Valuless Values of the Marxist Party

published on February 21, 2009


Dr. Babu Suseelan

Marxist party is not known for any absolute moral principles. Now the
Marxist party in Kerala is facing a moral dilernma, a situation where
the party must choose between two courses of action both of which would
be wrong for the party to undertake.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Anti Corruption Branch has issued a special report after years of through and meticulous investigation against the Marxist party General
Secretary Pinaray Vijayan. CBI reports the Pinaray Vijayan was engaged
in deception and fraud in his dealings with the Canadian firm SNE
LAVLIN. As a cabinet Minister,
Pinaray Vijayan was engaged intentionally in the perversion of facts
for the purpose of defrauding the government. He also induced officials
to engage in deception and fraud for various reasons and with ulterior
motives. Earlier, the controller and auditor general named him in corruption cage regarding the renovation in several hydroelectric projects in Kerala, while Vijayan was the electricity minister.

investigating the extent to which Lavlin defrauded the govt., the CBI
concluded that Vijayan was colluded with LAVLIN enabling Lavlin and the
private confuting firm to engage in illegal acts, and unethical
transaction involving deceit, Fraud, and division of funds. Lavlin
collected cores of Rupees for services not provided, over inflated
prices for the machinery, as well as for funds diverted to fictions
consultants aligned with Pinaray Vijayan.

            Now the Marxist Party lealest are forced to choose between upholding judicial norms and avoiding some looming disaster.

public knows that Vijayan has dirty hands right up to his elbows. For
several years, the Marxist Party has become a corporation running TV
stations, Theme park, Hospitals, movie houses and commercial
enterprises for profit. Why is Pinaray Vijayan singled out? Isn’t he
like the other Marxist leaders who hustle, lie, intrigue, wear masks
and join with the Jihadi Mafia? Pinaray Vijayan is a good deal worse,
morally worse than the rest of the Marxist leader. He is not an
ordinary leader. He has ulterior motives, sinister purposes in mind as
well as hidden causes and project that require funds. He hustles lies
and he is also thought to be worse than the rest of the Marxist
leaders. He uses violence and the threat of violence not only against
Hindus but also against party dissenters.

an unprecedented camping to escape from his corruption case, Pinaray
Vijayan has gone beyond media manipulation, public marches with fear
muscling and false assertions.  Pinaray Vijayan uses his marshes as a code for spreading Marxist tyranny and for cover up of his crimes.  

            The deceitful and corrupt Pinaray Vijayan is defended by the the Marxist party political bosses. The decision of the Party leaders
to support Vijayan exposes the Marxist Party’s lack of moral standards.
The party’s admiration for Pinaray Vijayan is complete and they are
willing to glorify the greatest liar. Prakash Karat, the general secretary and his cronies manipulate the public to make them forget the lies and fraud of Pinaray Vijayan.

            V.S.Achuthanandan, the Marxist Chief Minister can’t govern innocently. V.S.Achuthanandan, the Chief Minister says that he will proceed further after the chief public prosecutor reviews the case. In Kerala, public prosecutors re appointed by the ruling party
based on their political affiliation. Sometimes they find themselves
torn between the interests of the political masters and the interest of
the judiciary. These situations present Public Prosecutors with the
problem of divided loyalties.

a deontological point of view, one could argue that the public
prosecutor has an inherent obligation to uphold the Judicial Policy no
matter how unjust they believe the policy to be. In Kerala, politically
appointed public prosecutors have an inherent obligation to protect
corrupt political leaders. As a resulr, more public harm could result.

this case, Pinaray Vijayan’s illegal actions and fraudulent decisions
warrant prosecution and punishment by the Judiciary. His ulterior
motive and deceit was evident in his evasion, misconduct and wrong
doing that constitute violation of the law and code of ethics.       

the government and prosecuting white collar criminals successfully need
both competence and integrity. The Marxist government has failed
miserably to spot problems, identity corrupt practices and to deal with them firmly.

chief minister V.S.Achuthanandan is acting like a clown without the
technical knowledge or the intellectual firepower to guide the state
effectively through the turbulent time.

CPI (M)’s state secretariat is trying hard to stop the Chief Minister
from clearing Vijayan for prosecution. The Central Marxist Bureau has
instructed V.S. to do nothing to hurt Vijayan. Vijayan and Karat have
launched a propaganda blitz and media manipulation campaign to save the
corrupt Vijayan.

            In this context, the general public should know that the scale of Justice is highly imbalanced in Kerala. Political leaders in Kerala had a long history of looting public funds.

public must make save that the Marxist party pays, the price. The
innocent public won’t be able to do that, however, without using their
political power appropriately.

citizens in Kerala are increasingly confronted with Jihadi terrorism,
corruption, violence, and looting of public funds. All of these life
threatening, traumatic events
can produce crisis episodes. These trallimatie events are all too
familiar to the public, police and the judiciary. Citizens must unite
against corruption. Unity is strength. Organizations like SNDP, and NSS
must look beyond the mirrors and work toward nurturing a relationship
with VHP. RSS, Hindu Aiykavedi, and pther Hindu organisations. They can accomplished
more than what they could alone.

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