Why Mass Media;Has been against Hindus?

published on August 7, 2007


Hindus always discuss issues when they have already gone out of their control. When others go in for Cyber activities, they do bajans with cymbals. So the request for the above topic now has also come under the category.


What is “mass media” – the media that reaches mass immediately affecting their minds, thought processes and ultimately life-style converting such thought processes into action.


How it is presented? Mediagenitically – not only acceptable to the viewers but also getting a favorable response from them. Thus professionals, media experts and trained persons are used for the purpose.


Who can present media events? Any body. But trained-fellows get the results.


How it works? The mass communication works through print and electronic media – radio, TV, and newspapers.


How it works (technically)? With imported mass communication equipments. Of course, even for transmission and broadcast, Indians have to depend upon foreigners.


Who pays for it? Those who want to sell their goods and services pay through advertisements, sponsored programmes and other popular events.


The TV viewership and the corresponding ad-revenue are shown below for study (all figures are approximate):


TV viewer ship in India


Total advertisement revenue

Rs. 6000 (figures in crores)



Entertainment channels



60% (regional languages – Telugu, Tamil etc ranging from 5 to 10%)

National broadcast







¿    Regional channels (Sun, ETV, Alpha, Asianet) accounts for 40%  per cent viewer ship with revenue fetching 20% proving the advertisement revenue of mass entertainment channels is 2.5 times to that of regional ones even though viewer ship is similar.


¿    The news channels (Aaj Tak, NDTV, Zee, CNBC, Star News) have 5% viewer ship but with 10% revenue of the total market proving the Corporate blessings in ads.


¿    Not only has their viewer ship been increasing reportedly from 1% to 7% in 2006, the ad revenue continued to remain constant at 11%.


¿    Though Hindi film channels (Zee Cinema, Setmax, Star Gold) get 8% viewer ship, the ad income has been less than half of the news channels as mentioned above, evidencing the corporate bias in ad-planting and money-pumping.


¿    Again the English entertainment channels – HBO, Star Movies, AXN, Zee English) has only 2% with viewer ship and 4% ad revenue.


¿    Music channels (MTV, Zee Music, Channel V, B4U) have just 1% viewer and lessr ad revenue.


¿    Regional channels like Makkal, Win, Vijay, Imayam, Asianet, e-nadu get revenue from sponsored programs from Christians and Muslims. Here, the political influence has been more than the ad-revenue and hence they could get morning slots dominating.

Thus, the Indian mass media is controlled directly and indirectly by foreign corporates content and control, as they want to market their goods and services with brands.

“Brand” culture is related to symbols, signs, code, letters, language and so on. So if one wants to promote one brand or his / her brand, he / she has to oppose, attack, destroy and even kill the other brand by any means. So be it morning breakfast, soap, washing powder, wife, cream or scriptures of God.

The advertising and market research works through psychology to determine the nature, scope and application of media for the purpose and required results. Thus, this specific fields are in the hands of corporates controlled by foreign multinationals. With new jargons –  market driven advertising, market research, media planning, ownership pattern, journalistic trends etc., the foreigners have totally taken hold of the field. As they get pattern for Indian traditional and commonly used things, they appropriated the “mass communication” methods only changing into electronic.

The present media tries to manipulate power, governing and judiciary? These “foreign corporates” not only maneuver with goods and services, but also influence politicians, Court judgments, social issues etc. Planted discussions would revolve around “capital punishment” when it is given one terrorist who killed many or rapped our honour, prestige and pride. When the welfare of poor is considered pressure would be on the removal of subsidiaries. When there is demand for the raise of income tax limit for middle-class and salaried people, the exemptions for corporate income, corporate tax etc., would be discussed on main agenda. When the decrease of bovine is concerned, the profits of beef export would be deliberated in a five-star hotel. All would get publicity in the mass-media and not the mass in question. The problems of agriculturalists, farm workers and the suffering women would not be given any money bur free-cell phones or free-talk time. Karunanidhi cursed one media-person, when he asked, “Sir would you give free Sat-connection to TV also”, at the time of taking decision on the Free-TV distribution mela, he retorted, “Saniyan, adhaiyum goduttu vital pochu” –”………….(a word used similar to any abusive slang) all right that might be also provided”. The Indian Acts and Rules, hitherto, too some extent “judicial and judious” have been amended suitable to foreogn companies, particularly, the foreign national, in spite their being here as Directors of the Indian companies. Their media strategy has been ready in their agenda to fly away from India, if everything fails at any time. Before that, they are prepared to do much harm and go.

What has been the Indian mass-media? Indian mass-media has been humane and direct. No “Speaking box”, “”singing box”, “Idiot box”, “electronic signals”, “virtual world”, “Cyber-mission” and so on. Indians use stories, songs, kuttu (simple dance), theru-kuttu (performed in the streets), dance, drama and other forms for mass-communication. Mind, it is mass-communication i.e, such communication has been going on through masses to masses no by machines to masses. It is not inhumane to humane, but humane to humane. But, under guise of modernization, westernization, liberalization, globalization etc., (I note when I type “S”, it is changed automatically to “Z”) all Indian mass-communication channels are clogged, corrupted and controlled. When stories are told during evening after meals sitting and tens-hundreds around the story-tellers, the message reach immediately and effectively. When Itihasas and Puranas are told at specific occasions or continuously for the purpose hundreds-thousands get the message with understanding. As it is done by mass to mass, no such present sophisticated machinery is required. No current, no problem! Indians worked without current, but with nature replenishing resources for lightening.

One more liberation struggle is required: How to re-introduce our mass-communication channels against the present channels again? Not that we have been against it but really, we want mass-communication – not that these manipulated percentages cooked up by media-experts and strategies. As already such activities are taking place without any influence or direction from the Hindu leaders, as they do not have such strategies, the foreigners are targeting Hindu temples, mutts and organizations. They go on give negative picture about them or divide them based on unnecessary and unwanted issues. Of course, they use politicians to interfere. The media-people rush to certain places, as if something happens. Yes, it happens. Or they stage-manage such press-meet. So to counter, the above mentioned traditional mass-communication channels camn be revived at houses, temples, schools (wherever our children participate to present our clasaical programs etc), colleges (our boys and girls defending our culture, tradition, etc), TV programs (participating in singing, QUIZ programs and presenting our view), making these-media-guys to understand our culture, tradition, heritafe and civilization properly and present, if deviates make protests or call them or meet them in person to find out his / her act of omission or commission (many times, the personal contacts would clear off the doubts. But, after if they behave, it proves that they show their colurs for identification).


There have been “Hindu corporates”, who have been funding to the foreigners and foreign brands, They spend millions in promoting their branded goods and services. In their used parts, components and sub-assemblies 90% foreign and only 10% indigenous. Even if some Indian companies succeed for more than 10% indigenization, they threaten with violation of pattern, franchise and other Acts and laws with agreements. So they too have to get liberated from imposed clutches. Goods and services meant for “foreigners” and “export” could be according to their requirements, but, meant for “Indians” should be according Indian requirements. Here, the pint starts. They can be urged to be “Hindu” or “Hindu-friendly” if not “anti-Hindu”. All “The Hindu” reading elders of age 60 to 90 and above, perhaps, can send a written petition to “the Hindu” to change its attitude or at least not be “anti-Hindu”


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