The Muslim Pressure Factor in Kerala

published on November 26, 2006


Dr.TS Girishkumar


The still 56% of Hindus in the society of Kerala divided into Nair Ezhava caste organisations with conflicting interests, the apparently minority Muslims and Christians  had been running the show for the people of Kerala for a long time, perhaps from the day one of Kerala’s inception. The caste organisations like the NSS and the SNDP, who had in effect substituted the Hindu religion for all practical purposes are indeed far flung from any thing to do with Vedic Hindutva, and not only that, both these caste custodians also sing the same tune with the Communists belittling Vedic Hindutva, Varnashrama Dharma and Aryan qualities.  The unholy alliance of the unholy trio, which is the communist+ Christian+ Muslim compendium, had played their distinct and definite role to alienate Hindus of Kerala from Vedic Hindutva, nonetheless, the role of self-negation and senility with the Hindus in this southern Indian state ought to be taken as the principal reason for alienation and estrangement of Kerala Hindus.


Thus it was only natural for the anti-Hindu forces to take roots and further push the Hindus to more of helplessness. There are some very interesting and thought provoking incidents to account for in this connection, and those Hindus who are not “Jantus” as yet ought to ponder upon these and act in which ever way they are disposed to and capable of, let us not forget that it is these little drops that makes a big ocean. The case of the squirrel with Shri Ramachandra Mahaprabhu ought to be taken as an inspiring example for each one of us to work during the days of the great “Setu Bandhan”. Let me give some of those instances:


Case No One. Madini, who was responsible for Coimbatore Blasts, is certainly not a model for any sane man to follow, and his connections with the Jihadi terrorists and Pakistan is an established case. He had been arrested in the state of Tamil Nadu, and is still in Jail. Muslim pressure group in Kerala had been trying to get him out of the imprisonment, and they had been at it from day one. Their had been continuous write ups in the Malayalam media, TV channels, and many processions and meetings were held from that time on. Since the state of Tamil Nadu had very little to do with the Kerala situation, Madini continued in the jail. When the UDF came into power last time, with Muslim League as their alley, they made it a point to get this man out of jail, and kept trying all they could by way of holding discussions, all party meetings etc. with the Tamil Nadu government. When none of these efforts bore fruits, in utter desperation, the Kerala Legislative Assembly unanimously passed a resolution to free Madni from jail. There was no one except the RSS to object to this, and all the Hindu caste organisations kept silence. Had Madini been arrested in Kerala, he would long have become at least a minister and yet another importance person in the Jihadi camp.


Case No Two. During the visit of the Prime Minister of India, Dr. MM Singh to Kerala, there was an E-Mail threat to his life. The mail threatened to assassinate both the Prime Minister and the President of India. The pressure was on the government, and they instantly caught hold of the culprit. Then the PMs Visit went on without any bombs going off, and another storey was given out. The person who sent mail was in frustration since his girl friend ditched him; there is no terrorist of Jihadi connection in this mail incident so enquiry into terrorist connection need not be done. After all, it was a desperate Romeo’s mischief and that is all. The Jihadi, terrorist aspect was conveniently overlooked.  The enquiry into the possibility of Muslim terrorist connection was simply ruled out. It is yet another matter that during the PM’s visit, there was a security lapse (so called) and the driver was straight driving the PM’s car to a Mosque instead of the intended destination. It is matter of thought, whether this was just yet another ‘coincidence’. 


Case No Three. Letter Bombs went on in Trivandrum some time ago. Undoubtedly, this was experimental, and intended find out the results and reaction by the Jihadis. They would definitely better their letter bombs for “actual” use in the future. This too was given the interpretation of desperate love affair, and all possibility of looking into the terrorist connection was ruled out. In Kerala, desperate Romeos are on the run, and they take out their desperateness through bombs and Jihadi terrorism! After all, let us not forget, that it is in this very Kerala that an entire train went down in Perumon waters just because of “mild wind”!


Case No Four. Israel attacked Lebanon. The entire Malayalam media was for the Muslim sentiments, and none except the Sangh Parivar stood for Israel. No Malayalam Media, both press and visual came to support Israel, out of fear of the Muslim factor. In reality, the Jews have much things in common with the Hindus, both do not convert any one to their religions, both had never attacked any one else, and both are ancient religions. Ideally, any Indian society ought to be supporting Israel, but in Kerala, the Muslim pressure is so much, that the entire media came out to support the Jihadis who hide behind women and children in Lebanon.


Case No Five. Saddam Hussain is sentenced to death by the pro American Iraqi government. Saddam is no ideal personality for any one to make a model out of him. He used to be just another dictator who uses the religion of Islam to his what ever ends. But for the Malayalam media, he is a hero. The Muslims took out precessions to ‘save Saddam’, as though it shall do them any good. The media, as usual came out in full support of Saddam. They make a martyr out of this one time dictator.


Case No Six.   One Fahad was arrested in Mysore recently, since he is a Pakistani spy. This man had connections with Jihadi terrorists, and it is after his reaching India that many experimental bomb blasts took place in the city of Kozhikode. Fahad, a Pakistani national has a Kerala connection, since his father has another wife and children in Kozhikode. Fahad came and interacted with his half brothers, and found it easy to settle in Kozhikode to operate from there. The half relations were helping him to obtain an Indian passport under their address. All these came out since this Jihadi was arrested in Mysore, which falls under the government of Karnataka. Had this man been arrested in Kerala, his also could have been another love story, and there came out a love story indeed. Some one was quick to give the Fahad case the desired twist to say that he was in love with his mother’s brother’s daughter, and they were to get married and all, but since the case was originally in Karnataka, the Kerala Muslim pressure could not work much. Thus this love story of the Fahad Romeo was not given out much. Otherwise, the Jihadi Fahad, who is a Pakistani national could have been celebrated as a romantic hero and nit wits could have even made films based on his ‘love story’, as the hero coming from Pakistan to marry his ‘wife in relation’ and the like.


Case No Seven.  Dr. Rajan Gurukkal, the Director of School of Social Sciences of the Mahatma Gandhi University was nearly the designated Vice Chancellor of Calicut University. Rajan Gurukkal is a hardened Marxist, and I know him for years, an uncompromising Communist. He is my colleague, and though we are poles apart Ideologically, I respected his sincerity and conviction of a communist. Naturally, I thought to myself, the communists are not going to find a better candidate. Rajan Gurukkal was not an aspirant for the VCship, he had in fact not asked for that to his comrades, but the offer came from them only. But then, suddenly everything changed. Though the Muslim League party is not a part of the communist alliance who is ruling now, even the Communists had to give into the Muslim pressure. The Muslim pressure group insisted that the University of Calicut must have a Muslim Vice Chancellor, and since they could not find any one suitable to this, the Muslim pressure group is ‘importing’ a ‘Mariyam Rashida’ from Bombay! This lady, is being made the VC of Calicut University over the heads of all others including Rajan Gurukkal. Suddenly the Communists also became helpless and Rajan Gurukkal was side lined, though none of the Communists wanted this. Just look at the Communists, how desperate and helpless they are, they are coerced to do things against their will, against their own kin’s man, under the Muslim pressure!


Case No Eight. Dr. KS Radhakrishnan, the Vice Chancellor of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit came out with a complaint that his daughter’s life is threatened by Jihadis. He says that his normal function is jeopardised, and he keeps getting threatening phone calls and all, not only terrorising him of being killed, but also terrorising his entire family. The VC asks, why all writers and media in Kerala is silent about these things? Why no one is pointing a finger against the Muslim pressure groups? Why the Communists are coercing him so much?


There are number of such instances of past and present of this Muslim pressure functionalism. This began long ago, right from the first State ministry after the formation of the state of Kerala in the present form. The point is simply this: Kerala is under positive siege from the Muslim Jihadis, and the entire society is simply under false consciousness that everything is well and fine in this society. The unholy trio keeps giving out the message that the state of Kerala shall remain unaffected by things like terrorism, fundamentalism, communal conflicts, etc. how long this eye wash shall go on, and how long the Hindus shall be kept under the hegemony of the unholy trio is matter to be seen, and indeed, a matter utmost serious.

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  1. Satish Uppathil Reply

    November 26, 2006 at 7:40 am

    Re: The Muslim Pressure Factor in Kerala
    Very throught provoking article. We(Hindus) are the worst enemies of ourselves. Everything is self-centered for us and the most unfortunate is whenever someone brings out Hindutva or a nation building excercise, it is seen as fundamentalist attitude.

    Point is how we can form a unity. Why do we still continue mentioning the caste in any form (like birth etc). Just so that we feel differentiated. If the aim is to abolish the caste system, we need to remove this mention of caste – Just write the religion and SC/ST if thats the case. 5

  2. Arjun Reply

    November 27, 2006 at 1:38 pm

    Re: The Muslim Pressure Factor in Kerala
    Muslim Demography is the root cause of all problems :

    Muslims are practising Polygamy .

    Muslims are having more than four children per couple atleast.

    Muslims are sending their children to Islamic Schools and Madrassas for Islamic Education.

    Muslims are radicalised by constant incitement by Mullahs in Mosques during Friday Prayers Khutbas ( Islamic Sermons)

    Muslims are claiming all the benefits , aid , grants ,etc from Government and NGOs to expand their numbers.

    Muslims are getting huge amount of money from Oil Rich Muslim Gulf Countries to build Mosques and Islamic Centers.

    Millions of Muslims are working in Gulf Countries ( UAE , Saudi Arabia ,etc) where they come in Contact with Militant Groups from Pakistan & Middle east .

    Muslims have infiltrated almost all political parties including BJP and are using their position as a tool to implement Islamic agenda in every organisation.

    Muslims are well organised and united in their motive for Islamisation of India.

    Muslim organisations are very active and agressive in nature , they support any muslim who is caught by Police or Law enforcement agencies.

    Muslims have lobbies & pressure groups which is overtly or couvertly working for Militant Islam.

    Muslims are receiving continuous supply of Arms & Ammunition from Pakistan by sea roots, They have collected caches of Weapons and RDX in almost all districts of Kerala.

    Muslims have infiltrated in Live and Print Media Agencies.

    Muslim leaders are quick in mobilising Muslim crowds in streets.

    Muslim Mosques , Madrassas are centers of Militant Islamic Activities.

    Muslim Dargahs and ” Urs Melas ” are used as places of meetings and networking for Islamic Causes.

    Mazars are built in strategically Important Places which is used for espionage and subversive activties against India.

    Muslim Maktabs are used to sell books , pamplets , brochures about Radical Islam and ways to spread it.

    Muslim are advised by their Mullahs to marry Non muslim girls / women and convert them to Islam.

    Muslim Mafia is very active in Drug dealing , smuggling , fake currency , etc . They are using money from crime to forward the agenda of Islam.

    Muslim gangs are well armed and coordinated in physically attacking Patriotic Persons .

    Muslims have indirectly captured political power in India and are using the present position to capture political power fully in order to implement Islamist Agenda for Islamic State.

    Muslims are using Christians , Communists and Caste Organisations to attack and harm patriotic organisations in Kerala. And ultimately Muslims will also destroy Christians , Communists and Caste Organisations when Muslims will be powerful enough to do so in near future.

    Islam is Terrorism and Terrorism is Islam.

    Patriotic Organisations must concentrate on Hindu Unity and spread it work in every city and village in India . We have to expose and oppose Militant Islam in every part of India.


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