“Why Hindus are NOT angry at Muslims?”

published on August 28, 2008

A Letter to Editor,  India Tribune

Dear Editor,

The article titled “Why Hindus Are Angry At Muslims in India” by a Jihadi Khaleem Khaja is full of historical blunders, logical errors, misperception and outright hostility against Hindus. In fact, the Tribune should have asked the readers “Why Hindus are not angry at Muslims?”.There are substantial historical reasons, current justifications and need for Hindus to be angry at Muslims. Not only Hindus should be angry but also should take effective actions against Muslims for their continued belligerence, intransigence, violence, terrorism, intimidation, political exploitation and efforts to undermine democracy and freedom. The innocent majority Hindus have been oppressed, subjugated, forcefully converted by invading Arab Muslims for centuries. Invading Arab Muslims have forcefully liberated Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs against their will and enslaved them with closed, conflict producing, reductionist Islamic dogma. Their grand parents have gone through terrible pain and suffering in the hands of invading Muslims. Their children were indoctrinated by Mullahs with the rigid, totalitarian Islamic dogma through rot learning where critical thinking and free inquiry is prohibited.

As a closed, dualistic dogma, Islam forbids freedom, peace and democracy. Muslims living in India exploits freedom and democracy to promote war mongering Islam. Muslims in India bribe Indian politicians and exert undue pressure to secure excess privileges and financial assistance. Only in India, Muslims are accorded special privileges and extra constitutional rights than majority Hindus.

In the name of tolerance and secularism, the majority Hindus tolerate Islamic violence, terrorism and special privileges enjoyed by hostile Muslims. Muslims also have established with Arab oil money and with the assistance of Pakistan ISI an unholy nexus in India against Hindus. The unholy alliance with bogus intellectuals, phony secularists, mindless media agents and corrupt politicians have enabled Jihadis to continue their murder march in India against innocent, peace loving Kafir Hindus.

Considering the atrocities committed by Muslims in India against Hindus and the current special privileges enjoyed by Jihadis as well as the current terrorism against Hindus, the question should be asked “Why Hindus are not angry at Muslims in India?”. Why Hindus are not applying a force continuum ageist Jihadi terrorists in India?”.

The current bombing waves in India by Muslims against innocent Hindus is a reminder for Hindus that “Shanti Comes only From Shakti”.

Kannan Devan

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