Who wants to defame Sabarimala?

via Rama Rajendra Babu published on October 30, 2006

In Kerala, it is not so surprising that certain media and politicians love to malign the Hindu institutions and Hindu saints with concocted lies and fabrications. Their money, muscle and media power is so much that even any lies could be easily ‘converted’ to truth. None in the media exposes the gross apartheid against the Hindus in the socio-economic sectors. But every pseudo-secular journalist gets a high whenever they get a chance to abuse Hindus and Hinduism. None of them wants to report young nuns getting murdered mysteriously inside convents or poor girls getting raped and killed frequently at Muringoor Catholic Divine Center.

Sabarimala is one of the greatest pilgrimage centers in Asia. Year after year the devotees have been swelling along with the revenue. Naturally this has irked certain fanatics dreaming of converting the whole of Kerala into their creed. In some cases even the ‘neo-converts’ go to Sabarimala which had angered them even more! Add to this the growing interest of Vedas and Hinduism among westerners. To counter this active Dollar funded conversion mafia has even planted false stories in western sites like this one:

Back in the 1950s, some fanatics have tried to set fire to the temple and scare the devotees. In the ’80s with the help of a communal Christian minister, the same evil forces tried to construct a church near Nilakkal, and disrupt the communal harmony. Last decade saw the rise of Jehadis and Mahdanis and they too tried to sabotage the pilgrimage. And now it is the turn of some pimps, media and professional gangsters aided by certain investigating officers. Objective of all these criminals have been the same to defame Sabarimala and the devotees. Only if the Hindu temples are defamed using fabricated stories,  they will get souls for harvesting. Inspite of all these gimmicks,the temples is attracting large devotees, sometimes even from minority faiths! So their strategy is simple: abuse and attack the Hindu temples.

Whenever the locals have rightly protested the conversion terrorism, the ‘conversion’ mafia has cleverly used it as a weapon to abuse Hinduism! They are good at making loud noises about ‘mythical’ atrocities on them. (Truth is always otherwise as we saw in Jhambua). The conversion fanatics know very well that foreign fund flow is proportional to the decibel level of their barking.

Has anyone bothered to look at how the foreign funds are utilized? Of course immediately they would attack through their media using the frequently used tactic – protection of minority rights! But who is this ‘minority’? Anyone who asks these kinds of questions are very quickly branded fanatic, fundamentalist etc. In essence no one in has the right to question the atrocities and loot of certain ‘minority’ mafia groups. The best example is the frequent rigid intolerant interference of some Catholic Bishops on our education policy as if it is their monopoly! The Bishops want to control the government funds through puppet minority ministers while demanding huge donations from middle-class parents. In their loot, they never think of this as loot at the cost of the majority.

By crude exploitation of minority rights, today the minority community has a tight grip on Kerala’s socio-economics. They also see to it that the majority remained divided while they could amass everything from the treasury, land, spirit and sandalwood deals.

It is very clear that some unseen forces (read foreign-funded minority groups) have well planned and funded the attack on Sabarimala tantri. The whole operation was well planned and executed by the Bechu Rehmans, Shobha Johns and Biji Peters. Will the common man get to know the real facts when we are ruled by politicians who want to release terrorists like Mahdani and Afzal? The real culprits would be saved anyway since all of them would be from the so called ‘minority’ communities.

Politicians like Oommen Chandy and KM Mani do not want cops entering Muringoor center to investigate the criminal activities there. But none of the politicians is bothered about the Sabarimala incident! Devaswom minister has time only to abuse priests, temples, and devaswom members. After all the board is a tool to divide the Hindus and divert the Temple revenue to non-hindus (as in Guruvayoor) while Hindus are pushed to suicides. If the devaswom board was run by an independent trust, which would be ideal, then the revenue would be utilized for the social uplift of poor Hindus. This itself would have prevented unethical conversions and subsequent suicides.

Hindus cannot feign sleep anymore. They need to face the reality and unite and demand social justice and equality. As a first step, stop subscribing to poisonous, hype creating, fundamentalist media like Malayala Manorama. Bishops and Jehadis are dreaming of complete social apartheid against Hindus with the help of pseudo-secular politicians. In education sector, they have succeeded in just that.

The dollar funded mafia would have already started planning to ‘attack’ Guruvayoor next. When Kerala was shocked by the Chickungunia epidemic, certain militant Pentecost groups have been exhibiting documentaries abusing and accusing Sabarimala, Guruvayoor and Mookambiga for problems like Tsunami, Chickungunia!! Are these Pentecost groups (Dollar funded) wishing to tear apart Kerala?

Our holy saints like Sree Narayana Guru, Shree Chattambi Swamigal and Shree Ayyankali have fought the social apartheid prevalent in their times (without converting to other faiths). They too had to confront aggressive missionaries. Today their philosophies are even more relevant. It’s high time we learn their philosophies and save Kerala from the ‘minority’ mafia groups.


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