years, according to letters which feature in a documentary being shown by the BBC on Monday. While the documentary does not claim he broke his vow of celibacy with Polish-born philosopher and writer Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, the tone of some of his letters to her points to intense feelings between them, the broadcaster says.

    The two spent camping and skiing holidays together and went on country walks. In one letter from September 1976, he calls her a “gift from God”. “My dear Teresa,” he writes. “You write about being torn apart, but I could find no answer to these words.” Also in September 1976, he writes: “Already last year I was looking for an answer to these words, ‘I belong to you’, and finally, before leaving Poland, I found a way — a scapular.”

    A scapular is a piece of cloth worn as part of the habit of monastic orders and the then Cardinal Karol Wojtyla gave Tymieniecka his.”The dimension in which I accept and feel you everywhere in all kinds of situations, when you are close, and when you are far away,” he adds.Edward Stourton, the senior BBC journalist who made the documentary, said more than 350 letters were found at the National Library of Poland, the first dated in 1973 and the last a few months before his death in 2005.

    “I would say there were more than friends but less than lovers,” he said. “One of the fascinating stories that comes out of these letters is of a struggle to contain what was certainly a very intense relationship which mixed emotions and philosophical ideas in proper Christian boundaries.”A close associate of John Paul II said it was “possible” that a married woman had fallen in love with him before he became head of the Roman Catholic church.”Women fall in love with priests all the time, and it’s always a big headache,” Father Adam Boniecki, editor in chief of the progressive Catholic weekly, told AFP. “If she was in love with (Karol) Wojtyla, she was most likely not alone,” said Boniecki, himself the author of a detailed account of the pontiff’s life.

  5. BHASKAR Reply

    March 25, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    Great job…
    Gratitude from HINDU

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