The haunting spectre of the Sikh massacre in Kashmir – Unmasking the Mukadas of Jihad

published on November 5, 2010


A guard of honour was presented by the Jihadis on the eve of Clinton’s  visit to the Kashmir valley on the morning of March 28th 2000- 36 Sikh civilians were separated and lined up along the village walls and shot dead.

The Pakistani propaganda machine worked up a frenzy of denial, and mobilised the masses on streets that blamed the Indian security forces and Hindus and a sinister larger plot to instigate the Sikhs against Hindus was kept up through Khalistani and Leftist media fronts.

But the then Democrat President and his secretary Albright went to the absurd extent of insinuating the Hindus somehow into this, as it sat ill with their pro-separatist sympathies, that being just a year before this sloppiness and cuddling with Islamists world over would come crashing down their heads in the Twin towers.

The block heads of liberal and left persuasion needed that de rigueur wakeup call.
The defense secretary of state wrote in her memoirs “the Hindu terrorists ‘could be behind this– which was promptly taken out by the publisher, thanks to the sobering effect of 9/11 in New York.

The mukada of jihad in the valley

The American Secretary of State then Madeline Albright was in fact on hand things presented in such a confounding manner from within India and by Indians themselves as to cast aspersions on the Indian forces and Hindus-

By the show boy of secularism and integration- Farooq Abdullah, who waited 7 months to order a judicial probe into that massacre, but held enquiry by Supreme Court Justice Panidian immediately after a protest rally that ended up in police firing-that laid charges of murder against 7 security officers and jawans.

“There is an immediate need to wash off the doubts from [the people’s] hearts and assuage their hurt feelings”- would be his excuse to probe into every incident building up a tarnished image for Law enforcement agencies and Security forces.

The BJP curtly replied- “Why should the centre know about our inquiry…? It is my state”.

The gunning down of 32 Hindu pilgrims to Amarnath would follow with the same subterfuge of this Abdullah scion in August 2000.

Another 27 labourers will be cut down by gunfire the very next day in Anantnag.

Though the Jihadis mowed them down, strangely his enquiry commission would lay charges of murder against 7 security personnel, for ‘excessive retaliatory firing”.

It is amazing how the media, the national parties including BJP which ran a coalition with him, completely got hoodwinked by this Jihad collaborator and Mukada or mask of the Jihad in the Valley.

When Narendra Modi was hounded by witch hunting media, these Mukadas of Jihad enabled quietly the Jihad in Kashmir by Pakistanis and their agents.

They imposed severe restrictions and came out with inopportune and unjustified calumny at every turn jeopardising the anti-insurgency operations and sapping their morale.

Thus, soon after the Clinton visit massacre of Sikhs, Hindu and Sikh blood started pouring copiously –

On August 1: 31 people including Amarnath Yatris killed at Pahalgam in Anantnag.
August 1-2: 27 labourers gunned down in Qazigund and Achabal in Anantnag.
August 2: Seven family members killed in frontier district of Kupwara in North Kashmir.
August 2: Eleven Hindus killed in Doda district of Jammu.
February 3,2001: Six Sikhs gunned down in Mahjoornagar in Srinagar.
Feb 11: 15 members of nomad (Gujjar) families massacred in Kot-Chadwal in Rajouri district of Jammu.
Mar 2: Fifteen policemen and two Medical Assistant killed in Manjakote area of Rajouri.
March 17: Eight people massacred near Atholi in Doda.
July 21: Thirteen people, including seven Amarnath pilgrims killed at Sheshnag in Anantnag.
July 22 : 12 people massacred in Cheerji and Tagood in Doda district of Jammu.
August 4: Fifteen villagers killed in Ludder-Sharotid Har area of Doda.
August 6, 2002: Nine Amarnath pilgrims killed and 29 others injured at Nunwan base camp in Pahalgam area of Anantnag district in south Kashmir.
24 November 2002: second attack on historic Raghunath Temple
(courtesy-The Statesman)

It is not difficult to see through the game of Abdullahs-

Thus when Mufti’s Government there wanted to rehabilitate and bring back Kashmiri pundits and resettle them at shrine towns of Mattan in Anantnag and holy spring shrine of Khirbhawani in Srinagar-

“The State Government plans to rehabilitate them in Mattan and Khirbhawani places thus leaving them an easy prey for the militants”,-

Thus further massacres like Nandimarg would be sited as reasons not to  bring them back, while with the same breath arguing for withdrawal of Armed Forces and Special Acts which alone could guarantee their rights to live and their possessions.

 “Our Government could have also brought them back. But we have to see whether we are in a position to provide them with cent per cent security or not,” Omar Abdullah declared and  the National conference stood on the way of their return and did everything to uphold a state of siege and terror- making things difficult for Security Forces, easier for insurgents, and life impossible for minorities.

Can we imagine that coming from Naredndra Modi about displaced Muslims at camps? Or will the media or Parties keep mum? Would the World let him rule still?

So when the sprout Omar Abdullah sensed the opportunity to come out, there is no surprise in his questioning the accession of Kashmir with India!

He has inherited the mantle of carrying on this jihad hand in glove with the overt Jihadis, and his time to do his bit had come?

A Democrat President desperate to cut a deal with ‘good Taliban’ and get the heck out of Afghanistan, and save his face, and a pro-Islamist Congress coalition that has no spine and eager to offer territory in exchange for Muslim mass approval- had emboldened him to come out with his true colours, and supportive of secession.

This seems too have been upset by the erosion of Obama’s image and approval rating, that has hit rock bottom, and the rise of the Republicans in both the senate and the congress.
The mukada of Jihad in Kashmir valley now on the spotlight, stands thoroughly open to the elements as to where and with whom lay his sympathies all along.

This again is quite in line with Islamic concept of Taqia or deception- and a way of striving for Islamic domination- his way of Jihad.


Brisjesh Mishra then came out with Indian Intelligence assessment which seems to now be the case indeed-
He named Lashkar-e-Toiba, led by Abu Mahaz, as the perpetrator, in a combined operation with Hizbul Mojahedin.

The Guardian reported-

“The brutal mass murder” on the eve of the Clinton visit was a “pre-planned act of Indian intelligence to defame the Kashmiri freedom struggle”, said Syed Salahuddin, head of Hizbul Mojahedin. “The mojahedin have nothing against the Sikh community, which sympathises with our struggle. We assure them that there never was and there will never be any danger to Sikhs from Kashmiri freedom fighters.”

Now he is still around for another round of lies, but the cat was out back in US.

Syed Salahuddin, the ruthless and rabid terrorist kingpin, and chief of the Jihad Council banking on this Democrat sentiment of softness towards the Islamic radicals in Kashmir valley, had ‘cautioned’ the Americans that the Indian Armed Forces could stage manage a massacre similar to Clinton’s visit in 2000, when 35 Sikhs were gunned down in cold blood.

But the diversionary ploy of pre emptive laying of blame upon Indian doors, and Hindus whom his band of thugs had driven out of the Valley successfully even as the ‘secular’ maniacs kept mum and turned the other way- had come unexpectedly unravelled-

Headly nails the Liars

“I recollect that once Muzzammil had told me how he had gone and killed civilians in a village in south Kashmir before the visit of the then US President Bill Clinton to India. After coming to Muzaffarabad, he was initially given the charge of operations,”

David Coleman Headley told this to startled NIA sleuths in the presence of FBI agents.
The most out of favour President at home, Obama was curtly briefed of this revelation and admission of Headley, that the Jihadis of Valley were in fact behind that massacre of Sikhs.
Hindustan Times further reports that-

Muzzamil the 34 year old super-terrorist was also given out as the brain behind Akshardham Temple bloodbath and quite deeply involved with 26/11 Mumbai attack- in that 109 page long Report of the National Intelligence agents.

He is the right hand man of Lakshar’s Military chief Zaki-ur-Rehman, and Headley had confessed that he had personally spoken of his involvement in all those Terrorist strikes.
The Indian Forces are on high alert in all minority pockets of the Valley and the State.

US imposes sanctions on Jaish,LeT- freezes Azam Cheema’s assets and links

Azam Cheema and the Al Rehmat Trust that is run by Hizb chieftain Hafiz Rahman Makki and JeM’s Masoos Azhar Alvi figured in the list of sanctions curtailing their finanvial network.
“LeT and JeM have proven both their willingness and ability to execute attacks against innocent civilians,”

Daily Times quoted Stuart Levey, Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, as saying in a statement-

“Today’s action – including the designation of Azam Cheema, one of LeT’s leading commanders who was involved in the 2008 and 2006 Mumbai attacks – is an important step in incapacitating the operational and financial networks of these deadly organizations,”
The Economic Times reports-
Cheema is a key commander in the operations of LeT which has been held responsible for the November 26, 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai. The group has been closely associated with Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network.

LeT was designated as a terrorist outfit in May 2005. Cheema has also been described as LeT’s surveillance or intelligence chief and has been involved in LeT’s training activities, specifically training LeT members in bomb making and skills needed to infiltrate India.

The terrorists who carried out the Mumbai attacks received some of their training from Cheema. He is also reported to have been involved in the July 2006 Mumbai train bombings perpetrated by LeT.

The Hindu organisations must present the case of Hindu-Sikh genocide to the world at large and the Americans in particular and identify clearly this house of the Abdullahs as the Mukada of Pakistan’s Jihad in Kashmir Valley chronicling and divulging their role in this whole sordid tale.

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