“Turning a blind eye to the Obvious -Chasing crooked shadows where none exist

via H Balakrishnan published on November 26, 2009


Dear Sir,

Reference Bee Gee Vee’s ” Maoists soften, RSS hardens stand ” – (TNIE – 23 NOV).

The ‘Delphic Oracle’ has spoken !! Words of senility ? One wonders !!

First things First. The Maoists are ready to talk with the Government because ‘ they too can read the writing on the wall ‘!! We are FULLY AWARE of what exactly happened, when the PWG offered to talk with the A.P. Government. During the period of talks, operations against the PWG  by the security forces were suspended by the A.P. Government. Result: The talks floundered. The PWG had used the interregnum to rearm themselves and disperse, thus nullifying the tactical gains of the A.P. Police and the ‘Greyhounds’. The Indian Army also suffered a similar fate at the hands of the LTTE during the IPKF Operations. Any wonder the adage: ” History Repeats Itsel f’ !!

But all this softening by the Maoists was basically preparing the grounds for the ‘ by-now-familiar ‘ Bee Gee Vee – RSS baiting line!! Its becoming too very predictable!! We are also aware that Bee Gee Vee WILL NOT WRITE ON THE FOLLOWING!!

The brazen attempts by the Church to influence the selection of Congress Candidates from some constituencies in Kerala for the Lok Sabha elections. A letter reportedly sent by the Varappuzha Archbishop to Congress president Sonia Gandhi recommending Hibi Eden for the Ernakulam Lok Sabha seat has stirred up a wave of protest in the political class as well as church circles.Some days ago the Thrissur Archbishop had come out openly supporting Tom Vadakan’s candidature from Thrissur.

( http://mytake-charakan.blogspot.com/2009/03/christian-clergy-and-kerala-politics.html)

In March 2009, the ‘Red & Secular Judge’ – Mr. V.R. krishna Iyer, was forced to come down on the Church in Kerala. As reported in a website: ” Canonical papal control over Church properties in Kerala will be a new imperialism repugnant to the secular character and sovereign authority of ‘ We the People of India”, opined Justice (Rtd.) V R Krishna Iyer.

The website continued. Apparently with the approval of the ‘Christian High Command’ a pastoral letter is in circulation in chapels and other biblical institutions criticizing a few Bills of the Law Reforms Commission, Kerala which advocate hundred percent secular reforms in the Christian, Islamic and Hindu theological rituals, said the noted jurist, who is the Chairman of the Commission, in a statement.

Justice Ktrishan Iyer said: ” In India, law making is not left to Vatican but to the constitutional agencies under the authority of our sovereign suprema lex.”

(http://www.christianaggression.org item_display.php?type=NEWS&id=1237431462)

Wonder whether Bee Gee Vee said anything against the caperings of the Kerala Church? We are also aware of the ANSWER!! A number of media reports can be cited in other cases also, which goes against the ‘secular’ character of the Nation. ‘Mums the Word’, as far as Bee Gee Vee goes!! That is their commitment to TRUTH and SECULARISM!! Wow!!

Another example.

On 15 Nov 2009, senior journalist M.J. Akbar wrote in the Times of India an Article entitled: ” Why some political parties lost the plot “. The obnoxious part of Akbar’s ‘secular prattle’ was : ” What the Muslims of UP are looking for, but have been unable to articulate, is a defined political space within which they can find food-and-faith security. Given the passions that such a demand could arouse, this quest might surface obliquely rather than directly. On the table is Ajit Singh’s dream of a Harit Desh in western UP. Such a state will have a substantive Muslim population, as well as a string of important Muslim educational institutions, from Aligarh to Deoband.. It will become a natural socio-economic magnet for Muslims of the north.. The idea is still in an embryonic stage. Whoever articulates it, will have rung a wake-up call.”

Such a sentiment had earlier been expressed by the ‘M.I.T. Librarian’ who passes as an ‘academic’ – Omar Khalidi!! He had advocated, in an interview with The Times of India, a reorganisation of the districts in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Assam to create “compact Muslim zones” where their culture and rights could be “safeguarded”. In other words, he’s playing ‘Pied Piper’ Allama Iqbal to a future Jinnah .

The fact of the matter is,MJ Akbar is already speaking of the next dimension of Muslim demands after the first repeat of communal division already under implementation. He has undoubtedly studied Jinnah and Partition of India in great detail. India’s leaders and media stars have either forgotten about it or have not bothered to read about it at all. In fact many want to pretend it never happened, because they do not know how to handle their vacuous notions of secularism with that reality in their face. Any difference between the Jinnah-Akbar-Khalidi postulations ?

Has Bee Gee Vee written anything against the seditious piece of Akbar? No Sir. He doesn’t see RED. That is reserved only for ‘Hindu Baiting’!!

For the record, I fully agree with the statements of the RSS Chief. If that makes me ‘communal’, I’ll wear it with PRIDE, on my sleeve. Any problems, dear Editor?

The trouble with the ‘Nehruvian Secularists’ like Bee Gee Vee, is that they ‘Turn a Blind Eye to the Obvious – AND- Chase Crooked Shadows where None Exist’.  Any wonder then they stand totally discredited .


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