“Thou shalt not steal” – But do our convert padres follow this order ?

via GSK Menon published on July 15, 2011

“Thou shalt not steal” – It is a famous biblical dictum and very widely known. But do our convert padres follow this order -” Do not steal” ? Recently we have seen news  narrating how the christian converts are freely appropriating Hindu temple features like the Dhwajastambham or Kodimaram. The latest entrant into the imitation fold is the Santhome Church at Mylapore church in Chennai. After the exit of the European missionary gangs, local converts have taken over the conversion propaganda machine. The task of modifying a bankrupt and westernised religion was a daunting task. But, an easy route was devised to give a face lift to an insipid import. IFC technology – Imitation, Fabrication, Copying.

First came names like Amala, Vimala, Nirmala (an all time super hit), then the Jew became emboldened, started using Prajapati, Parameshwar, Mahesh, Prabhu. Then came the Nilavillakku. Some highly embarassed converts started erecting a big + sign on top of that, taking consolation in the belief that foisting the + symbol on top or bottom of anything will convert that object also ! Imitations started getting more brazen, all bhajans and devotional songs of the Hindus were lifted lyrics and music verbatim, at some places the name of the jew was inserted. The famous Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatam itself has been plagiarised shamelessly. The list of imitations keeps increasing day by day, now, the Jewish gods eat Hindu food, listen to Hindu music, frolic around towns (otherwise known as Nagarapradakshinam, – nothing like this is permitted in Jerusalem), to the accompaniment of Hindu temple music. Bharatanatyam has been copied, the jew is subjected to photocopied versions of all Heathen beliefs and practices. What a sad fate for the jew on the stick.
This is also the sad fate of many European converters and saints. Many churches have clay or marble idols lying in corpse like pose. These chaps who had denounced all Hindu practices all their life have now the mortification to see a HINDU REVIVAL among the converts. These corpse like idols hear temple music, Hindu temple songs, with their eyes they see Nilavillakku on the altar, outside, the prominent Kodimaram should be giving them the jitters – are they lying inside a church or in some Hindu temple ?
Sometimes it is like a great Karmic retribution for the converts and their converters. Let imitations continue till one day all the churches become temples and all the converted return back to their ancestral religion.
Stealing from other religions is a great paradox. Why steal on the one hand and denounce it also ? How long can such duplicity go on ?

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