Worshipping Hindu gods the cause of Chikunguniya!

via HK published on October 16, 2006

Thiruvalla: There is a group of vultures in the society named Pentecost Christians, seeking for an opportunity to tarnish Hinduism in the pretext of service. For them Natural calamities like Tsunami or Earth quake or Epidemics like Chikunguniya or Dengue fever is a golden opportunity to denigrate Hinduism and deceive the gullible people inorder to promote conversion.


When the state is wrapped up with the terrific Chikunguniya epidemic, Pentecoste group celebrates it by exhibiting films denigrating Sabarimala,Guruvayur and Mookambika.As per the Film version this Chikunguniya is spreaded in Kerala due to the worship of Hindus in their Holy temples and the only remedy to it is to take the path of their one and only god!


The pentecoste groups based in Thiruvalla and Kumbanadu is behind this present initiative to denigrate Hinduism in the name of Chikunguniya.The Film was exhibited in places like Kaviyoor,Eraviperur,Thottambhagam during last two days.


Based on the complaints from public, Hindu organisations under Hindu Aikya Vedi gheraaoed Believers church in Thottambhagum yesterday. Although police is aware of this nefarious attempts by Pentecost, in fear of loss of Votes and influence of Christian lobby, Government prevents police from taking any actions.


Hindu Aikya Vedi warned of severe repercussions if the Pentecosts go on with their denigrating campaign.

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  1. SMKumar Reply

    October 17, 2006 at 5:22 am

    Re: Worshipping Hindu gods the cause of Chikunguniya!
    During the Tsunami strike lacks of Muslims died in Indonasia. Velankanni church distroyed and hundreds of christian pilgrims died. What this pentacost have to say? Don’t allow them to speake against Hindu beliefs and punish them immediately. 5

  2. Bhaskaran Vellakkad Reply

    October 17, 2006 at 2:31 pm

    Re: Worshipping Hindu gods the cause of Chikunguniya!
    This so called group of etremists are trying to convert innocent, gullible, illitrate poor villagers in north India by henious and devious means. One such example is like this- they make two idols, one of Christ in wood and another of Krishna in mud. Then both are painted and declare to the illitrate villagers that if your God is a real one it will float on water and all others will sink. Naturally the Krishna’s idol made out of mud will sink.If any one analyis in an unbiased manner on the population of Tsunami hit areas in India, one will see that most of those places were of mass conversion took place. They are responsible to reason the cause of last Katrina and other tempest hits at USA -a country of 80% Christians. This Petecost group has been doing tremendous damage to our faith in the most crooked and wicked way, we must unite as a single force and man handle them positively, no other way will make them all right. 5

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