Why the Media hatred against Narendra Modi?

via HK Correspondent published on July 19, 2006

Narendra Modi, one of the most influential leader of Hindutva in the country and the Chief Minister of Gujarat was always in the ‘Hit List’ of secular medias in the country. The Media war against Modi is going on for the last several years.


Recently, Secular medias successfully made an issue on his recent Mumbai visit. The ‘Crime’ against Modi was that “he used to talk openly against Islamic terrorism and that may lead to communal violence in the country”. Well, but the same medias have no objection for the provoking speeches of Jehadis like Iman Bukari or Azmi, media was not bothered about the sentiments of majority Hindus! 


R.R. Patil, the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra went to that extend to appease the Muslims in the state by threatening to take legal action against Modi if he made provoking speeches! It was in the same state where Azmi, a Jehadi terrorist was abusing Hindus from day to night but we haven’t seen this Patil  worried about that! Was Mr. Patil afraid of the consequences if he spoke against Azmi or was it the same political trick to nab minority votes?


R.R. Patil is part of the same government who is afraid to take action against Imam Bukari, a third grade criminal in the country, a pro-Pakistani who never respected the Judiciary system in our country and the only Religious leader in the country where Police afraid to arrest him inspite of more than 10 arrest warrants on provoking speeches, but our media least bothered all these, they are worried about only Modi and Togadia!


Reports point out that few leading visual medias of the country are trying hard to eliminate Modi. They deputed number of spy journalists with hidden cameras to spoil Modi’s future, but they have to come back with empty hand!


The secular media of the country underestimated Narendra Modi. Even today he is one of the committed Hindutva leader in the country where media taking enough precautions while talking to him in a Press Meet. It is a proxy war against Modi and millions of Dollars / Pounds / Dirhams are pouring to various Media offices from various countries for this mission.   


What is the ‘crime’ against Modi for which the entire media and pseudo secularists are targeting him? Yes, he took bold decision to eliminate Jihadis in Gujarat after more than 60 innocent Hindu devotees killed by the terrorists in Ghodra. He took bold decision to stop conversion activities in Gujarat. Today Gujarat is one of the states in the country where no Jihadi and Conversion activities are going on except very few individual cases.


Media giants have no sympathy on Godra massacre or on the attacks going on against Hindus in Kashmir and other part of the country. They are still worried about 900 people, most of them were criminals killed in retaliation by the people of Gujarat after Godra attack. But as per Indian media, the list of 70000 innocent Hindus killed in Kashmir is off from their record. Did any of our media ever tried to highlight the 3 Lakhs Kashmiri Hindus living as refugees in their own homeland! Did they forgot that days when Kashmiri Jihadis announced through loudspeakers in every villages to leave Hindu mans & children from the Valley within 24 hours?.


Our secular media was silent when Masters Of Pseudo Secularism Arjun Sangh, Antulay, Mulayam, Sitaram Yachuri etc.. gave clean chit to all the Islamic organizations of the country on Mumbai blast, even few of them blamed Hindu organizations are behind the blast!. Communist channel NDTV kept silent when their leader Sitaram Yachuri made a dangerous statement that Jihadi terrorism is increased in the country because of India’s foreign policy. Did any of the media ever tried to find out what changes are expected by Yachuri on India’s foreign policy.?


Leading medias of our country are least bothered about our nation or the security of common people as most of the journalists are paid employees of Jihadis or Christian fundamentalists, they are actively taking part in this vote bank politics.


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