Why Christianity failed in India?

published on July 31, 2007

By-Veda Prakash


Claim of Super-religion: Christians claimed and still claim that their religion has been the super-one on the earth, as it is going to bring the Kingdom of God on the earth so that there would not be any discrimination based on ethnicity, race, denomination, class and what not. By making such claims, they parade on the earth as crusaders.


Conversion of heathen-Hindus: In the name of Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Father in heaven, the Mother in other places, and so many other gods and goddesses, they started running after heathen-Hindus. They have tried all the methods of in-culturation, out-culturation, over-culturation, under-cultaration etc., with and without the blessings of the Pope, but faithfully following the Vatican. With the blessings of blood of Christ, they converted Hindus calling them as sinners, heathens, sons and daughters of vipers, drawers of water, and hewers of wood and worshippers of Satan and so on. They have baptized with holy water, as John done to Jesus. They have washed the sinners with Christ’s blood, as they claimed and asserted. They write in their documents that they reaped rich harvest by saving so many souls going away from the Christ.


But what happened to the converted Christians here and themselves in other parts of the world?


More gods and goddesses imported: They were against idolaters, as Jehovah clearly commanded not to place any other god before him! But, Indian Christians started worshipping many Christian gods and goddesses imported from foreign countries. Many denominations came bring their own colourful and beautiful idols. Each denomination started converting other denomination. After converting heathen-Hindus, the conversion of converted Hindus started taking place. Thus, they created their own caste system with the blessings of the Pope, Bishops and priests. They always search for grooms and brides only in their own style of giving caste-names with due obedience to the papal bull. Christians of all sorts landed India with their right of preaching, propagation, evangelization and proselytization.


What went wrong with Christ’s flesh and blood? They believe in Christ – Christ’s blood and flesh. They eat and drink the same during Eucharist to purify themselves. So the blessed converted Hindus to Christianity would have also done the same faithfully! Why then, they are not redeemed? Why the Jesus Christ or Mary or Joseph or Paul or Thomas or so many other gods and goddesses did not save them? Why they go on blame the heathen Hindus still, in spite of their emancipation? Why the sanguine song could not work?


Why mind did not turn? Are they telling truth about conversion? Have they realized about their conversion? What went wrong with the converted and the converters? Why the “turning of mind” did not work properly? Why the Jesus Christ, Mary and other gods and goddesses did not show any signs to rectify? Or create miracles to save them immediately?


Why their prayers did not answer? We find Christians always praying for me, praying for you, praying for everybody. But, the prayers are not answered. Their prayers are turning into loud, louder and loudest. The prayers have reached now TV channels and so on crossing loud-speakers.


Sinners and virtuous: Calling Hindus sinners, have they become virtuous? Or they have made the converted virtuous? Why with all virtues, they come here the world of sinners? Actually, the worst sinners are Christians, as they have been born of Adam, the First Sinner. To cleanse such Great Sin, the Son died on the Cross! But, he could not clean, as the sinning-Christians continue to sin. Why Christians sin? Why they have still such “moral-defection”? Why they are always under temptation? Why they drink, dance and indulge in other debaucheries? Is there any gradation of sin and sinning?


Has Christ failed to save sinning-Christians? Christ must be weeping in the heaven sitting on the right side of Jehovah looking at the sinning-Christians. But, do they listen to his voice? No? Why? Why at least, the Holy Spirit should not help to increase the volume so that the sinning-Christians could listen and repent. By calling Hindus sinners, definitely, they cannot become virtuous. By converting others also, they cannot change their minds. When they could not turn minds, as they are under the clutches of Satan, how they can turn the minds of others. As charity begins at home, they should clean their houses first.


Saviours of Human rights: Now, these failed-Christians have started masquerading under different banners and parading with various titles.


V   First, they converted heathen-Hindus into Christians. Then such converted-Christians into sinning-Christians by making them to eat Christ’s flesh and drink his blood.


V   Now, they want to liberate everybody from such sins of all sorts.


V   They look at human-rights!


 V  What happened to the rights of the sinners and sinning-Christians?


V   Who would save their rights?


V   Why these leaders of sinners are worried about “human-rights” when they could not protect the rights of their sinners?


V   What is the difference between humans and sinners before Jesus Christ or Mary or Jehovah or Joseph?


V   Why the Saviours of human rights want to excel the Super Saviour Jesus Christ?


V   Like doubting Thomas, do they want to imitate Christ?


 V  Like doubtful Thomas, do they want to pose as Christ?


V   Are they ready to ride on donkeys?


Conversion a theological fraud or divine failure? The Christians are answerable for such failures, as they have been unnecessarily making Hindus under tremendous stress and strain. Having converted, they should not carry out such religious experiments with false hopes.


  N  In modern context, psychological tricks have been more than the violation of human rights.


   N As they have utterly failed in conversion activities creating more social and mental problems and now, they are trying to turn into political problems.


N They become celestial cheaters, theological thieves and divine defrauders as for as conversion is concerned.


 N   As they could not and cannot blame Jesus Christ for the failure, they have to bear the responsibility, as the Christ bore the Cross.


 N   They have to be crucified for their theological frauds. No Barabbas is required, as each becomes a one like him.

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