‘We don’t need any help from Kafirs’

via HK published on May 29, 2007

Kashmir‘s Grand Mufti, Mufti Muhammad Bashir-ud-Din, has issued a fatwa against accepting money or help from the Army in rebuilding mosques and shrines.

In a statement here, the Grand Mufti said: “The Shariat (Islamic) law does not allow any person or persons other than the Muslims to do such an act (building mosques).”

“In my capacity as the Mufti Azam (Grand) of Jammu and Kashmir, I declare that this shall be treated as a verdict within the purview of the Shariat that no person or persons, organisation or organisations other than Muslims can construct, renovate any mosque or shrine.”

The fatwa further said any help from non-Muslims in the construction of mosques would be construed as interference in the religious affairs of Muslims.

The Army has been lending support and financial assistance in
Kashmir under Operation ‘Sadbhavana’ and so far over Rs 10 lakhs has been spent for the construction and renovation of 11 shrines in the Kashmir Valley.

Reacting to the fatwa, the spokesman of the Army’s 15th corps, Lt. Col. A.K. Mathur said: “We only help construction/renovation of religious places if there is a request from the people. If the people don’t want our help, there is no force from our side.”

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, the Valley’s chief priest, who is also the chairman of the of the separatist Hurriyat Conference, has also criticised the Army for “interference in the religious affairs of Muslims of
Kashmir“.  Courtesy TOI (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/JK_priest_issues_fatwa_against_Army/articleshow/2082470.cms)




What the Mufti from Kashmir told is absolutely true as per their Shariat.We request more Mufti’s to come forward and issue more fatwa’s and save the Muslims in this Kafir land of Bharath.


They can think about in following lines.


1)A Fatwa against receiving Haj Subsidy, Isnt’it haram to do the holy pilgrimage with the money of Hindu Kafirs?


2) A fatwa against consuming food made in the Kafir’s land as in most case it’s  made after Bhumi Pooja and offering the grains to Hindu Gods. The Food produced by Hindu farmers are definitely the Prasad of Hindu gods, So definitely eating this Prasad is also a horrible sin


3) What about issuing a fatwa against all the Khans in Film industry as they too are violating the Shariat as Islam is against acting, singing, dancing, painting and photography


4)Also the great Mufti’s can think about closing down all Studio’s owned by Muslims as taking the Photo itself is a big crime as per Shariat, More over Muslim women who wants to take their passport photo should at list cover the face with Burqa


The UPA government who is now on a Muslim appeasement spree  should note that giving separate reservation, Granting crores of Money to Madrasas and building Mosques are all against the Shariat.


Moreover the Mufti’s want to convey one more thing by issuing such fatwas that – Muslims in India are self reliant and self sufficient, No help is needed from any Kafir or Kafir Government, if at all they need any help their Islamic brothers in Saudi, Iran, Pakistan and Middle East will help them .   

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