Unquestioned Answers

published on May 26, 2008

By Synonymous

pseudo-secular media in Kerala have exposed themselves fully in their
on-going hunt for swami, sannyassi, amma and alldaivoms. They have left
more answers unquestioned than questions unanswered.  Munnar
encroachments, Land Mafias, Muringoor and Abhaya cases had left big
question marks in the public psyche when the pickpocket Santosh
Madhavan was caught by the media with great fanfare. But what happened
to the most necessary media follow-up on the following answers for
which nobody dared to ask questions:-


Hundreds of acres of land under Actor Mammooty’s possession in Munnar were caught and cancelled by Suresh Kumar during the brief Munnar operations



is a sovereign nation and at least one citizen of that country is residing within India
without any VISA or any restrictions – Cardinal Varkey. His entire gang
is operating in our country under the direct control of the Pope, who
is the Head of State of another country.


Yohannan of Believers Church, an insignificant denomination within the
Indian church, purchased thousands of acres of rubber estate illegally
from Harrison Malayalam, only to encircle Sabarimala and destroy it


of Chekanoor Maulavi case are enjoying their lives in the Gulf. Raktha
Kairali’s pravasilokam claims it can locate anyone in the Gulf within
minutes, but it does not happen in this case.  


Sons of central minister Ahmed’s brother are confirmed homos and there was a police case reported in the media sometime back


was a confirmed minor when she was getting raped by the IUML Kutty. All
evidence was available to the media. And Suryanelli girl was also a
minor when Bajichettan pounced upon her. Now Bajichettan occasionally
presides over the law making body of the nation!!!


knows that the margin in gold business is less than 1%. Alukkas started
as a single shop a decade ago and the boss now owns an aeroplane.


Baby’s bill, which was cleverly drafted by the Vatican clerk Ninan Koshy (
director of the WCC’s Commission of the Churches on International
Affairs), has helped the self-financing medical colleges under
Pushpagiri, Jubilee, Amala, Kolenchery etc., collect atleast Rs. 15-25
crores every year. This is the third year running and the govt., is
silent on this. Baby sleeps in the Bishop’s house and day time he plays
in AKG Bhavan.


A couple on morning walk at Trivandrum was crushed to death by the very same killers of Sister Abhaya.


media reports had shown that maximum IMFL consumption in all districts
of Kerala is by the respective Bishop Houses. And some of these fathers
are activists of prohibition campaign too!!


One DGP is on record saying that atleast Rs 40,000 crores of Hawala money is flowing into Kerala every year, most of it for purchase of land especially at strategic locations.


in Gulf for Yateem Ghanas in Kerala is a big business. No one knows
where these Yateem Ghanas are and how the money is spent.


do not have voting rights. Yet we find almost all IUML, PDP, NDF, INL,
Maani/Joseph/Jacob Congress leaders in the Gulf everyday.


Land Don Faris is a fugitive on the run from Singapore in Kidney Foundation case. Yet he is not an Interpol criminal like Santosh Madhavan.


Valson Thampu presided over the Education Minority status commission
and gave minority status to all the prominent Christian and Muslim
professional colleges in Kerala. Now that he has been found to be a
fraud (with false doctorate like the old Kerala University
Vice-chancellor Vilanilam) and outsted from the post, the actions he
has taken must also be annulled. Baby and Thampu work hand-in-hand with
the Church. 


supporters climbed on top of Karipur Airport and removed the National
Flag. They erected the Muslim League flag there, about which complete
photographic evidence is available with the police. Yet not even a case
has been registered.  When Bhadrananda used a Red light on his car, he is promptly booked by the police.

Established mutts of Hindus are operating within India which is 80% Hindus officially. If not in India,
where do you expect Hindu mutts to be established and run? What is
wrong if 80% of the money is handled by Hindu mutts and 80% of the
spiritual leaders are Hindus?

anybody listening? It is high time all the Hindu professionals in the
various media joined hands and asked some truly secular questions,
instead of working like slaves for the communalists and communists just
for money.

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