Who will guard the delight and respect of Mother India? – 1- The menace of Fundamentalist Islam

published on September 19, 2010

Prof C I Issac

Mother India, in the prevailing socio-political situation of the nation, is subjected to the torments of the ordeals stacked by Maoists, Missionaries and Muslims [MMM]. In the ten thousand years of her history she had never faced such a multi-faceted molest from any corner as seen today. The present threat is entirely differed from the threats of pre-medieval and medieval as well as European encounters. It was only external, but the present is much differed and is guided with internal forces under the patronage of MMMs. All the anti-national tempo of the MMMs of the days is ending in the physical and cultural assaults over Hindu communities all over India. Pseudo-secularist political and cultural leadership of the day are attempting to put the Hindu community always in defense. Behind this phenomenon historians functions as the agenda setters. JNU and Aligarh historians now hijacked academic history and imparting a different historic evolution of Mother India’s tradition to the youths of India which causes the birth of non-committed generation. These scholarly exercises are, no doubt, the extension of distortion of our history that inducted by British Colonial interest under their hired historians like James Mill. As a result, a general social impression that evolved in the contemporary social life is that all the recent anti-Hindu enterprises and assaults over Hindus at various regions of India are the part progressive endeavors or the rise of subalterns against land-lordism, superstations, etc. As a result of the said academic conspiracy, the shameful and notorious Moplah Riot [1921] of Malabar was baptized as agrarian revolt and hence it turned out to be the part of our national movement. It is blameworthy that all the survived Muslim bigots who were participated in the Moplah Riot entitled to receive freedom fighters pension!  

The social approach of Islam, as a religion is anachronistic. The religion of Islam from its very inception has not treated all human beings as equals. The distinction between Muslims and non-Muslims or infidels is very strong even in modern times also.  This differentiation has been repeated in passages after passages both in the Quran and subsequent texts and observed by Muslims as final all over the world. Therefore the holy texts of Islam justify annihilation of non-Muslims through jihad. So far the text is valid; a heaven seeking Muslim could not be a passive. Thus all hither to communal violence, the involvement of Islam could not be negated.

     For instance to the above citation, Bipan Chandra, the well known historian of contemporary India, who strives with a hidden agenda of justifying the inherent intolerance of Islam, remarks that “Communal tension and riots began to occur only from the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Moreover, they did not prevail in India on a significant scale till 1946-47” [Bipan Chandra, Communalism in Modern India, New Delhi, 2nd revised edition, rpt. 1996, p 4]. Furthermore he is attempting to hide and reverse Islam’s inherent jihadist character that history had attested. He is attempting to over simplify and politicize all the excess of the Muslim intolerance including the Moplah Riot of Malabar. “Moreover, a communal riot left a certain emotional residue or legacy which could used later by the communal ideologue or palpitation. …….. communal riots and politics was established for the first time as late as 1946 when the Muslim League gave the direct action call on 16 August”. [Bipan Chandra, Ibid, pp 6, 56, 59, 192n, 248]. However, it is true that the history jihadist assault over the children of Mother India goes back to the days of 1192 Second Battle of Tarain.  Let us sneak a look into such incidents took place in colonial and after phase. In 1714, 1715, 1716, 1750, 1850, 1892, 1927, 1941, 1945, 1958, 1969, and 1985 Ahmadabad had been subjected to communal violence.  The said are the most significant Islam sponsored riots of Gujarat. In between 1714 and 1985 countless isolated and minor riots had taken place. The major loser in all these riots were unorganized Hindus. One cannot ignore the fact that during all these riots Gujarat had been reigning over either by Muslims, British or Congress.

Communal riots took place on 11th August 1893 in Mumbai was one of the first major communal violence in modern India in which about one hundred people were killed and 800 were injured. New York Times reports: “So far few persons have been killed, although hundreds have been badly injured. Four Hindu temples have been utterly demolished and all their sacred emblems thrown out into the streets, where they were desecrated amid riotous scenes”. [New York Times 13th Aug 1893]. Muslim migrants from North India were behind this riot. In the mean time 665 years of Muslim regime over north virtually collapsed. In order to regain the Islamic sway once again over India, the fanatic Islam opted the path of jihad, hence the Mumbai Riot of 1893. The jihadists instilled with a primordial religious extremism that rendered them as a dangerous sect within the city since then.

One who peep into the history of Islamic terrorism under the guise of jihad, it is very clear that the spread and sustainability of Islam laid its foundation on annihilation of non-Islamic faith and cultures. In the lexicon of Islam has no diction identical to toleration. However the present phase of Islamic terrorism rooted in the Wahabi Movement which ushered in by Abdul Wahab of Arabia [1703-62]. He called for the conversion of all Dar-ul-harabs [the world of kafirs or infidels] into Dar-ul-Islam [the world of Islam] through jihad and brings back the entire Islamic world into the socio-political system of Arabia which prevailed during the time Prophet. Sayed Ahamad of Rae Bareli [1786-1831], Sahah Waliulla of Delhi [1702-62] were represented Wahabi movement in India. This movement cultivated isolationist and separatist tendencies amongst the Indian Muslims and to a large extent this caused the backwardness of a section of Muslims in India. Even the architects of the constitution endorsed the introversion advocated by the fundamentalist elements of the Indian Muslims through the suppression of the concept of Common Civil Code for all the citizens irrespective of their religious attachment. According to the Article 44 of the Constitution “The state shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India”. But those who are responsible for the fulfillment of the said Article closed their eyes. In short the ruling dynasty of India is responsible for the present Islamic impediments of India. 

Some notorious Wahabi impacts over the personal and religious freedom are the following.  Between 1894 and 1896 Ottoman Emperor Sultan Abdul Hammeed executed 1,50,000 Christians on religious reasons. In 1675 Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb burned up Guru Tej Bahadoor and a number of Sikhs alive. The data relating to his [Hindu] homicide is not fully available. Between 1843 and 1846, 10,000 Assyrian Christians were killed by its Muslim ruler. In the course of 1971 and 1979 the Ugandan dictator Idi Ameen killed 2,80,000 innocents. In 1971 Pakistan killed 3 million Hindus of Bangladesh. In 1980-2000 Sadham Hussein of Iraq killed 40,000 Kurds. In between 1990 and 2001 about 25,000 Indians were killed in India by the Islamic terrorism.  

Usually, the Indian pseudo-secularist intelligentsia is by and large attributing the sin of contemporary Islamic violence as the Muslim reaction to the destruction of the disputed structure at Ayodhya. Israel and Ayodhya are the two jargons keeping alive by the pseudo-secularists. Hither to the native Hindu society is not well aware of the chronology of jihadist atrocities over the Hindu brethrens since 1714, after the virtual collapse of Mughal glory. [With the death of Aurangzeb in 1707 Mughal Empire began to disintegrate. The last nail had driven to the coffin of the Dying Empire by the East India Company in 1857. Thus the frustrated Muslims of India find solace in the humiliation of Hindu sign systems]. As a result the Hindu society in general placed in defense.

A notable riot in the twentieth century India was 1926 Muharram celebrations related communal riots in Calcutta and it caused the death of 28 persons. Between 1993 and 2008 Mumbai, the Economic Capital of India, alone witnessed 13 terrorist attacks [details are given below]. According to the Global Terrorism Database, India had faced more than 4,100 terrorist attacks of all types between 1970 and 2004, and it accounting for more than 12,000 fatalities. The database is maintained by the University of Maryland and the US National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism [START]. These fatalities peaked in 1991 and 1992, and then 1,184 and 1,132 individuals [respectively] were killed in such incidents, a University of Maryland statement said. These figures are on the lower side as official figures in India put the toll at around 70,000 deaths [START]. The present line of anti-Hindu operations started with Aligarh Riots of 1950, 1956, 1961 and 1978. Subsequently on 30th of January 1971 an Indian Airline’s Plane bound Srinagar to Jammu was high jacked by Muslim terrorists Hashim Quershi and Ashraf Quershi and landed at Lahore. On 2nd February they set fire to the Indian aircraft with its mail bags. With the blessings of the then Pakistan regime all the heinous drama was staged in the Lahore Air-port. More than seven similar hijacks were taken place in India in the subsequent years.

This discussion will not be complete without mentioning particularly of the last Islamic Terrorist Attack on Mumbai, the Economic Capital of India. Before it let us see the evolution of Mumbai as an Islamic jihad target. In a short span of 15 years since 1993 thirteen attacks were taken place in the financial capital of Mother India. 12th March 1993 witnessed 13 blast across the city and it resulted in the death of 27 and 713 were injured. The bomb blast of 28th August 1997 near Jama Masjid fortunately had inflicted injury to three persons only. Similar one was the 24th January 1998 at Malad, which injured only one person. Even though there was no death it was sufficient to generate insecurity feeling in a society. On 27th February    1998 a blast was taken place at Virar that caused the death of 9 persons.

The explosion of 2nd December 2002 at Ghatokpar resulted in the death of 3 and 31 were injured. Another one in the same month was of 6th December 2002    at the Central Railway Station in which 25 were fatally injured.  In the next year on 27th January 2003 a blast was taken place at Vile Parle and it resulted in the death of one person and casualties to 25. Exactly after 44 days another one was taken place at Mulund Railway Station on 13th March 2003 and it wiped-out 11 and awarded injuries to 80.  Next one was on 14th April 2003 at Bandra and resulted in the death of one. Again on 29th July 2003 Ghatkopar witnessed a blast which snatch off the life of three and fatal injuries were awarded to 34. Furthermore on 25th August 2003 the Gateway of India and Zaveri-Bazar witnessed another bomb blast that resulted in the loss of 50 lives and 150 injuries. In short during 2003 the Mumbaiwallas, subjected to five ordeals of jihadists.

On 11th July 2006 seven blasts were taken place at seven different locations in Local Trains across the city caused the death of 181and injuries to 890. During 27th, 28th & 29th of September 2008 witnessed Pakistani national Kasab and party’s atrocious Thandava at Taj Hotel, Trident Hotel, Nariman House and CST Railway Station which caused the death of 183 including senior security personals and inflicted injuries to 295.

Another latest one in Maharashtra was 13th February 2010 at German Bakery of the Pune City. This blast killed seventeen and injured sixty. This was the first major one since 26th November 2008 Mumbai attacks. It is proved that the story of humiliation of Mother India will not end with Kasab.

It is the Indian paradox that so far no human rights organizations come forward to the cause of 472 innocents who lost their today, not of their fault, or 2242 injured in the streets of Mumbai in a short period of fifteen years. But all such organizations are still queuing up behind Afsal Guru, the convict in the 13th December 2001’s attack on the Indian Parliament Complex in New Delhi, which cause the death of seven or Kasab the condemn in the 27th, 28th and 29th mass homicide carnival of Mumbai. This absurdity would not be tolerated by any other country in the world other than ours.

    The South, particularly Tamilnadu and Kerala, are exceptions and comparatively a peaceful area for a long period. However, now due to the petro-dollar boom, atmosphere was totally transformed. Now the environment is tailored to fit for the spread of jihadist enterprises. Landed properties in the Strategic and key centers of the cities and sea coasts are under the possession of minorities and terrorist organizations. Financial source behind the purchase of these lands were hawala money and counterfeits from Pakistan. Above all these two states now turned as the laboratory of Islamic jihad and Christian proselytizing agencies. ‘Love jihad’ and ‘employment jihad’ are the two new products launched here to fulfill the cause of Dar-ul- Islam. The first product is intended to trap non-Muslim girls to proselytize through love making by trained Muslim youths; similarly the other is to trap unemployed non-Muslim youths. Recently on 4th July 2010 right hand of a 53 year old Christian college professor at Thodupuzha in Iduki district of Kerala was chopped off by Muslim fundamentalists on a charge of blasphemy. Police had found that it was the implementation of the verdict of the Sha.ri.‘ah Court run by the Muslim fundamentalist elements in Kerala. It is found that such fourteen parallel courts are running in Kerala for the last twenty years. State’s Home Minister Com. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan has been confessed that since 1993 so far 22 murders were taken place under the direction of Sha.ri.‘ah Courts in Kerala. [Mangalam Daily, Kottayam, 21 July 2010]. Ninety five percent of the victims of the ongoing Islamaization [the process of making Kerala a Dar-ul-Islam] of Kerala were Hindu youths. The follow up action from the police in the case of the recent chopping of the hand of a professor was that the victim was a Christian. If the victim was a Hindu the destiny of the case may be an air-drawn affair.  All these Talibanism in the state had uninterruptedly grown under the unseen patronage and open policy of minority appeasement projects of Marxist Party and Congress.  

The beginning of the contemporary sequence of Islamic hooliganism with the patronage of mainstream political parties in Kerala goes back to the days of Ramasimhan’s assassination. It is interesting to verify the pages of history to see how far Muslim bigots are getting agitated when a Muslim is missed from their faith. In 1946 one Muslim named Unnian Saheb [after his conversion to Hinduism he received the name Ramasimhan] of Calicut [Angadippuram of Perinthalmanna] in Malabar and his family returned to their poorva dharma [Hinduism]. The Muslim bigots got agitated and a mad mob of Moplahs [Muslims of this region is called so] brutally exterminated Ramasimhan and his family as an admonition to all who wish to return to their roots. Then all political parties including the Marxist Party under its self-styled revolutionary leader Mr. EMS Namboothirippadu attempted to misdirect the police investigation in order to save the culprits from the purview of law of the land [for further information, see EMS’s Selected Works, Mal, Vol. VII, pp 356-7]. In this affair jihadists were successful. So thereafter they [political parties of Kerala] continue the same minority appeasement policy without much difference.

 Let us see the jihadist major designs of Tamilnadu. RSS HQs [Chennai] attack of 1993 and the Coimbatore blasts of 1998, are two major operations of jihadists in Tamilnadu. One thing is very clear that the targeted societies of these Pan-Islamic movements are Hindus. The reality is that between 1993 and 1998 there have been several terror attacks; let us cite a few: Nagore blast of 4th of July 1995 resulted in the death of Dalit-Hindu activist’s wife. The target of the 18th May 1996 blast was Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple. TMMK leader Naina Mohammed and Sait Saheb, Raja Hussain and Fakrudin were arrested. On 6th June 1997 jihadist blasted a bomb in the Doordarshan Kendra’s Thanjavur office. On 6th December 1997 bombs exploded in Coimbatore-bound Cheran Express, Madurai-bound Pandiyan Express and Chennai-Alapuzha Express. On 10th January 1998, a bomb was exploded at Anna Flyover in the heart of Chennai city. On 18th September 1997, five Hindu activists were murdered in different places; three fundamentalists were arrested. On 9th December 1997, a cycle bomb exploded in Coimbatore suburb killing three women; Sultan Nazar and Abdul Quayum were arrested. A series of bomb explosions occurred within 20 months prior to the Coimbatore blasts of 14th February 1998. It caused the death of 50 people and injured more than 150 persons. Coimbatore blasts were targeted against LK Advani. But he escaped miraculously. The prime accused in the bomb blast is Abdul Nasser Madhani. The paradox is that Madhani is still glittering in the political horizon of Kerala and an acceptable figure equally to the ruling and opposition coalitions.

     Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are also the destinations of terrorist attacks. Let us go through some vital incidents. On 28th December 2005, terrorists belongs to LeT carried out an attack inside the Indian Institute of Science Campus in Bangalooru, Karnataka and it resulted in the death of one scientist and injuring five others. Another one was 2008 Bangalooru serial blasts of 25th July 2008.  Nine bombs were exploded in the city and which caused the death of two and injuries to twenty. The Times of India has reported that either the banned organization, Students Islamic Movement of India [SIMI] or the militant organization LeT could be behind these blasts. It is interesting that this was followed by another serial blasts at Ahmadabad on 26th July 2008.

Two powerful blasts in Hyderabad on 25th August 2007 had taken the life of forty people and several injured. Of the two bombs one at an amusement park packed with weekend holiday celebrators and another at a popular eatery shop in the heart of the city. The demand for Telungana State, no doubt, is the brain child of fundamentalist Islam. No doubt, it will be another Malappuram in Andhra Pradesh. The forces behind the division of Andhra are dreaming to reinstate the forgone days of Nizam’s regime.

The greatest irony is that so far no Islamic organization or Communists or pseudo-secularist intelligentsia comes forward to scorn the act of Islamic terrorists. Above all, several of the said categories of intellectuals are running NGOs under the guise of human rights, women rights, nature protection, etc with the generous funding from some mysterious sources. From Kashmir to Kerala these pseudo-Messiahs of civil rights justifying terrorism and criticizing the counter measures from the part of police. Thus on several critical occasions they themselves incarnate in the society as the shelter providers of extremists. Since the days of independence the ruling family at the centre [New Delhi] is very particular to appease the minorities. The result was the shameful addition of Article 370 in the Indian Constitution which provides extraordinary status to the State of Jammu and Kashmir. In fact this Article generally ridicules all the Indian and particularly its Hindu aborigines. They were impoverished and drove away from their home land. Thus they remain as refugees in their mother country for more than fifty years. Likewise the successors of the Nehru dynasty supplemented more and more to appease the minorities that ultimately preparing ground for another 1947 vivisection of Mother India.

The history of Muslim intolerance sets in motion in Kerala with Moplah riot of 26th November 1836. [William Logan, Malabar Manuel, first published in 1887, Kozhikode, Mal. Trans 1985, p 636]. Between 1836 and 1853 the Eranadu and the Valluvanadu Taluks [present day Malappuram district] of British Malabar had witnessed more than 22 Moplah Riots [A. Sreedhara Menon, A Survey of Kerala History, Kottayam, 1970, p 346]. Hundreds of such riots had been occurred before the major outbreak of 1921. It was the outcome of Mysorian Invasions, which brought the curse of Islamic religious fanaticism and intolerance to Malabar region of Kerala. The common characteristic of all the Moplah Riots was murder of Hindus and desecration of temples. Thousands of Hindus were butchered on the lap of Mother India since 1836. The 1921 Riot was monstrous one in the history of Kerala. The Report of the Enquiry Committee of the Servants of India Society stated that about 1,500 Hindus were murdered and over 20,000 were forcibly converted to Islam. The molestation and abduction of Hindu women was seemingly endless. Dr. Annie Besant, a widely respected thinker, stated: “They [Moplahs] murdered and plundered abundantly, and killed or drove away all Hindus who would not apostatise. Somewhere about a lakh [100,000] of people were driven from their homes with nothing but their clothes they had on, stripped of everything………Malabar has taught us what Islamic rule still means, and we do not want to see another specimen of the Khilafat Raj in India”.

Currently fanaticism acquired a secular mask under the emerging equations of the prevailing democratic setup of our country. A recent confession of the Chief Minister [V. S. Achutanandan] of Kerala is a sufficient testimony to secularism in its defacto attire. He said, Muslim and Christian communalism is growing alarmingly in the state. [Mangalam daily, 2nd June 2010].  Ruling and opposition parties are equally responsible for the unprecedented growth of communalism in the state. Communist [Marxist] party is the main culprit for the manure of “communal identity politics” in the state. “Identity politics” is nothing but a jargon which identifies society in a fragmented way on the sensational space such as religion, sub-nationality, language, gender, jati, etc. Chief Minister confesses before the media persons that “Identity politics” was nothing but a refined version of communal politics”. [The Hindu, Kochi, 2nd June 2010]. V. S. Achutanandan, Chief Minister of Kerala, is now washing his hands after fostering minority communalism for more than four decades. CPM from its very beginning believed that India is the conglomeration of seventeen nationalities. That is why they supported Pakistan. Even after the partition of India, CPM had strongly believed in the old stand. [EMS Namboothirippadu, the Messiah of Indian Communist Party [M], Chinta Weekly, 18th October 1987]. In 1947 the same communist party strongly supported the Moplahstan Resolution [a separate Dar-ul-Islam in Kerala – the present day Malppuram district] in the Madras Provincial Assembly. The same party asked its Muslim comrades to join in the Muslim League [Deshabimani daily, the mouthpiece of Communist Party, 28th October 1947].  

Now Kerala is posturing as a paradise of Islamic jihadist organization all over the world owing to its extraordinary political climate. Thus they use it as the hatchery of pan-Islamic jihad. Hence now it functions as fertile region of cadets for jihad is no more a secret. Let us examine some landmarks of communal atrocities in the soil of God’s Own Country. The bomb blast in the Thrissur bound train on 6th December, 1997 was a new turn in the path of jihadists’ enterprises of Kerala. LeT [Laskar-e-Taiba] Commander Tahdiantavide Nazeer’s new disclosure before the Karnataka Police put CPM led Kerala Home Ministry in defensive position. The case registered for hijacking and torching of Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation bus from NH 47 near Cochin during the nightfall of 1st September 2005, to demand Madhani’s release from Coimbatore jail, was put in mortuary until Nazeer’s arrest by Karnataka police. But the information from Karnataka police forced Kerala Home Ministry to arrest the chief culprit, Sufia Madhani [Sufia], wife of Abdul Nasser Madhani. Hence police approach to the accused Sufia was soft.  Her arrest, remand, etc are the part of a preplanned puppet play of the State Government.

On 2nd of May 2003, nine Hindus were killed by fanatic Muslim mob at Maradu sea coast near Kozhikode. The revelations of LeT leader Tahdiantavide Nazir relating to the Maradu Riot [nine Hindus fishermen were brutally killed by Muslim fanatics] after his arrest by Karnataka police was a shocking one. Before the Hindu demand for CBI enquiry the eyes of both political coalitions of Kerala were closed. Thus the Hindus demand for CBI investigation of the Maradu homicide turned down as a cry in the wilderness, as usual. 

Once, the protection of 650 km long sea-coast of Kerala was the inherited duty of Hindu fishermen jatis. Anti-national forces who masqueraded under the secular credentials of the so called monotheistic religions realized the strategic importance of the seashore of Kerala. To them the transformation of the prevailing social setup in the coastline is essential. Since 1960 these religious groups indulged in the task of cultural cleansing through proselytism. The result is that about 65 km of shoreline of Kerala starting from Ponnani to Beypore has no Hindu fishermen hamlet. This sea coast, now, acquired notoriety for its anti-national connections is no more a secret. The said Maradu carnage was the outcome of the ongoing international Islamic schema of cultural cleansing of Indian coastline. All these are going on with the blessings of the ruling and the opposition is the irony of the state of art of the affair. Now India’s 7516.5 km coastline is not free from the threat of Semitic cultural invasion. Unfortunately the ruling party’s bridles are in the hands of servile dependents of the Semitic hierarchy. 

    Until four Malayalee Muslim youths, who were recruited by Islam sponsored terrorist groups of Kerala to train for jihad in the LeT run terrorist camps of Pakistan, were gunned down in October 2008 by security forces, while attempting to cross the international border at Lolab valley in Kupwara district of Kashmir. The politicians and a section of Malayalam media popularized that the spread of Islamic terrorism in Kerala is the handiwork of vested interest groups until this incident. But time has revealed the foul play. Once an influential section of Kerala countered that the Malayalee Muslim-convert, Javed’s involvement on the life of Narendra Modi, CM of Gujarat, on 15th November 2004, as a fake story. A poetess of Kerala not forgets to compose an elegy which exalts Javed.  The Gujarat police had gunned down four terrorists belonged to Laskar-e-Taiba including a Mumbai woman Ishrat Jahan in Ahmadabad. They targeted Modi’s life. One among the four was a Malayal ee Hindu Nair named Pranesh who converted to Islam [his Muslim name was Javed]. Those attempted to picture Javed and Ishrat Jahan as the martyrs sneaked from the scene when the reports of NIA’s interrogation of Islamic terrorist David Coleman Headley [Daood Sayed Gilani] under FBI’s custody. Headley disclosed to NIA team that “Ishrat Jahan, the Mumbai girl who was killed along with three alleged terrorists in 2004 in a police encounter, was indeed a Lashkar-e-Taiba fidayeen. Ishrat, a resident of Mumbra in Thane, was recruited by top Lashkar commander Muzammil who was in charge of LeT’s operations in India till 2007”. [Times of India, 6th July 2010]. It is the paradox of the day is that traitors and spies operate in the society as advocates’ of human rights. Thus they make hue and cry when a terrorist is gunned down by security forces and keep silence when hundreds of innocent civilians are subjected to the terrorists’ ruthlessness in the streets.

    The extent of Islamic intolerance crossed all frontiers of modern secularist and pluralistic co-existence. For instance, the Muslim fundamentalists’ response and surrender of all said to be secular political parties before their stance regarding to the erection of the statue of Thunjathu Ramanujan Ezuthachan, father of Malayalam language and literature, at his birth place, Tirur of Malappuram district, can be remembered even by an average Malayalee only with pain and embarrassment. The reason behind fundamentalist Muslims’ disagreement was statue is un-Islamic. Tirur, now the part of Malappuram and this district is symbolically identifies as second Pakistan. In this district during the month of Ramzan, no food and beverages dispensing shops should be permitted to open from dawn to dusk. If one non-Muslim shop owner comes forward to open, his life itself is doomed. The survival of non-Muslims in the Muslim majority area is under the mercy of fundamentalists. Bimapalli, an exclusive Muslim village in Kerala, is underneath the nose of Capital city, at present has not under the police, civil and judicial sway of the state is not at all a secret now.  Such fourteen more locations still exists in Malappuram district. Of all these places now are administered by Islamic fundamentalist forces with Sha.ri.‘ah laws.

Now the extent of Islamic vandalism over Hindus society is unprecedentedly very high. The main reason behind this tempo is the uninterrupted flow of petro-dollar through legitimate and unlawful channels. NIA had recently found that from officers to constable of the Kerala state police receiving alimony from terrorist organizations. Thus the Islamic fundamentalist elements exercise all its weapons from their weaponry and its strategic application in the form of ‘four tactics’ [conciliation, gift giving, coercion, punishment]. Of one is to train the Muslim youths to shoot the arrows of Kamadeva [Cupid] on non-Muslim girls who studies in professional colleges. Usual preys to love hunters are Hindu girls, because they are religiously not organized so far. For this some Islamic organizations are training, preparing and funding Muslim youths to trap non-Muslim girls and proselytize under the guise of love. Now it continues in the country unabatedly. Judicial attempt to counter the growing menace of love jihad did not produced desired results. Recent developments prove that our existing judicial mechanism is not sufficiently competent to protect Hindu faith and life.

Muslims of India are governed by Sha.ri.‘ah laws which ridicule our judiciary. It was due to the fundamental failure of governments since 1947. They forgot to introduce a Common Civil Code due to their minority religious appeasement policies. That is why the destiny of Indian Muslims pivoting around 1300 years old social dogma. Darul Uloom Deoband Seminary periodically issues rulings to the Muslims of India in the form of fatwas. All the fatwas are against the true spirit of Indian constitutional mechanism. For instance may I quote some recent irrational and anachronistic fatwas which challenge the sovereignty of our nation:  “Muslim women to work in government or private institutions where men and women work together, and women have to talk frankly with men without veil, the disguised judicial mechanism of Sha.ri.‘ah, is declared as unlawful by the fatwa”. [The New Indian Express, Kochi, 14th May 2010]. Another fatwa issued by Darul Ifta Department of Darul Uloom Seminary of Deoband which forbade Muslims from employment in Insurance firms and taking policies. Earlier the same seminary issued another fatwa which prohibits Muslims working in commercial banks where writing and calculating interest. [The New Indian Express, Kochi, 15th May 2010].

That is why with the support of Kerala Government, fundamentalist elements in the Kerala Muslim society moved to start a parallel banking system according to the Sha.ri.‘ah  [Islamic] law. Nobody in the state o

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