Why Missionaries Target India?

via Dr.Babu Suseelan published on February 25, 2007

Throughout its 60 plus years of pseudo secular congress rule in India, Congress government has been busy colluding with missionaries and mullahs to destroy Hindu culture and tradition that kept India together for centuries. Original ethical concepts and social structures have been disintegrated by deception, cunning political tricks and indoctrination. Missionaries were given a free hand to destroy Hindu culture and social harmony. Veneration of our tradition, love, harmony and spirituality has been replaced with hatred, division and sectarianism. Missionaries and their cohorts have been working day and night to destroy the moral, social and ecological systems. India is facing a profound crisis. All these calamities have been brought by the deliberate planning, organization, and control of Missionaries and their hidden political agents in India.




The Congress rule is the most darkest and the most ridiculous page in Indian history. Among its unending list of crimes, the vilest is the approval of thousands of missionaries into India. More people are converted since independence. While K.R. Narayanan was the Ambassador in Washington, DC, Indian Embassy and his residence became a den of missionaries. Thousands of visas were issued for evangelists to establish non governmental organizations in India. As a result, subversive activities, social crisis and terrorism were doubled. Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Nagaland, Bihar, Andhra Paradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala witnessed increasing subversive activities of missionaries.




The splendid Hindu civilization was the target of evangelists and Jihadis for hundreds of years. The Congress rule marked the start of new missionary war against Hindus. The goal is to deconstruct Hindu society and grab political power. There is no real, organized and effective challenge to their naked and wanton aggression. They are victorious because Hindus are still in deep denial of the danger. The deliberate ignorance, apathy, indifference, and silence culminate in our loss of political power and constant social crisis.




The Indian media and Political parties have close connection with the world’s most brutal evangelical forces. These well equipped evangelical armies employ psychological warfare techniques, deceptive mind manipulation, and cunning political game to create social crisis in different parts of India. Deception, lies, violence and terrorism have played a very important role in missionary gains in Nagaland, Meghalaya, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.


 Missionaries have recruited without shame alienated academicians, phony intellectuals, subversive journalists to spread deception and lies as part of their psychological warfare against Hindus. Thousands of Hindus were cheated and another generation continues to be cheated. This is the biggest sorrow of Hindus, the most unfortunate aspect of the present India.


Every responsible government should always monitor subversive organizations, and watch out their nefarious schemes. However in India, political parties and bogus intellectuals and sick secularists are eager to sleep with our enemies. By blocking all information of missionary subversive activities, the government and the media project a false impression that Hindus are communalists. Missionaries use religious freedom as a tool to promote its conversion/political agendas. The Congress government use changing definitions of secularism and religious freedom to oppress and divide Hindus, dismantle Hindu cultural practices paving the way for missionary onslaught.


Throughout history, missionaries have been waging a relentless war against Hindus. They have used various cunning means to enslave Hindus. It is time for Hindus to join together and resist being deceived by missionaries and their fellow phony secular travellers. The end will arrive for the missionaries and bogus secularism as well as its unscrupulous nature once Hindus become united and assertive.

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