Why do terrorist uncles kill ?

via S.Kalyanaraman published on November 29, 2008

world owes an answer to Aishwarya’s observation and to make the globe safe for
her and future generations.

most poignant statement to come out of the 26/11 Mumbai terror is that of a
Class VII student: ‘The terrorist uncle was shooting.’

does the uncle terrorist shoot to kill? This fundamental question has to be
answered first before appropriate remedies are worked out by the civilized
world which the innocent Aishwarya Gaekwad represents.

does an islamist jihadi terrorist kill innocent citizens? What is the message
he is trying to convey after getting trained in handling weapons of death? Why
does an army without a state (Pakistan)
allow the training of such terrorists? Is it because Pakistan itself was born out of the
same fundamentalist religious dogma represented by wahhabi world-view that
every non-believer (kufr) is fit only to be killed?

many pundits will have many analyses and many answers and even brilliant
solutions to offer. Nazi terror had its roots in sowing hatred in the minds of
youth. Islamist jihadi terror also has its roots in sowing hatred in the minds
of youth.

the islamist jihadi foundation which is interpreted to justify killing innocent
citizens is eradicated from the face of the globe, the uncle terrorists will
continue to kill, Aishwarya. As you grow up, let us hope that the pundits of
the present generation will do well to leave a peaceful world for you to live

is simply a fundamental philosophical problem of the meaning of life. The
islamist jihadi uncle finds the meaning in death. The terrorist uncles seem to
think that the non-believers have no right to life and that the terrorist uncle
has a responsibility to kill and an ordained duty to create a globe full of

terrorist ain’t no uncle, Aishwarya. He is an indoctrinated animal masquerading
as human.

there hope that Obama will be the transformational leader in-charge of the
super-cop country and work with Hindusthan to rid the world of jihadist terror?
Step 1 is to enrol Hindusthan as a partner in eliminating the terror central in
Hindusthan’s borders and to break up Pakistan. Hindusthan herself should
mend her ways of cuddling terrorists and make a resolve to eliminate terror
from the globe. Let there be a Step 1 in Hindusthan to enact a Patriot Act as
in USA and to build a
Martyrs’ Memorial (comparable to the HolocaustMuseum) to honour the
brave aatman who have laid down their lives in support of freedom and dharma.


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