Yesupooja modified version for Pagans

published on November 11, 2014

Look at the shamelessness of the church followers who work overtime researching to invent new ways to market their expansionist religion. They very much fear that their ideology is nearing it’s expiry date. The attached video shows the new bottle in which they market this old wine. Church followers are the best to know how it feels like to bear a monotonous and dry politico-expansionist ideology imposed on people by fraudulent means and money power. Many of them are disillusioned with the inadequacy of its philosophy. In the west, people just don’t care for it’s much hyped claims. It doesn’t have any thing to offer to the wast majority of the people who possess cultural backgrounds and traits. It is only a social gathering surviving on the money power and political connections. This is what makes the salaried marketing managers to look out elsewhere for ways to make this ‘product’ / ‘service’ wanted by the people in countries like India.

See the fun in the video. The guy tries to find parallels with the breaking of a coconut and nailing of Jesus on the cross ! Soon, you can see Yesu Poojas in which the devotee will drive nails into coconuts instead of breaking them. How about driving nails dipped in vermillion on white pumpkins to enact the great sacrifice of Jesus on cross ? Anyways Hindus do break white pumpkins colored with vermillion as part of their puja ! Do christians have anything original to offer to the world ? Swallowing and digesting the juicy and organic elements from richer cultures have been the trade mark of christianity from it’s beginning. How come Jesus story and the story of ancient Egyptian god Horus have copy paste similarities in about 40 important points / events ? That tells it all.

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