Why Christians target and attack Orissa?

via Vedaprakash published on August 14, 2007

Orissa only next to Kerala: The Christian interest in Orissa, perhaps only next to Kerala has been the antiquity of religion, history and maritime activities of Hindus. Orissa history starts with Kaliyuga, after Mahabharat. The temple records maintained have genealogies of dynasties and rulers tracing back to 3102 BCE.


Christianity manufactured in 13th century: The Christianity, as such, as world believes, was developed only after 13th century with all proofs manufactured for the existence of Jesus Christ, evidences created for miracles, and then engineered to create documents accordingly (Note, how the Turin shroud has been dated exposing the pious fraud). The Bibles were revised and re-written, Canon Laws codified and the established Vatican with power starting stabilizing.


Christ originated from Krishna: Knowing that “Krishna” was the origin for “Christ” / “Christhos” (CFC Volney), they destroyed many bibles, writings on “Christna / Chrish-en” and whatever left out only officially included and published as “Old Testament Apocrypha”, which still carry the Bhagawat Purana, Mahabharat and other Krishna stories. Jesus Christ does all sorts of plays, teases people as a child and boy. He does miracles as a “Christopher” (Christ bearer).  In fact, there ha been a “Dasavatara” book, where Christ (Physiologus) was depicted in different animal forms. For more details, see the following:


V     Montague Rhodes James (trans.), The Apocryphal New Testament, Oxford at Clarendon, 1924.

It contains apocryphal gospels, acts, epistles and apocalypses, which point out the origin of Christ myth from Krishna and the development of “Bible” and “Christianity”.

V     Richard Garb, Indian and Chritendom;

V     C. F. C. Volney, The Ruins, or Meditation on the Revolutions of Empires and the Law of Nature, (Les Ruines, 1791), Truth Seeker Co, 62, Versy Street, New York, 1890, pp.153-162.

His conclusion that the concept of Christos is derived from Cristna / Krishna is very famous.

V     J. Estlin Carpenter, The Obligatons of New Testament to Buddhism in Nineteenth century, December, 1880, pp.971-972.

V     Archibald, Jesus: Myth or History, Watt & Co., 5 & 6, Johnson’s Court, Fleet street, E. C. 4, London, 1956.

V     Charles Francois Dupius, Origin of all Religious Worship, 1795 (new Orleans, 1890). He proceeds with the C. F. C. Volney of interpretation proving that much of Christianity was derived from earlier religions and beliefs.

V     Gerald Massey, Pagan Christs; idem, Christianity and Mythology;

V     Arthur Drews, The Christ Myth, T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1910.

V     Paul Louis Couchoud, The Enigma of Jesus, 1924.

…………………….., The Book of Revelation: A Key to Christian Origins, 1932.

…………………….., The Creation Christ: An Outline of the Beginnings of Christianity, 1939.

V     L. Gordon Rylands, The Evolution of Christianity, 1927.

………………….., The Christian Tradition, 1937.

……………………, The Beginnings of Gnostic Christianity, 1940.

V     J. M. Robertson, Christianity and Mythology, Watts and Co., London, 1936.

V     John M. Robertson, Hindu Mythology and Christianity, Swati Publications, New Delhi, 1989 (Indian reprint). See part II for “Christ and Krishna“, pp.129-316.

It contains three parts – I. The Progress of Mythology, II. Christ and Krishna, and III. The Gospel Myths. He proves that the Krishna legend was pre-Christian well supported by many literary and archaeological evidences and therefore, concludes that only Christianity must have copied from Hindu religion.


Akshayapatra and Holy grail: The “Holy grail” has been the “Akshayapatra” given to Draupati, here, Mary Magdelene. That is why the Church has been against “Da Vinci Code” recently.


Orissa – Trinity – Crucifixion etc: In Orissa, they were bewildered about the Christ being with “two women” as found in the middle-east, particularly, around Jerusalem. The “Trinity of Orissa” affected them much to study Puri Jannatha. There are Christian groups who accept and oppose “the doctrine of Trinity”. The opposing group – one Christadelphians characteristically depict the “Puri Trinity” on the cover to refute. The booklet, “GOD IS ONE not three”, has been circulated by The Christadelphians, P. O. Box No. 159, Hyderabad – 500 001. As an explanation, “This illustration of an idol found in a Hindu Temple illustrates the pagan form of the Trinity as expressed in mythology of Hinduism, The three god’s Bhairava (Destruction), Brahma (Creator) and Visnhu (Preserver) are treated as one.” Actually, what is depicted is the famous “Jagannatha, Balabhadra and Subadhra” and not as mentioned by the Christian propagandist tract.


The blood smeared Wooden block: They were terribly taken aback about the “blood smeared wooden idol”, as they were told that that was the cross on which the “Christ was crucified”! As they were accustomed with the blood curling rituals ad rites and still accommodate them in “Eucharist” (where the bread turns into flesh and the wine into blood of Jesus Christ only everyday!), they were so imbibed with blood, killings etc. As they symbolically eat the flesh and drink blood daily, perhaps, they have been so numbed and conditioned by killings and such heinous crimes.


Kalinga mardhana – Crucifixion: Some rival missionaries already floated another myth that “Krishna was a crucified God like Christ” to add strength to their myth. As the Nicolos Notovitch-like stories were known to them, they strongly believed that “Christna” could have been crucified there. They also debated abut “Kalinga”, the Freat Snake on which Krishna danced to conquer (Kalinga mardhana) the Satanic Demon Kalinga! Krishna dies after fulfilling his duty and ascends heaven and so also their “Christ”! So the missionary history worked in reverse direction blaspheming anything about Jagannath (The King of the World)! They also floated stories that the “tribal gods” were appropriated by the invading Aryans and converted to Vedic and so on. In fact, there have been research papers and books circulating such unhistorical blabbering as “history” in India. They had gone to the extent of dubbing that Bhagawat Gita was copied from Bible and so on. The supplementary blabbering-hypothesis is that it could be inserted into Mahabharat! Thus, the missionaries grudge, hatred and venomous propaganda and reactions are understood and the Hindus have to expose such hatred-nurtured against them in the name of religion, that too, in a secular state. Had the acted / continue to act following what Christ said, “Do not think that I have come here to preach peach but sword”, violence begets violence only. Of course, they also know, “the person who takes a sword would be killed by sword”. Anyway, the Christians should stop from spreading hatred.


Not only that, ironically, the Nicoloas Notovitch’s, “The Unlknown life of Jesus Christ” mentions that Jesus Christ came to India, learned Vedas in Orissa under Hindu pundits, went to Kashmir, married Mary Magdalene and died there. After learning Vedas, he was portrayed as debating with Vedic pundits. They point to “Rosa bel” for all such notorious forgeries and frauds. Later, the manuscript, which Notovitch reportedly brought from Himi’s monastery, was proved to be another forgery! As a part of “Christology”, the missionaries used to create documents and circulate, whenever, they want any arguments to take place, so that later, they cite the very documents as “evidence”!


Why Kashmir made Hell: In fact, the Missionaries and Mullah with the support of Christo and petro dollars have made Kashmir a battle-ground. According to them, the biblical “Eden Garden” is nothing but Kashmir. So instead of maing ashmir a heaven, with fundamentalism and fanaticism, they have made hell. They destroyed all Hindu-Jaina-Buddhist antiquities going back to Krishna period i.e, 3102 BCE.


P.S: I would be grateful, if I could get more details on the subject matter.




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