When a Hindu converts

via Mohan Gupta published on June 20, 2006

“Every man going out of the Hindu pale is not only a man less but also an enemy the more”.

Swami Vivekanand


In June 17 people were arrested in Canada on the suspicion of being terrorists. One of the terrorists arrested, allegedly plotted to behead the Canadian prime Minister, was a Canadian citizen who was soldier for four years and likely received weapons training.


The Toronto Star learned that Steven Vikash was a member of the Royal Regiment of Canada, a reservist unit that meets in Toronto.


Chand who was a Hindu from Caribbean origin. He is Indo-Trinidadian as most of the accused are either from  The Caribbean or are South Asians, largely from Pakistan and Bangladesh., who later converted to Islam, is charged with belonging to a  terrorist group, receiving training and recruiting or training  others to participate in terrorist  activities. Chand was one of the 17 suspects arrested as part of a massive police raid. They were accused of being members of an alleged homegrown terrorist cell, plotting attacks in Canada.


Steven Vikas Chand, a welfare recipient and basement suite dweller, was better known for roaming East Toronto public schools trying to persuade students to convert to Islam – a path he took himself.


Mr. Chand was born in Canada into a Hindu family but converted to Islam in his early 20s and changed his name to Abdul Shakur. Little is known about what drove Mr. Chand to convert to Islam. His parents are divorced and Mr. Chand’s acquaintances say the spilt in family troubled him. Whatever his motivation to switch his religion, Mr. Chand is a devoted Muslim. He prays two or threes times a week  at the Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Scarborough, a mosque attended up by four of the other suspects picked up in terrorist bust, said the mosque’s Imam Aly Hindy.


Mr. Chand also wanted to spread the faith. He spent two or three days a week going to local schools, distributing free Islamic books and written material s about Islam and encouraging school aged children to become Muslims, said Mohammed ally, his one friend from the mosque.


Two of the youths charged in the arrests of 17 persons were converted to Islam recently according to friends from Stephen Leacock Collegiate institute in Scarborough. Both converts were Hindus, one was of Tamil origin.


Mohsin Attique 17, son of his landlord said to Globe and Mail newspaper that he believed that Mr. Chand had a tense relationship with his family, partly by his religious conversion.


It has been noted when a person converts to any Semitic religion, then the converted person does not only convert religion but also converts culture, religion, language, forefathers.  If a converted person is from Hindu religion, then that person don’t only convert his / her religion but also want to destroy Hindu religion, culture, Bharatiya languages. He/ she breaks idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses or deface it by all demeaning ways.


Islamic extremists have embraced one element, “The global struggle.” Now individuals in Canada, like the London bombers seems to be associating themselves with a cause outside their territory. Not only are non-Arab Muslims but are also other Muslims particularly from South and Central Asia and Somalis rally to the global Jihad call. Increasingly Indians / European Muslim converts are embracing jihad. As the jihad outreach expands, so too does the target list. Terrorists do not care even in destroying the social fabric of a tolerant and open society like Canada and Bharat.


If one glances at Islam religion deeply, one would find that most of the terrorist activities are carried out by Muslims. Usually it is said that only a part of the Muslim society carry out terrorist activities, but the rest of the overall Muslim society is peaceful. One wonders why Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Parses, and many other societies do not produce such small amount of bad people who carry our terrorist activities. It does not matter how much you provoke a Hindu society, even then the small section of the society does not become terrorists.


Some years ago a research was conducted about the battles going on in the world. At that time it was found out there were about 80 small of large battles or conflicts were going on in the world. Out of these numbers, there was not even a single battle of conflict where Muslims were not involved. Either both the parties were Muslims in the conflict or at least one party was Muslim. 


“Religious conversion destroys centuries-old communities and incites communal violence. It is violence, and it breeds violence and destruction.”


 Achla Sharma, is head of BBC Hindi service. She is a Hindu but has married a Muslim. The language of  Muslims is Urdu, while the language of Hindus is Hindi. After conversion Achla Sharma has adopted Urdu, though she is employed in Hindi service. Due to her influence Achla Sharma has converted BBC Hindi service into Urdu service.  While proper Hindi words are available, even then most of the time, BBC Hindi service prefers to use Urdu words.  Not only that, Achla Sharma got job for Javed Ansari, a Muslim and relative of her Muslim husband. Javed Ansari does not know Hindi at all.


Recently there was a program in BBC Hindi service about Kind of education   given by Talibans in Pakistan. This program was almost 100% in Urdu, in which  Hindi knowing person cannot understand at all. Many times BBC Hindi service is converted  into Urdu service. See the effect of conversion of a Hindu to Islam. Converted person still earns money on the name of Hindi, but at the same  time wants to destroy Hindi and promote Urdu, the language of her converted religion.


A Muslim is a person, who by birth or by choice became a follower of Islam.

Islam is a set of beliefs propounded by Prophet Mohammad who claimed the angel Gabriel told him the Quran, the word of God. The compilation of such verses from Mohammad’s mouth became Quran as it exists today. As said in Quran itself, there are two versions of Quran, the one exists in heaven and another that exists in earth. The one exists in earth is compiled by Khalifa Uthman.


Muslims are told these things from their birth till they die. Quran and the story of Mohammad (called Hadiths) are expounded day in day out in the Muslim media. Even scientists are writing that Quran has scientific truths that an illiterate Mohammad could not have known. And their writings are constantly published in the media as the proof of “God’s Work”.


Islam was spread by both the sword and teachings. Miracle workers called Sufi saints spread Islam in places where other religions like Hinduism reigned. Muslim Kings captured vast areas of earth and converted the people into Islam. Except in India, wherever Muslim kings ruled, that land became Islamic. Even in India, Bengal, Kashmir, Sindh, Punjab, Afghanistan became majority Muslim areas due to the forcible conversion of local Hindus into Muslims. In other places, where Muslim kings were not there, the Sufi saints and Muslim preachers converted the local people into Muslims.


History is history. Some of the forefathers of the current generation converted by preaching and some others converted by force. There is no need to go back to that and feel bitter about it. Many Hindus feel bitter about this. They view the Muslims are brothers who started fighting Hindus just because the remaining did not convert to Islam and Muslims think that Hindus are still in old “polytheist” ways and they need to convert to Islam.


Make no mistake about this. Muslims strongly feel that their religion is the correct one and Hinduism is primitive religion. And Hindus feel that Hinduism is a “natural and eternal” religion, which did not have a human founder. And Many Hindus believe rightly that all the rivers lead to the same ocean and hence there is no need to fight over which river to take to reach the ocean.  

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