‘We won’t allow arrogance of Hindus’ – Marxist Minister

via HK published on May 5, 2007

Changanassery: Finally a Communist dares to say what they were doing for past fifty years. The epitome of Hindu Hatred- who is ironically the Minister for Temples in Kerala, G.Sudhakaran was that great follower of communism who couldn’t hide the so far hidden agenda of Marxist party to wipe out Hinduism.


The Minister in a meeting told

“Don’t expect a communist to accuse Christians or Muslims in any issues but we won’t allow the arrogance of Hindus in the state”


He also added,

 â€œThe present out cry against the sacred Christian centre in Muringoor by Hindu organizations is nothing but fundamentalism”


The Minister was answering to SNDP leader Vellapally Nateshan’s demand to close down the Divine centre in wake of recent FIR with serious allegations.


It’s a known fact that this Anti Hindu Minister’s wife a converted Christian is a regular visitor of this Mafia centre

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  1. Raj Nair Reply

    May 5, 2007 at 5:40 am

    Re: ‘We won’t allow arrogance of Hindus’ – Marxist Minister
    the sad thing is that the donkey brained hindus still vote for him in the next assembly election. 5

  2. Concerned Hindu Reply

    May 5, 2007 at 6:33 am

    Re: ‘We won’t allow arrogance of Hindus’ – Marxist Minister
    Arrogant Hindus? Only a moronic person can blame hindu majority of arrogance! They are surely the most innocent and ignorant people on Earth.
    If hindus were arrogant, the hate-filled, intolerant minorities would not have a grown to such an extent even to endanger the very existence of majority hindus!
    One sees now many spineless and bribed hindus coming and doing propaganda for the murder satanic christian centre in Muringoor!The poor hindus do not know that they are cutting the very branch of the tree on which they are sitting high above the ground!
    Shri Vellapilly Natesan seems to be the only hindu political leader in our state with back bone and honour and self-pride! Long Live, Shri Vellapillyji! 5

  3. G.Vijayalakshmi Reply

    May 5, 2007 at 1:36 pm

    Re: ‘We won’t allow arrogance of Hindus’ – Marxist Minister
    The rabid dog Sudhakaran does need medical treatment. If Hindus were arrogant, they would have taught this madcap a lesson for insulting them in various ways.I wish we Hindus would become assertive and belligerant,so much so the likes of Sudhakaran would tremble to malign us.We have to be able to teach such rascals a lesson which they would not be able to forget, ever! Hindus must remember that it is these so-called ‘secular'(pseudo-secular)scoundrels who are our real enemies.Target only these scoundrels!
    G.Vijayalakshmi 5

  4. Vipin Reply

    May 5, 2007 at 6:43 pm

    Re: ‘We won’t allow arrogance of Hindus’ – Marxist Minister

    Yes, the only mistake the Hindus did was to vote for him. If only we remeber this long enough, till the next election. If Hindus are arrogant does this Sudhakaran moron have the balls to say he doesn’t need Hindu votes? High time we teach this scum of earth a lesson he and other Hindu haters would never forget 5

  5. Gopi C.K. Reply

    May 5, 2007 at 7:48 pm

    Re: ‘We won’t allow arrogance of Hindus’ – Marxist Minister
    with all his anti Hindu utterance, he still continue as our devaswam minister. it is high time that Hindus should take some bold step to finish such people. otherwise our next generation will be either christians or jihadi muslims. 5

  6. Praveen Komath Reply

    May 5, 2007 at 8:50 pm

    Re: ‘We won’t allow arrogance of Hindus’ – Marxist Minister
    You said it Raj Nair, the average hindu or in other words the leftist-minded kerala hindu gives last preference to his own religion that’s why like u said the ‘donkey-brained’ kerala hindu still goes and votes for people like Sudhakaran who continues to spit venom against hinduism repeatedly. 5

  7. Vaisakhan Reply

    May 6, 2007 at 12:39 am

    Re: ‘We won’t allow arrogance of Hindus’ – Marxist Minister
    I think it is time for RSS/BJP/HIV/BVK etc. to hoin hands and start a campaign against the forces of Sanatana Dharma, like CPM, CPI, KK, Congress, Muslim League, Christian mafia, Muslim terrorists, pseudo seculars etc.

    Dont’ wait untill the last moment of election as BJP did in UP; start enlightening people in general and hindus in particular aout their present inferiior position in society despite being the majority due to minority appeasement policity of successive govts. in Kerala.

    Hindutva workers must visit every house of hindus and conduct classes like Commus did in 40’s & 50’s thereby gaining their votes. Common, hurry up…start now. 5

  8. rimila Reply

    May 20, 2007 at 11:57 pm

    Re: ‘We won’t allow arrogance of Hindus’ – Marxist Minister
    he is a person who has to send to mental asylum again. We the people are told by the chotta leaders of confused party of india(madness) who visits the temple that he was in medication for mental illness. We people should be ashamed to send this type of personality to represent us in the legislature. there are ministeres who show their credit worthiness by stating that they have not done the religious last rites to their own parents. If a christian minister says such thing he and his family will land in `themmadi kuzhi’ for teh rest of his generations untill he retracts. we hindus are fools. they know that they will get votes even after they deface hinduism. they know that hindus will not come together. if they feel that if something is told or done against the hiduthva and they will not get votes, they will not repeat these statements which effect hindus morale. We are told by the police that the people who visit devils retreat centre at muringoor is treating for mental illness. We will have a bucket collection for sending our ministers for traetment there. like minded people may contribute liberally. 5

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