Was the Nun’s chastity Molested?

published on September 29, 2010

M P Ajith Kumar* 

The reluctance of the Christian nun who complained of having been mass-raped by Hindu fanatics during the Kandhamal outbreak in appearing before the court even after the case was transferred from Kandhamal’s Baliguda court to Cuttak raises many doubts. Thanks to Orissa High Court Judge Justice B. K. Naidu’s suggestion in response to the nun’s petition that she was afraid to appear in Kandhamal’s Baliguda court, lest it should endanger her very life, the case was transferred to Cuttak on 20th of last March. Yet she has not appeared before the court so far. It is a bare fact that Swami Lakshmananda was murdered by the Christian terrorists due to his opposing the Xian missionaries’ proselytizing Orissa. The Swami’s philanthropic uplift of the poor Hindus there was a counterpoise to the Christian conversion agenda hell-bent to see the ‘Greater Nagaland’ a reality. Interestingly a noted Christian journalist has of late vilified the Swami’s stand against the missionaries and opined that had he not opposed conversion the terrorists would not have killed him. That the murderers were Christian terrorists who weeded out the obstacle in the evangelist path is clear. This is indeed a repetition of the Portuguese days in India when the military supported the missionaries converting the Hindus of the Malabar Coast. Now in the north-east missionaries and Christian terrorists disguised as Maoists are reenacting the same. Why?

      The story is not altogether new, but about one and a half century old. One who knows what Barbara Boxer, Chairperson of US Senate Foreign Relations Committee said years ago may not be surprised at the developments of the North East hill region. He said, “After studying the location of Nagaland, I realize, it has military importance. Nagaland is sandwiched in between some very different and large nations in terms of political philosophy, culture and religion”. Though thinly populated with only 3.5 million people its location, Boxer knew had immense strategic significance for his America. “To north” he said, “Nagaland borders China (Communist), to the east Burma (Buddhist), to the West India (Hindu) and to South Bangladesh (Muslim). I believe the potential military importance of Nagaland to the US is akin to that of South Korea’s 38th parallel. Like South Korea, Nagaland falls in the middle of powerful countries. America’s Army holds the dividing line between democracy and communism in South Korea”.

Boxer knew that Asia would be the only happy hunting ground for his country which with the emergence of European Union was gradually losing its European economic base.  
Besides, India’s north-east zone is rich in natural and mineral resources. Naturally this zone surrounded on all sides by non-Christian nations if separated from India, he believed, could be US’ base of operation in Asia. And the path selected to this end was proselytizing the area to a US prone mindset. Hence the ongoing persuasive as well as forcible conversion.

    Nagaland, Boxer added, has “evolved its own type of social system founded on American principles” with its political structure “influenced by American missionaries who went there in 1839”. The proselytizing which Boxer said had begun in 1839 continued throughout the English period in India and after. These missionaries got the American arms supply too. Though press reports about the large quantities of arms possessed by the Naga rebels were quite often in the early decades of Independent India the successive Governments continued to remain lax and lukewarm over it. Even when in one of the encounters the Military captured from Naga rebels American guns of 1955 and 1956 make the Government befooled the nation telling that these were the weapons left by the fleeing Japanese army (during World War II) which the Nagas took possession of. As the then RSS Chief Guruji M. S. Golwalkar has sarcastically said, our leaders asked us to believe that the Nagas secured those 1955 and 1956 model American arms as far back as 1944!

  This state of affaires only grew worst. Foreign elements influencing the Indian polity and government became common place. The new generations of leaders getting pay off and kick back for burying national interests became the new phenomenon. With the watchdog only interested in filling its own belly the nation was left open to thieves, wolves and bandicoots to haunt. One is shuddered at the high speed at which India’s administrative top brass hurried to bail out and pack off an Otrovio Quotrochi or the like people! Naturally amidst their frantic effort to hush up what would incriminate them they are likely to sideline the issues of national integration and security. Consequently they can’t respond even to the verdict of the judiciary against the criminal who carried fire and sword over the Parliament, leave alone their listening to what happens in the North-East. They are fiddling while the nation is burning. Yet the people who use to bake their communal cake in the funeral pyre continue their game. To these Mephistopheleses in the service of the Lucifers it is not the nation that counts but how to disintegrate it in favour of the nation they work for. And their weapons – they range from militancy to moral degradation. Chastity for instance proved often a bargaining counter against a people who most value it bay some one who least cared it. The nun was mass raped by the Hindu fanatics was the propaganda set afloat. But why is she reluctant or afraid to prove it before the Seat of Justice? What prevents her from appearing before the Court? Of late there was a medical report about the virginity of a Keralite nun. According to it her virginity lost years ago was restored through a surgical manipulation! In case of the Kandhamal nun let the Indian public know that her chastity suffered the maiden molestation due to the so called Hindu fanatics’ fanatical rape. Or is she afraid of a more shameless revelation in case sent for medical examination? It is now for the nun to prove that she was a gem of chastity the Hindu fanatics broke. For it is with India’s tradition to worship a chaste woman and with its law to punish the molester of female chastity.   

* Senior Lecturer in History, Sanatana Dharma College, Alappuzha

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