The perils of Interfaith dialogue

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on December 15, 2011

Indian history is replete with stories of political betrayal, dangerous appeasement and intriguing “sellout” behavior towards Islamic invaders and Christian Colonialists. Several Kings, political leaders including Gandhi and Nehru and Hindu organizational leaders have made hundreds of fallacious appeasing social contracts and policies with Islamists and Christian lobbyists. It seems that the phony secular leaders forgot our Vedic values, Dharma and the perils of appeasement with fundamentalists and destructive groups bent on destroying our eternal Vedic Dharma. They have made foolish decision to compromise with evil and forgot to make a distinction between Dharma and closed dogmas paraded as religion. They have ignored the distinction between right and wrong, good and bad and ignored the limits of tolerance and benevolence. Hindus are still paying a heavy price for their foolish, unpardonable mistakes.

Now Ramakrishna Mission is actively engaged in interfaith dialogue with the Vatican and Jihadi groups. They are also active in Christmas celebration and Carole singing. Ramakrishna Mission is busy training its followers in Carole singing and organizing Iftar parties with Jihadis and pseudo secular political parties. It amounts to promoting criminal behavior of Jihadi terrorists and conversion mafia gang. Ramakrishna Mission wanted to have dialogue with the Vatican who was responsible for slave trade, colonialism, destruction of native cultures, violence, genocide, sex abuse, child trafficking, and human rights violations. It is strange that Ramakrishna Mission and several fake Swamis wanted to have interfaith dialogue with criminal thinkers who behave without fear, shame, remorse, guilt or empathy for their victims. Ramakrishna Mission wants to enhance Hindu-Christian relations and collaboration of justice, peace and harmony with barbarous persecutors in the world.   

Ramakrishna Mission and its leaders made a terrible fallacy of interfaith dialogue and compromising with fundamentalist followers of non compromising dogmas bent on destroying our Vedic dharma and converting gullible Hindus by deception and coercion. Another mistake of Ramakrishna Mission is to assume falsely that Jihadi leaders and the Pope are historically spiritual people. Ramakrishna Mission must do some historical research. They are making invalid comparison between universal Vedic Dharma and parochial, mischievous political dogmas.

Ramakrishna Mission’s initiative for interfaith dialogue and celebrating Iftar Parties and Christmas proves that seemingly highly educated who claim to be spiritual can succumb to dangerous practices. In this world of information and knowledge explosion, we like to think that spiritual organizations like Ramakrishna Mission once led by Swami Vivekananda would practice, promote and defend Hindu Dharma. Instead, Ramakrishna Mission is busy promoting pseudo secularism, meaningless and one sided interfaith dialogue, and dangerous Christmas celebrations and Carole singing to confuse, misguide and misdirect innocent Hindus. It is surprising those followers of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda following outlandish and absurd paths to self-destruction.

As closed, rigid, non-compromising Dogmas, Islam and Christianity do not believe in our spiritual, all inclusive Vedic Dharma. No amount of our preaching, interfaith dialogue and Carole Singing is going to change the minds of the Pope or Mullahs. Ramakrishna Mission busy promoting mindless pseudo secularism, interfaith dialogue refuses to admit the fact that closed-rigid-fundamentalist dogmas are unwilling to change their historically determined dogmatic ideology.

Can we change the poison from a snake by unconditional positive regard, non-judgmental attitude or slavish behavior? No amount of interfaith dialogue or discussion will alter preconceived desert dogmas meant for invasion, plunder, coercive religious conversion, oppression and political domination.

For thousands of years Mullahs and Catholic priests have been indoctrinating followers against kafirs and heathens. Muslims are taught that Hindus are satanic and the only time Muslims have peace in the world is when Muslims strive hard to establish Dewar-ul Islam.

When the Pope issued statements of Catholics to establish a Christian Nation in India or Mullahs declare jihad war against Hindus, Ramakrishna Mission issued no statements or said nothing against such atrocious game plans. For the Pope and Mullahs political domination and subjugation of Hindus is more precious than coexistence, pluralism, peace, harmony, and justice.

Interfaith dialogue is a Paradox especially when applied to the world of deceptive missionary techniques, Jihadi terrorism, beheading of kaffirs, subversive activities, sabotage, and creating social unrest and havoc in Hindu society. Interfaith dialogue is a reality and viable between religious groups that are tolerant, universal, and respectful towards each other. Ramakrishna Mission that strives for friendship and cordial relationship with Jihadi enemies and hostile Vatican camps has turned the word interfaith dialogue into soiled and tarnished rags.

Ramakrishna Mission, I think is guilty of mentally misdirecting Hindus and making them as spineless Zombies and subjecting innocent Hindus for Jihadi terrorism, Maoist violence and coercive religious conversion. But despite untold horror stories of Hindu massacre from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Fiji and Malaysia it is sad that the word interfaith dialogue permeates from Ramakrishna Mission.

Ramakrishna Mission never will abandon their dreams. But it is time for Hindus to remind them that their naïve dreams and funny acts make those dogmatic tyrants stronger while creating nightmare for Hindus. Ramakrishna Mission often creates a catastrophic erosion of our culture and creates an atmosphere conducive for Jihadis and Vatican to cut our spiritual roots.


One of the most frustrating things for Hindus since Islamic invasion and Christian colonialism has been the demands from the Pope and Jihadis for the proof that Ram and Krishna is GOD. At the same time, political miscreants, Marxist misfits, fraudulent-phony secular historians, alienated academicians and fake Swamis of Ramakrishna Mission refuse to admit historical facts or question irrelevant Islamic and Christian claims of divine and political dominance. They refuse to ask pertinent questions to Islamic or Christian leaders. Instead, they find comfort in promoting interfaith dialogue, distorted history, false claims, and irrelevant facts. The mental process at work of Ramakrishna Mission, Marxists and pseudo secularists are so fundamentally false that we cannot literally comprehend them.

What it means for Hindus is that we should not waste too much effort trying to prove that we are ethical, practice Hindu Dharma, promote real freedom, peaceful, and believe in coexistence, pluralism and spirituality.

Ramakrishna Mission makes interfaith dialogue and phony secularism more appealing to Hindus who practice pluralism, religious freedom and tolerance. The rigid, fundamentalist Pope and Mullahs know it fully well that it is a lip service. They are unwilling to compromise with their non compromising ideas. They demand little if any action from the followers of Islam and Christianity who believe and practice Jihadi terrorism and coercive religious conversion. As proponents of pseudo secularism and interfaith dialogue with our deadly enemies, Ramakrishna Mission is free to focus on their deviant ideals and false claims of our enemies. In the process they totally neglect their responsibility for practicing and promoting Hindu Dharma. Ramakrishna Mission is busy promoting aggressive policies of the Vatican and the Mullahs. They claim foolishly that embracing pseudo secularism and interreligious dialogue is a sign of superior intelligence. They seem to forget that they are denouncing our sacred, universal, eternal, pluralistic Hindu Dharma. This is not Ramakrishna Mission used to be. The classical philosophy of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa as espoused by Swami Vivekananda did offer instructions on Hindu Dharma and spoke of the obligations and responsibilities of every Hindu to promote our sacred Vedic Dharma.

Today’s Ramakrishna Mission would be hardly recognizable to the ideas of Swami Vivekananda who saw the damaging influence of dogmatic fundamentalists and servile dependency of Hindus on Islamists and Christians. He would have had little patience for the divisive culture and hostile deception of fundamentalists. He would have been deeply troubled by the self-destructive behavior of present Swamis of Ramakrishna Mission. Swami Vivekananda believed that Hindus have obligation and responsibility that go beyond simply supporting pseudo secularism, one way interfaith dialogue and endorsing Jihadi terrorism and coercive religious conversion. Swami Vivekananda would not have been comfortable with the collective efforts of present day Ramakrishna Mission.


Hindutva is vital for the moral, social, psychological, political and spiritual survival of our nation and Hindus can survive only if we assertively practice, promote and defend our core Hindus values.  Over the last few years, fake Swamis of Ramakrishna Mission has been betraying Hindus. Hindus have been violated; our Dharma has been commercialized and put to shame. Hindus have been betrayed by those who have the official mandate to preserve our heritage. And by the interfaith dialogue with our enemies, Ramakrishna Mission has been trying to put us to shame time again. Hindus should not stand by idly watching such painful decay passively.

Whose fault is it anyway that Ramakrishna Mission can continue such deviant behavior? Hindus should not deliberately choose to ignore such atrocious acts. Hindus should ensure that fake Swamis are not to be empowered to continue such criminal acts fearlessly. It is time for Hindus to act in an audacious manner to make sure that such fake organizations should not benefit to the detriment of Hindus.

When the collective consciousness of Hindus is asleep, our enemies can conquer us, invade us, convert us and it will create fertile ground for coercive religious conversion. When Hindus are overwhelmingly strong, morally, spiritually and politically, our enemies cannot destroy us. So I repeat, whose responsibility is it any way to make us strong?

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