Why only one side of the story?

via By Synonymous published on June 15, 2009

After 1947, only the following three major episodes have shown that Hindus in India are capable of any form of determined action as a community against the insult, injury and humiliation by its organized opponents:-
-  Demolition of Babri Masjid (not Mosque) built on top of an earlier Ram temple as a monument marking permanent insult to Hinduism
-  Gujarat Riots as a reaction to the cold blooded burning of Ram Bhakts in a train at Godhra
-  Orissa Riots as a reaction to the brutal murder of an octogenarian Swami Lakshmananda
Our sagacity, tolerance and inherent non-violence have always tied us down at all other occasions. We never had any leaders like Bin Laden, Francis Xavier, Mao or Stalin who could lead us in killing others. And we can never become a ‘Bombisthan’ like Pakistan .
But there is a concerted move to blow everything out of proportions against the unorganized Hindus. It is the leftist media which is leading this propaganda war. India ’s media & film industry is infested with Church-goers and communists, and there is complete understanding among them in their intentions and actions to tarnish Hinduism and destroy it for ever. So many films have come out so far highlighting the ‘atrocities’ of Hindus during Gujarat riots and the violence that followed the historical correction at Ayodhya. And all of them have won awards is proof enough for the collusion between pseudo-secularists and these movie-makers. Their aim is recording only their side of the story for the future.
It is highly painful to note that none of our own film-makers are attempting movies depicting the destruction of Ram temples during Muslim rule, burning of Hindu Ram Bhakts inside train compartments and gunning down of revered swamis for opposing religious conversion? Why only one side of the story is always told to the audience, who are often unaware of the dubi ous intentions of these producers and directors? Don’t we have enough money with the proud Hindu producers of India to present the other side of the story also for their future generations? The treachery, villainy and wickedness of the Islamic rulers, colonizers and their left-overs must be told to our children if they are to defend our faith and nation.    

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