The Root Cause of Jihadi Terrorism

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on May 15, 2010

Mindless Marxists, limousine liberals, phony secularists, Jihadi leaders and and Jihadi media agents are busy churning out bogus root cause theories of Jihadi terrorism such as poverty, discrimination, India-Israeli interference, lack of education and lack of opportunities.. These phony root cause theories stand against empirical evidence. Almost all Jihadi terrorists arrested world wide are Jihadi Muslims.

The cause of Jihadi terrorism is Islam. The  reasons for Jihadi terrorism, Islamic beheading, stoning, limb amputation, and honor killing have been a source of bewilderment and misconceptions for long time among arm chair liberals and Marxist misfits.
Muslim foreign minister from Pakistan issued a statement calming that the Pakistani Jihadi terrorist who failed in his attempt to blow up Times Square is a desperate individual who recently lost his house due to American foreclosure laws. Paki media is busy misdirecting the public that Jihadi terrorism is a response to injustice, intolerable economic conditions, poverty, hopelessness and social oppression. Their solution is to deal with the Islamic grievances and frustrations. A World renowned American linguist said “Drain the swamp, and the mosquitoes will disappear.”
Such views are intended to rewire our brains and reshape our responsible behavior so that Jihadi terrorists can continue their Islamic mayhem.

India never attacked any Islamic nations. Muslims had no grievances against Hindus. Yet more than 80 million Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs were slaughtered, women taken as sex slaves, looted our wealth and forcefully converted millions of our brothers and sisters.
The idea that Surrender of Kashmir and Palestine to Jihadi Muslims would reduce global Jihadi terrorism is far-fetched. Terrorism has causes: ex nihilo nihil fit-.The cause of worldwide Jihadi terrorism is ISLAM.
Here it is important to consider the psychological factors that promotes Jihadi terrorism.  Islam wants Muslims to terrorize the infidel world and establish Dar-ul-Islam. Phony liberals are busy explaining Jihadi terrorism as poverty, economic deprivation and a fear of infidels. These are misleading
. Islamic dogma is the predominant feature of jihadi terrorism.

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