The Tragedy of the Marxist Mafia Rule in Kerala

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on May 20, 2007

The collapse of the Communist bloc by the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s marked the failure of communism. However, The Marxist party survives in India and rules the Muslim/Christian dominated states of Kerala and West Bengal. An unavoidable question is, is the Marxist party really following communism? Or is it an alliance of Christian/Muslim mafia against Hindus?


Marxism expounded by Karl Marx is a dogmatic faith that staked everything on conflict, revolution and class war. For the Marxists, class struggle is the engine of salvation. Marxism prided itself on its “materialistic” character, and scornfully rejected spirituality and moral imperatives. It followed an extreme moral relativism, according to which good and evil are constituted by a shifting of Marxist interest.


Whatever served the interests of the Marxists was good. Whatever ran counter to it was bad. Everything, literally everything including Jihadi terrorism, coercive conversion, capitalism, corruption, land grab, counterfeit currency distribution, destruction of Hindu temples, cultural institution and spiritual tradition, as long as it only serve the interests of the Marxist party.


In the end the interest of the proletariat really amounted to the interest of the party and its leaders. Interest of the party leaders thus became the ultimate, indeed the only criterion of right and wrong. The party leaders became filthy rich and despotic. Sacrificial dedication of the working class had given way to narrow, ruthless, self-serving power politics and mafia life style.


The disastrous corrosion and corruption of the Marxist movement in Kerala is clearly a reflection of its rejection of interest in poor followers and its alliance with Islamic and Christian capitalist mafia. Marxist leaders in Kerala became crass capitalists, and succeeded in destroying the very objectives it was presumably out to achieve. For the new Capitalist Marxist mafia, Marxism is a delusive utopianism, a creed to amass wealth, a hard-boiled amoral cult of power at any price. There is no doubt that as a dogmatic ideology, Marxism had proved itself bankrupt.


In Kerala, the Marxist party is celebrating its one year of misrule. Several times, Marxist party came to power in Kerala through the alliance of Muslim and Christian gangs. During their period of power, Marxists attempted to force Hindus into a corner, where organized Marxist criminals, Jihadi terrorists and Christian money mafia unleashed a terror campaign against Hindus. In 1957, the Marxist government introduced a bill for the elimination of the landlord class as one of the guidelines for its land reform program. The land reform law explicitly stipulated eliminating the landlord class. But the Communist party wanted to eliminate was the Hindus who owned agricultural and urban lands. During those reforms, Christian and Muslim land owners, robber barons, estate owners, and Church land holdings were exempted.


During the current year of Marxist rule, the first atrocity committed by the Marxist government is the brutal takeover of Hindu temples and their attack on Hindu culture, spiritual tradition, institutions and Hindu groups. Several Hindu activists were murdered by the Marxist/Jihadi mafia criminals. Today the Marxist party’s violence and abuse against Hindus are even more severe than those of the Communist rule of earlier era.


The Marxist party’s current ideology and program is only against Hindus. Marxist party leaders are in friendly alliance with Jihadi terrorist leaders, money mafia, smugglers, counterfeit currency distributors, land grab mafia, and mind manipulating missionary groups. Under the present Marxist government criminal organizations and capitalist mafia have evolved and integrated into elite structures. The elite mafia groups turn to fascist Marxist groups for assistance. These mafia-Marxist-Jihadi alliances have complete control over the state and resist external pressure through intimidation, violence and targeted murder.


The Marxist party is celebrating one year of success as a capitalist mafia party. The party leaders became enormously rich owning media centres, television, newspapers, real estate, hotels, banks and resort centres. The Marxist party became the richest, capitalist mafia group in Kerala. The party leaders use violent brainwashing, mind control, tight organization to control party members. Party leaders are always above the laws of the nation. Eliminating dissidents and distracters is the most effective means for the mafia cult to keep its control and power. The party can dismiss members at will and those who voluntarily quit the party will bring about dire consequences including murder.


Defeating Marxist Mayhem


It is high time for Hindus to wake up from its denial, lethargy and apathy. Hindus must join together and throw out the Marxist mafia gang and its imperialist ideology. Hindus must show their collective capacity for dealing with Marxist/Jihadi mafia rule and the wide-ranging problems. Hindus need to collaborate effectively in identifying the problems and needs of the community, achieve a working consensus on goals and priorities, agree on active and assertive means to implement the goals and collaborate effectively in the required actions.


Hindus need to have far more confidence in our values and fight effectively to eliminate dogmatic ideology of the Marxists to preserve our freedom and protect our future.

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