When Prince Jewellery says, “jump”, Asianet asks, “how high?“

published on October 31, 2005

When a top US Government official leaked the identity of a covert intelligence operative, it was not only the security of that named individual, but the security of a whole nation was at stake. When a popular media plays into the hands of communal businessmen with an agenda, not only are the viewers misinformed, but it borders on the security of a whole culture. Just as the security of a nation of people should come before the safeguarding of the vested interests of a privileged few, the ultimate litmus test of media’s integrity lies in its commitment to the security of the people, and not to program sponsors.   Asianet Television’s quiz program sponsored by a Christian business group is a deliberate attempt to misinform a targeted audience about their sacred past and distort authentic cultural experience.  It is a clear case of the media serving as a conduit for programmed cultural coercion.


On 25/10/2005, a quiz program was telecast on Asianet, sponsored by Chungath Prince Jewellery in Angamaly, Kerala.  The opening question was: Which festival in India celebrates ‘peace on earth’?  The choices given were, 1) Dussera, 2) Diwali, and 3) Christmas.  Incidentally, all the participants in this round had Hindu names! Passive and docile as they were, with such a deceptive air of confidence, one participant immediately uttered the expected response. Just as you expected, the host of the show confirmed the correct answer as Christmas!  One would think the triumphant return from exile of Rama to Ayodhya, the land of no war, would be a precursor to peace.  Well, that thought is, at least until now, an illegitimate one!


The final pop quiz to the viewers to be answered by mail to the sponsor, c/o Asianet, TVM, was: Who wrote THIRUKKURAL, better known as the ‘TAMIL BIBLE?  Whether or not Chungath manufactured the subliminal message in this, one can only speculate.  But, what we know is that never in the right frame of mind would anyone make such a bizarre and baseless comparison.  To say the least, comparing a towering masterpiece treatise in ethics to the most doctored mythical narrative in the world is more than an accidental error, even if ever admitted. 


If you thought this game was innocuous, you’re mistaken. At a deeper level, the machinations are quite sinister and dangerous. Asianet can fool its viewers, but to think that they are fools is in itself a foolish presumption and nothing more. The manufactured questions are used to elicit desired answers from innocent participants and to induce psychological change to unconsciously accept dominant Christian norms. These trappings and antics are used by the paid programmer at the behest of Christian mind-manipulators to make a mockery of Hindu culture, festivals and customs. It is a classic case of coercive mind control technique. Coercive psychological systems are behavioral change programs which use psychological force in a way to cause learning and adoption of an ideology or designated set of beliefs, ideas, attitudes, or behaviors. The essential strategy used by the operators of these programs is to systematically select, sequence, and coordinate many different types of coercive influence. It is a calculated, pre-planned, and deliberate attempt to induce inferiority complex and shift them away from our sacred cultural festivals, Dharma Samhita and toward a field of Christian rituals and beliefs. They skillfully use code words, euphemisms, or suppressive language for psycho linguistic programming. These Television word craftsmen know fully well that Hindu children and youths are pliable, and susceptible to psychological pressure and external inducement (price money). The questions they pose to quiz participants are manufactured and created to distort historical truth and to create a seductive reality based on false belief of Christianity.


Young Hindu participants cannot be expected to understand the hidden agenda of the quiz programmer and the sponsor. Or worse, they cannot be expected to acknowledge chicanery when material enticements can pretty much switch off any critical inquiry. The coercive psychological influence of these programs aim to overcome the individual’s critical thinking abilities and free will – apart from any appeal to informed judgment. Victims gradually lose their ability to make independent decisions. Their critical thinking, defenses, cognitive processes, values, ideas, attitudes, conduct and ability to reason are undermined by a pre-arranged process rather than by meaningful free choice, rationality, or the inherent merit or value of the ideas or propositions being presented.


Christian missionaries are experts in using psycho Linguistic programming and Mind Manipulation Techniques as an effective conversion practice. Coercive persuasion is a subtle, compelling psychological force which attack our freedom. It is reprehensible and dangerous. Hindus should join together and stop such psychologically coercive programming by missionary funded television programs.


The challenge that we have today is to deconstruct such fabricated reality that has been manufactured by Christian business groups and television companies. Hindu families must encourage their children to participate programs organized by Balagokulam, and Hindu cultural youth programs. Such participation will enable them to regain their own cultural images and make their special Hindu identity known. Having tied to Hindu identity and cultural heritage, youths will be able to affirm their cultural heritage. When Hindu children experience a powerful cultural learning event through participation in Balagokulam, they will gain strength to deconstruct the fabricated images and misconceptions by the media.


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