The limit of Artistic freedom

via Dr.Babu Suseelan published on July 1, 2006

India is an open society. An open society, where freedom and the relationship between freedom and responsibility are intertwined. It is not possible to have one without the other over the long haul. Our weakness is our own openness to allow too much filth, and absurd expression of garbage and licence to practice and promote too much vulgarity.


The idea that nude drawings of Hindu Goddesses is an exercise of freedom is absurd. It is important to remember that an open society exists only so long as citizens choose freedom through informed choices and act with restraints. Intellectual nudity and artistic vulgarity are the the first step to cultural decline.


Hussein’s  vulgar, naked drawings are nothing more than despicable propaganda. He is an opportunistic crowd pleaser who managed to rise in totally unlimited position by constantly keeping himself within the fashion of bogus secular/jihadi crowd. Hussein does not understand the concept of freedom and responsibility. He promotes a political/jihadi agenda to whom he is in debt by being granted the formal position he has. He diverts discussions into ad-homonym attacks, something anybody, no matter how archaic-minded, can deal with. discussion on freedom is meaningful only to those who understand them. They are but a manifestation of weakness in the eyes of those with an unbounded instinct for absurdity such as Hussein.


The best strategy of all for dealing with propagandist garbage would be to simply deny them the opportunity to display absurd garbage in public.


During the dark days of Stalinism, people used to buy Marxist books to wrap fresh eggs so they won’t break when being carried together. If I get a Hussein drawing, I would have hesitated wrapping eggs with it, for the fear they would be contaminated.


Some of the controversy is amusing. Hussian has an overinflated ego. Hussain proves himself outstanding as part of a category of artists where lack of morality and conscience is a weapon of defense and attack, for it prevents the shattering projection upon self’s being.


Cronies of Hussain must remember that social control is necessary for freedom. Freedom does not means the absence of opposition. There is a limit of tolerance and there is paradox of freedom.


Hussain is not a free man. His state of mind is imprisoned by a wall of hatred towards Hinduism and bars of limited concepts of the divine nature of Hindu Goddesses. These self imposed, self destructive conditions have contributed to short circuit his capacity for self-awareness, freedom and reflections.


One should remember, when we march an alcoholic for coercive treatment, put a criminal behind bar, prevent an absurd artist from displaying his nude drawings, we are not restricting his freedom, we are liberating them from their evil that restrain his real exercise of freedom. There is a paradox in freedom.

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