What is Hindu Terror ?

via H Balakrishnan published on May 9, 2010

Dear Sir,

Reference the ‘Sabath Vomit’ of ‘Secular-ud -Din’ Vir Sanghvi in his ” Blaming Pak alone won’t uncover the Truth ” – (TNSE – 09 MAY).

Here is a ‘pearl-of-wisdom’ from this benighted ‘secular-ud-Din’ : ” I refer, of course, to the discovery that Hindu organizations may have been responsible for the violent attacks in such cities as Hyderabad and Ajmer “. A ‘ Daniel – INDEED to the JUDGMENT ‘!!

The ‘secular’ English media went to town with the arrest of Sadhvi Pragya Thakur and Lt.Col. Purohit, charged under MCOCA – (a “SECULAR” equivalent of the “COMMUNAL” POTA !! and applicable ONLY to ‘secular’ Maharashtra – Gujarat cannot have it for very obvious ‘COMMUNAL’ reasons !!). Whatever happened thereafter to the ‘Tall Claims’ and ‘Leaks’ to the media of the Maharashtra ATS? The case WALLOWS for want of evidence !! But ‘secular balancing’ must be done at any cost – LIES ALLOWED !! And, that is precisely what ‘secular-ud-Din’ Vir Sanghvi attempts in the present case. The answer to the sheer absurdity of ‘secular-ud-Din’ Sanghvi, is best done by another Editor – a ‘communal’ one !! – Chandan Mitra of the Pioneer.

Chandan Mitra’s Article of 26 Oct 2008 entitled : ” What is Hindu Terror ? “, puts the absurdity of ‘secular-ud-Din’ Sanghvi in perspective. Chandan Mitra wrote :

” Had India not been a vibrant democracy and were Hinduism an intolerant faith, we would have witnessed many violent responses to jihadi terror. Most Hindus are unable to comprehend why groups like SIMI are going about massacring innocent civilians all over the country when they have no specific demand. Terrorist violence, whatever the cause, can never be condoned but in cases of foreign intervention (such as Iraq) or in the course of separatist movements, can at least be understood. But nobody can quite comprehend what SIMI and its cohorts want of the Indian people or the State “.

Again. ” Reams have been written about Muslim angst following the post-Godhra riots in Gujarat. But what about Hindu anger in response to the thousands of innocent people felled by jihadi bomb blasts over the last 15 years? Don’t they have families that are battling for survival, orphans who have grown up bearing bloodthirsty rage against the killers of their parents or family? Doesn’t it hurt their sense of justice when political parties rush to felicitate terrorists’ families or join the chorus describing the Jamia Nagar encounter as fake and the December 13 Parliament attack a conspiracy by the Intelligence Bureau?”

And finally : ” Those who equate imaginary Hindu terror with jihadi violence would do well to realise this odious comparison can only agitate people further, communalise the polity beyond redemption and unleash retribution on a scale not seen before. The fact is that individual miscreants or petty bomb peddlers do not constitute anything like Hindu terror groups; they have no sympathy, at least yet, from the community. But stoked and insulted repeatedly, the tolerant and largely passive Hindu might just start justifying the actions of fringe groups. By nature, the Hindu can never be a terrorist. Secular-fundamentalists [ like Vir Sanghvi] should not provoke him to a point where he seriously contemplates the option.

The fact of the matter is ‘secular-ud-Din’ Vir Sanghvi writes a load of unadultrated hogwash combined with a large measure of Bullshit to cover his general ignorance !! And he is an Editor !! Just shows how easy it is to become an Editor – just plain felicity with the English idiom and ‘connections’. Intellectualism be damned !! We are Nehruvian Secular – Stupid !!

!! JAI HO !!


Click here to Read What is Hindu Terror by Shri Chandan Mitra in Daily Pioneer

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