Why Muslim political parties are threat to Nation?

via Amitabh Tripathi published on August 2, 2006

Before blasts took place in Mumbai commuters,formation of new Muslim political groups in most populated state was centre of curiosity and apprehension. When gruesome attack on innocent civilians occurred and various Muslim organizations were found actively involved with this operation for providing logistic support to terrorists to executing it, role of Muslim political parties came under scanner. Now it is high time to decipher the mind of Muslim leadership .  


Few months back when Top Shia cleric and reputed figure among Muslim community Maulana Kalbe Zawwad announced formation of a new exclusive political party for minority community at the same time Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid  Sayed Bukhari   also launched a new political patry United democratic front for Muslim of Uttar Pradesh in which he was appointed as patron of this party.


 Emboldened with performance of Assam united democratic front in Assam assembly elections, leaders of minority community
decided not to rely much on secular parties instead they will fight on their own for their so called  cause of minority upliftment.


Before assembly elections were held in Assam in a dramatic development a Muslim millionaire of west Bengal Badaruddin Azmal came in Assam to float a    new political group to contest assembly election. Analysts across the nation did not termed it as a new political phenomenon instead it was taken as a political gimmick    to consolidate minority votes. But much was on stake for Muslim leaders in this election and  People were so simplistic in their assessment.


Badruddin Azmal formed his new group to give voice to his community who has resentment from congress after apex court’s decision on IMDT act. Muslims of Assam blamed congress for not doing enough to override the verdict of supreme court as earlier they did in case of Shah Bano . Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid threw all his weight behind this new formation to consolidate minorities inAssam. Election results were all set to define Muslim role in Indian polity in this way or other. Badruddin’s AUDF not only bagged 10 seats but was also successful in securing defeat of congress candidates in many of seats.


 Few weeks after assembly results of Assam emergence of new political group in largest state of India with large number of minority community could not be dismissed as a mere coincidence.This new phenomenon with pre-partition syndrome has several implications on national polity and national security as well.


Since independence political parties in India left no stone unturned in wooing and appeasing minority community, they were given special status and law of land has some conditional approach towards them. But all these efforts went in vain as minority community never left its pan –Islamic nature.


 New Muslim political parties has not come into existence to uplift their community but to create a pressure group to make sure that Pan –Islamic agenda be implemented in internal and external policies. Leaders of minority community have lost their faith in Congress because of its approach on foreign policy which could not be in contrast to national consensus.


Two major sect‘s (Shia ,Sunni) of Muslim community in India has developed resentment towards respective governments since America attacked Iraq. Sunnis in India had strong attachment for Saddam Hussain and they wanted Indian government to take some hard anti-American stand.  Although India decided not to send their troops to Iraq with coalition forces and Indian parliament unanimously adopted a resolution to condemn American attack but it was not sufficient for Sunni community of Indian Muslims who were hoping something big.  


One other decision on the front of foreign policy was a big disappointment for Shiites in India , Indian government’s decision to vote with America against Iran fuelled anger among this community. These two policy decisions were followed by visit of American president to India in which both of countries almost finalized nuke deal. This was another issue which was concerned with Islamic Ummah. Islamic groups see this deal as beginning of polarization of Anti-Islamic forces in which America is stopping Muslim nations to become nuclear power as in Iran .


This phenomenon has some direct implications on national security. These Muslim parties will contest elections purely on communal agenda which will address Islamic Ummah more rather than local issues of their community. In recent assembly elections we have witnessed how Left parties in Kerala fought their election on foreign policy and garner full support of Muslim community and outplayed IUML from their strong holds.


New Muslim political parties will left no stone unturned in consolidating their community on those subjects which have direct effect on health of nation. Nuclear enriched Iran in no way is compatible with Indian security interests or strategic interests, but these Muslim political parties will portray this development with theory of atrocities on Muslims. As we witnessed after Mumbai blasts when Muslim organizations spend their more energy in questioning government and counter terrorist agencies why Muslims are being singled out rather than introspecting within.


In this propaganda war it is hard to believe whether these parties are not going to push the agenda of Pan-Islamic groups like Al-Queda who are also operating in the name of atrocities on Muslims. These Political parties have instances before them how muslim brothehood in Egypt , Hamas in Palestinian Authority came in power with Islamic appeal.


Now wheel of time has taken backward turn and we have come in pre-partition era, where Khilafat movement fuelled Islamic fanaticism and ended in partition of motherland in 1947. This new pre-Partition syndrome will lead us to where we do not know yet.


This new political development inherently has some message. International politics is going to affect us severely. Any development in Middle East has direct effect on us. Every heated debate amongst Iran and Israel has some echo for India also.


Pan-Islamic movement is headed by several Islamic terrorist organizations has become movement for Muslim  political organizations as well .In his latest tape on 23rd of April when Al-Queda chief mentioned Hindus first time with Christians and Zionists he had his eyes on polarization of   cultures .   Not only Taliban responds to Osama’a call with executing Indian engineer in Afghanistan and Lashker   in killing 35 Hindus in Jammu along with blast in Mumbai commuters, Muslims leaders in India has also responded with their political plan.


In this scenario it is open secret to everyone what intentions Muslim political parties have behind formation of their new political fronts. World has entered into an era where some citizens of countries are going to be driven by call of their faith and Ummah not with national sentiments. It is up to the nations to decide how they make sure loyalty of these citizens who are not ready to honour national interests of their respective countries.


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