Yechury’s Hindu Hatred

via Surinder Paul Attri published on March 3, 2007

1. Yechury is hard-headed towards Hindus and Hinduism, but is downright soft-headed and un-sophisticated and naïve about the nature of monotheistic creeds and ideologies of exclusivity. He has not gotten wise to the banditry and barbarism of Christianity, and in unable to arrive at the proper verdict on the nature and record of centuries of Christianity, in several continents. Like other dumbbells, he has no difficulty swallowing ( without questioning ), the cock-n-bull Arabian Night stories of the Bible. Like other block-heads, he is firmly convinced that, Jesus Christ was the only God, and those who do not accept his imbecilic and idiotic claim, shall burn in Hell for ever. That is the source of his poision towards the Hindus, and Hinduism, who have done neither him nor his Christianity any harm. He is one among a race of evil crea tures that Jesus Chris’s teachings has created. There are some advantages in being an idiot, because then it becomes easy for you to accept the non-sense claims and belief systems, that comprise the ideology of Christianity.

2. Hindu sense of logic and analytical questioning, does not appeal to dolts like Yechury, who have no idea what it is to be Free as a Bird. He is convinced that Jesus Christ came to save the world ( ignoring the consequences of Jesus’s teaching, over several centuries and in several continents, the record of Christianity stinks in the nostrils ), that it is a sin to question his claims, that it is a sin to reason about him, and that it is also a sin to read any view of Christianity, that is contrary to the teachings of the Christian Clergy. Yechury is quite comfortable with such over-simplied version of the world, and has no stomach to analyse the realities and complexities of real world.

In fact, Yechury, like his other co-religionists, believes that Bible has every thing in it, that there is to know ( what kind of Bull-Sh** is this ? ), and that everything can be explained and proved, with use of Bible. But before such overly-simplified claim can be accepted, it must be proved that Bible itself is true. If the Bible is not true, then anything proved by Bible is also not true. Not only is the Bible Un-True, even given all the benefit of doubt, the truth of Bible is doubtful. Therefore, the Bible is Not proof of anything.

3. What cannot be doubted is the record of Christianity, which is engraved on the pages of history. During the Christianization of Europe, two-thirds of Europe was murdered by the soldiers of Jesus Christ, and in the name of Jesus Christ. In North and South America, soldiers of Jesus Christ murdered 40 million Native Americans, during the Christianization of the Americas. In other continents, the record of Christianity is equally shocking and sickening.

In fact, Christianity is not even a religion, it is an ideology, and a barbaric ideology. At best, it is a religion only of Palestine, at all other places, Christianity is an imposition, and a barbaric imposition. Christian priests and ministers have been passing an arsenal of untruths, on the entire world, as the word of God. These ignoramuses of Christianity, have no understanding of how wicked Christianity is, and how bogus is their claim of Bible, as the word of God.

4. Bible is the word of man. To label it or ascribe it as the word of God, is the biggest blasphemy.

Strong criticism of Bible and Christianity this certainly is, but Hindus need not be threatened by the false dogmas and bogus claims of Christianity. Yechury’s attempts to spread Christianity all over India, are not likely to succed, they are going to back-fire. Yechury should not be given the attention or the respect, that he does not deserve.

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  1. Raj Nair Reply

    March 3, 2007 at 12:10 pm

    Re: Yechury’s Hindu Hatred
    Most of the Congress and Kommunist politicians who hate Hinduism bears a Hindu name – as for instance the Kommunist dumbell mentioned in this article has his name “Sitaram”. This is a pitfall. In the state of A.P. the hard core christian congress chief minister who is stated to have his hidden agenda of evangelising the whole andhra state has a Hindu name “rajeswar rao”. By giving Hindu names to its paid religious conversion workers, the church think that it can cleverly, cunningly and easily convert the illiterate hindus.
    Hindus slowly realize that the cat has finally came out of the bag.

  2. vijay Reply

    March 4, 2007 at 12:03 am

    Re: Yechury’s Hindu Hatred
    Its fashion to talk, ” Anti – hindu”. People think if they talk against the Hinduism, they become intellectual !!!!

    These Pseudo intellectuals have no shame in following doctrines of Marx, without practising it at all……in their lives.

    The Marxists “intellectuals” ( if they have it ) live on anti-hindu propaganda. Instead they should gather support by their ideologies. The very fact that, the Marxists, selectively criticize the Hindus and pamper the Muslims and the Christians show their weakness and utter FEAR factor.

    Shame on these marxists !!!!!!! Shame for Carl Marx !!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Marxists want all Indian thinkers like Thilak, Sri. Aurbindo, Ambedkar etc to be forgotten. Same time, they want to worship Marx !!!!!!!! They dont find any good in Gandhi…..they find all good in Marx !!!!!!!!!!!

    If the so called Marxists have any real intellect OR mere GUTS,let them file Muslim candidates in HIndu majority areas. Let them file Hindu candidates in Muslim majority areas !!!!

    I challenge them to debate on present world crisis of Islmaic terrorism…

    Revolution comes for changing the present. Do the marxists have the guts to fight the Islamic ffundamentalism ??

    The Marxists are living on the votes of the Hindus. No Muslim or Chrstian will vite for them in mass. So be carefull my Marxists……the moment Hindus leave your group and start thinking themselves, that will be the end of Marxism in India………..

    You will never get any support from the Muslims or the Christians. So cheat the Hindus as much as possible. This is not going to last for ever………….

    If Marxists have any ” self pride or confidence” in Marx, please stop cheating the Hindus…..dont live on the ignorance of the Hindus of India……

    They will find out your crooked mind soon.

    Be careful in hating the Hindus…….because those very hindus are your bread……..

    Shame on the communists…..
    They think the Hindus supporting them are not proud of the Indian heritage !!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Vaisakhan Reply

    March 4, 2007 at 4:20 am

    Re: Yechury’s Hindu Hatred
    Has Yechuri changed his name from Sitaram to Jesus, John, Jack or something like that? Perhaps Judas suits him best. Do you think these Marxists are not aware of Hindu dharma? They are. But to get votes it’s easy to hoodwink illiterate poor hindus and Muslims. Power is the only thing they care about. Once upon a time they took to the streets the photo of Carl Marx, now it has been replace by the photo of terrorist bearded Madani. So much for their ideals for the proletariat. It is high time RSS/VHP/BJP/Hindu Aika Vedi started campaign to enlighten Hindus by visiting individual hindu homes to counter Marxist-Mulla-Missionary threat to Sanatana Dharma. 5

  4. vijayan Reply

    March 7, 2007 at 10:43 pm

    Re: Yechury’s Hindu Hatred
    I am curious to know something.

    Some of our friends have written here that the CM of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy is a Christian…..

    But my inquiry has told me that, he is a Hindu…..

    Can anybody help me please.

    If he is really a Hindu, why should we write he is a Christian ?

    vijayan 5

  5. Rishi Trivedi Reply

    March 18, 2007 at 1:59 am

    Re: Yechury’s Hindu Hatred
    all the converted, misguided and fooled christians in India should see this:

    to see how benevolent and enlightenentd their Church and its goons are.
    There is no comparision between such savagery, evil and barbarism and Hindu caste system. Caste system is a case of good philosphy hijacked and manipulated by greedy but relegions like Christianlity and Islam are jusy outright disasters for Human Kind and mother Earth 5


    April 5, 2007 at 8:10 am

    Re: Yechury’s Hindu Hatred

    From the very begining I have been holding the view that communists are the traitors of the first water.They are more cunning and dangerous than even islamists and xtian missioneries,They maligned and tarnished our country,cultur and
    history. Along with muslims and christians they also hate Hindus and Hinduism and want to disintegrate them. History of
    Freedom Struggle supports my view.
    And about these psec-hindus, better it is not to speake about their suicidal tendencies. They preach lofty values sitting on
    very high moral grounds forgetting that under their feet
    their own graves are being dug.Who will awake and aware Hindus
    of the dangers of communists,chritians and islamic lobbies?


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