Why Bishop’s Getting Intolerant Towards Hindu Unity?

By GSK Menon published on January 2, 2016


A recent statement made by Bishop Cleemis against Shri Vellappally Natesan about “trying to consolidate all Hindu communities on a common platform” created a stir among media houses, especially TV’s news channel, which was was conferring a whole lot of attention on the same. The Bishop’s charge was that “Vellappally was instigating communalism and fostering the growth of intolerance! So what exactly are all these bishops and cardinals doing all over India? Nothing but conversion, conversion and conversion.

This section has a special streak that makes them vulnerable to intolerance that results in rejection of their ancestral religion. And because of this streak, the cannot withstand or take ib the union of Hindu communities. They cannot brook the revival of Hindu unity. And so, with this thought in mind, they have chalked out a well contrived plan that will ensure disintegration of Hinduism with the aid of foreign money power.

Isn’t the same Bishop Cleemis not distributing funds specifically for conversion ? What began with Goan Inquisition still continues. The difference is that it is no longer possible to use the techniques advocated by Francis Xavier- inquisition by torturous methods. This is where money power comes in, to congregations, so that Hindus can be lured to the path of conversion.

Along with the congregation stands the government, which graciously diverts the taxpayer’s money solely for minority welfare schemes. The cycle is complete when the same minorities use these government freebies to entice Hindus to converting. Reservations, interest free loans, jobs… the list is endless! Where else on earth does one get to see such offers! And yet, the ungrateful scream rings aloud- INTOLERANCE.

This needs to be countered. And for this,Hindu organizations need to make a checklist of benefits accrued towards minorities since Independence. This must include loans availed (hundreds of crores), jobs provided in all central and state governments put together (will be in lakhs), interest free educational loans given (will be in crores) total number of subsidized Haj seats given by Air India from inception till date (will be in lakhs), total amount spent since Independence on promotion of Urdu language, Unani medicine, total amount spent on Ministry of Minority Affairs from inception till date (will be in hundreds of crores), total number of schemes promulgated by state and central government for minorities, total amount received from foreign countries as donations since Independence till now (will be in hundreds of crores), top ten organizations which have been beneficiaries of such extravaganza by foreigners (will be in hundreds of crores) etc.

This will give an idea about ‘conversion budget’ which in turn has willfully been used for converting Hindus. Once this data is procured and published, Hindus will become aware of the enormous discrimination thrust on them by our politicians to gain a few extra votes. Hindus will become aware of the hundreds of crores spent on minorities, lakhs of jobs they secured without any merit whatsoever, and the mammoth funds being pumped in from foreign shores to keep them happy by giving subsidized trips to foreign countries.

Hindu organizations need to compile the right figures, publish them and expose minorities, along with Hindu politicians who hoodwink members of their own community, depriving them of everything. Where is the much vocalized equality in this country ?

Instead of wasting time squabbling with people like Arvind Kejriwal, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Ghulam Nabi Azad, the BJP along with Hindu organizations should dig out solid raw data to confront minorities and other political parties. The world also will also come to know how our minorities are lavishly pampered, like nowhere else in the world. Nowhere in the world will they receive privileges of being a super class by themselves.

BJP needs to do its home work very well. If these facts and figures can be unearthed, it will a platter of treasure for West Bengal, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh where it is not going to be a cakewalk otherwise for the party.

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  1. Prof. Issac Reply

    January 2, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    Bishops/Church all over the world are fishing in the troubled waters. Hindu disunity is the best troubled water in the present day world order

  2. RajPuducode Reply

    January 3, 2016 at 12:27 am

    Kick the agents of Vatican from Bharat. Who is this mafia foreigner ruling over slavish Indians who worship only the white skin even if the brain is empty. After 800 years of brutal Jihadi rule followed by 200 year British rule stupid Indians still allow a school dropout bar maid, who tricked Rajiv Gandhi, to rule over them. You should throw her & her family out of India. India should wake up & watch out for the Religion of terror sympathizers who love Tipu Sultan, Aurangazeb, Azam Khan, Naik and Owais etc. Also watch out for anti-Hindu pro-Jihadi Congress crooks like Dogvijay, Mani Shankar Iyer, Sonia, etc. This anti-Indian & anti-Hindu pro-Jihadi Iyer working against India & exhorting Pakistani terrorists to attack India to remove Modiji. . This goon from Doon school should be thrown in jail when the ISIS supported terrorists attack India which is in the cards of Jihadis. As usual we wake up only after the fact

  3. Sujith Surendran Reply

    January 4, 2016 at 9:03 am

    Don’t react to xtians, that will give them more sympathy. Hindus unite, vote in block, get a govt who will work for Hindus. GOSPEL is used as “Go Spell xitanity”.

  4. SAI Reply

    January 9, 2016 at 9:20 pm

    This is because Still the Idiotic Hindu is NOT in militant mode. Most of so called Hindu supporters want to POLITELY argue with their Vile, Evil Foul mouthed and Ferocious enemies. The so called Right of Centre brigade. Hindus are doomed within next few years anyway, and specially if that Italian Illiterate OpusDEI (XianISIS) plant bardancer sonia somehow takes power. Nepal is anyway doomed now. By the way the ISIS is a Toddler and Mahatma compared with XianISIS Congis AND THE MURDER ARM OF VATICAN-POPE THE COMMIE RED PIGS (Who have only one solution FRANCO, SUHARTO SOLUTION) Kerala and bengal r Next Kashmirs. EITHER LEARN TO KILL or still believe in ONLY VOTING.These are the monkey faced rascals who voted SATAN COMMUNISTS.NOW THEY R DOOMED


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