Vatican Threat to Indian Nation

via By SYNONYMOUS published on April 29, 2007

Nationhood of India is under tremendous threat from two dreaded enemies – Talibanic Islam and Vaticanic Christianity. While many of our patriotic intellectuals accept the former, the latter gets overlooked by many. If some one bothers to compare and analyse the two, the threat to India from Vatican far outweighs the one from Taliban in the long run. There are many reasons for it and I hope there is a clear understanding on the matter without any further delay.


Taliban and Al-Queda are banned organisations, and there is clear focus on them by almost all the world nations. The rabid animosity of fundamentalist Islam to Hinduism and its heritage is too well known. It has been there for centuries and we all know it will not succeed, nor will it go away. So it is an enemy we know of and we have to be careful about. Almost the entire civilised world dislikes fundamental Islam and is always under the watchful eyes of the world. The case of Vatican and Pope is totally different. The perception and acceptability are different even though they are doing the same work as Taliban and Osama. The ultimate objective of both parties is exactly the same – ruling the entire world. One is crude and straightforward, while the other one is polished and are plotting with their brains. We all know which is more dangerous, but there is loud costly silence for unknown reasons.


Catholics in India are multiplying and converting at great pace. There is a large NRI population among them and they always avoid getting into any census figures. Indian nationals are freely operating for and behalf of another sovereign nation ( Vatican ). Yet there is no PIL case against this so far. Their agents and sympathisers have sneaked into almost all the institutions in India . The real brain behind Vatican ’s agenda for destruction of Indian nation is being hatched in Kerala by Malayali Catholics. I appeal to all the Haindavakeralites to take note of the following:-


·         The third-child trick of Kerala Catholics is becoming very popular. Almost all the Kerala Catholics that I know of have the third child with the same excuse of it being an ‘accident’. There is a deliberate attempt by the church to increase their tribe by this simple trick. Haindavakeralam must issue a strong call to all our young members to go for the third child.


·         Kerala Catholic Church Caucus (KCCC) has targeted Sabarimala, Guruvayoor and our big festivals. What the KURUSINGAL family people could not do in Sabarimala in 1960s is being attempted through ECOSMART now. Very soon JRG SECURITIES will be in Sabarimala and Guruvayoor under the guise of professional management. They are already in Tirupati. Sudhakaran and Yesudas are all cleverly drawn into the game of destroying Guruvayoor. There are even rumours that the elephant Thiruvampady Unnikrishnan was triggered off by one Jacob during the recent pooram.


·         Baby and gang are playing the script according to KCCC to get all their institutions into the Minority Status. But for Baby’s Bill all these would not have happened and all are to the advantage of the Church. You may note that the Minority Status commission has become very active after the shifting of Antony to Delhi and Baby’s Bill.


·         Antony-Kurien-Vadakan-Ranji caucus in Delhi is working in close liaison with the Sonia brigade to do whatever is possible to weaken Hinduism. Antony was rewarded for what he could achieve at Marad, the single biggest blow to Hindus of Kerala in recent times. He is trying the Rashrapati Bhavan for himself and National Security Advisor post for Hormis Tharakan (another architect of Marad).


·         Websites like are doing great damage to Kerala Hindus by highlighting all bad news about us, whenever and wherever they can. It is run by one of the Vilanilams (remember the infamous Vilanilam who forged certificates to become a Vice-Chancellor). The website claims it is the ‘official NRK site’, yet none of us are objecting.


Islam is dangerous and we know it. But Vaticani Christianity is even dangerous. So be aware and act.

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