Why convert and imitate? Return proudly to Hinduism.

via HK published on October 30, 2006

On one hand the cunning Missionaries in India are busy denigrating  Hinduism and the the other imitating Hindu temple rituals and customs!


Church should answer these Questions and stop their opted double standards to deceive the gullible public in India.    


1) Why are you referring to the Bible as Veda ? Vedas are for the Hindus. Christian gods do not know nor have they heard of “Vedas” !


2) Padres are calling themselves as “Vaidiks”, how ? Can an Ulema be called a “Vaidik” ?


3) Some Padres are calling themselves as “Sanyasis” and nuns are calling themselves as “Sanyasinis” How can wine drinking and beef eating people call themselves as Sanyasis ?


4) Suddenly the converts are lighting Hindu Nilavilakku, erecting Dhwajastambhams in front of Churches, stone lamps are slowly emerging in front of Churches, Why ? These all were once ridiculed as pagan practices and heathen practices. Why and how such imitations are taking place now?


5) A Church in Mahe is specialising in Urulu seva or sayana pradakshina ! How amazing! What was once ridiculed is now being imitated with gusto!


6)Christian gods in some places are now relishing Hindu delicacies like “payasam”. How is it that their idols are eating and drinking? Remember this question was asked about Hindu gods by you people itself. Now we are asking the same ; how your idols are eating ? A church in Koratti claims that their idol is fond of plantains!  The changing dietary patterns of desert gods is quite interesting!


7) No more names like Mary, Teresa, or Philomena, now the names are those of Hindu gods like Amala, Nirmala, Vimala etc. A religion that does not even have names for their gods and has to resort to borrowing Hindu names, is it a religion?


8) Hindu style caparisoned elephants are being used by the Christian gods ! The desert religion forbids use of animals in worship! But our converts and their converters are so enamoured by Hindu way of worship that they are blindly imitating our rituals. Only superior practices are imitated. That means Hindu practices are superior, so the misguided converts should be invited to return to Hinduism. Why convert and imitate?

Return proudly to Hinduism.


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