Ungrateful pedophile padres show treacherous face by supporting cow slaughter in India

via Courtesy: Deepak Kamat - http://greathindu.com published on May 3, 2010


My blood boiled when I read the above Church link.

These ungrateful pedophile padres have a history of abusing Hindu hospitality and even turning their warring guns.  On the contrary, they start licking the feet of those who kick them.  In Pakistan, these padres are bootlicking the Islamic terrorists.

Here are some of the dogmas in that link.  I have listed them

      “Christians in Karnataka say a bill the state legislature passed banning cow slaughter violates human rights and targets religious minorities such as Christians and Muslims.”

Where was human rights when these padres sodomised boys and when the Pope shielded the Paedophiles.  Where are human rights when the cloistered nuns are denied  their rights to sexuality.  Where was human rights when the Church targets poor people and converts them through fraud, coercion and threats.

      Father Faustine Lobo, the Catholic Church’s spokesperson in the state, told UCA News on April 12 that the government passed the bill to target religious minorities.

That is plain stupid.  Hindus revere the cow as next only to mother.  After the first thing that the baby has after Mother’s milk is the cow milk.  Ergo, Hindus treat cow as their second mother.  This is just an exercise in gratitutde which these paedophile padres lack.

      On April 10, a team of Hindus and Muslims sent a memorandum to state Governor Hans Raj Bharadwaj urging him not to sign the bill. Although the state legislature passed the bill on March 19, it requires the governor’s signature to become law.

Now this is the way these minority barbarian harasses Hindus.  The Governor is invariably a UPA/Church plant.  He is there to throw a spoke in the wheels of social reforms.

      While Orthodox Hindus consider the cow a god, beef is part of the regular food of most Christians, Muslims and lower-caste Hindus. Some Muslims are also engaged in the beef-processing business.

Now here is another mischeavous attempt to divide Hindu society.  It says lower caste Hindus eats beef.  From where did these silly evangelists catch that line.

      The Hindu-Muslim memorandum says the bill is “discriminatory” as it “targets the food habits of the most vulnerable and the weak,” dalit (low caste), Muslims and Christians. Bill would impact minority communities.

This is just another misnomer.  A noble bill to save the innocent precious cattle is projected as an attempt at harassing the weak.  Why don’t these barbarians pass a bill against fraudulent conversions and terrorism which is rampant due to these barbaric Abrahamic religions.  Remember, all the Christians and Muslims in India were once Hindus who were forced under the Abrahamic swords.

      “The government is directly hitting the minority communities with some vested interests,” Father Lobo said.

Now I would like to tell this ungrateful Father Lobo that he has misused the Hindu hospitality.  He is staying amidst Hindus and is cocking a snook at the Hindus.  How dare he?  There is no vested interest on the Hindu part.  There is vested interest in the Church which is run by the Vatican goons who want to control the world.

      Banning cow slaughter “means negation of the human rights of the minorities and farmers” who rear cattle for food as a business, he asserted.

Tomorrow these missionaries will say that they would like to eat human beings too.  Remember, there is something called as civility.  We can’t allow these terrorists to kill cattle in our own land.  Let them go back to Rome and Mecca if they want.

      However, the diocese has asked its people “not to hurt the sentiments of the Hindus on this issue” although beef is a major part of their food, the priest told UCA News.

Now this is an attempt at public relations.  On the one hand they insult Hindus and show their noble Christian sensibilities.  In case, these people hurt Hindu sentiments, they will be beaten black and blue by their beloved masses.  Better understand that.  The Yediyurappa Government banned Cattle slaughter following public pressure.  84 percent of Hindus in India consider cow as divine and revered it like Mothers.  So if these padres want to eat beef, they better go to Vatican.  If they want to stay in India, they better respect Hindu sensibilities.

Defending the bill, state Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa told media that it aims to protect cows and preserve cattle wealth in the state. He also pointed out that states such as Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, and Madhya Pradesh already have similar laws.

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