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published on May 29, 2010

People of Kerala experience ‘Nandigram` violence not as one incident but as a perpetual condition. In fact we have internalized this ‘Nandigram` condition imposed by the Party to such an extent that it is difficult for many of us to distinguish it as something abnormal — as something alien to democracy and civil society. Right from the CITU ‘nookkukooli` menace to the SFI intimidation in colleges and the CPM/ DYFI aggression on the streets, Fascism is, to the vast majority in Kerala, ‘normal`- A part of our daily existence. And just as the fear of mad dogs and fire is normal and accepted, so is ‘Party intimidation`. This conditioning has been going on for so long that I will not be surprised if it is gradually imprinted in our genes — this fear, to be passed on to future generations. No class of Kerala society has been spared – the student, the householder, the social activist, the media – each and every part of our polity has been subjected to this Party terror. Even the Judiciary and the Police have not been immune to this ‘conditioning`.

Well, some of us are not ready to roll over under the boot – not yet. After all, Kerala is part of India. Not China.

Violence invites more violence and as the biggest political party in Kerala the CPM has a special responsibility in breaking this vicious cycle. Saner members of the party should look at the mirror and decide if this is kind of society that they want to create.

And so we will hold this violence, this intimidation away from us and look at it objectively. We will understand it as something alien – as something to be isolated and destroyed. We will unlearn the lessons of intimidation. We owe this to our future generations to be free from fear. And others outside the state need to see what is happening here so that the lessons of history are not ignored.

We need to document and expose this fascist intolerance cloaked in slogans.

Ingoc.com presents you with an opportunity to do exactly this. You can send us pictures/ images of events and incidents that you think need to be exposed. We will put your observations in the public domain. You can use an ordinary digital camera or even your cell phone camera to take your picture. You have to add a write-up of about 10 lines to explain the picture with the date and place of that event. Or else you can scan a news item from your local newspaper and send it to us.

In this era of information explosion, where news and its presentation influence and guide public opinion, those who have the power to capture, add value, package, and present information to the public are the real masters.

You are not helpless. You can make a difference. Go ahead. Record and Upload.


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