The Diabolic Mind of Marxist Minister Sudhakaran

via HK Correspondent published on March 25, 2007

Marxist minister Sudhakaran is known for his Hindu hatred. True to his diabolical moniker, Sudhakaran has truly revealed in matters of profound filth and degradation. In spite of his high profile portfolio, he has not yet to emerge from his filithy and hazardous mind.


As a hard core Marxist addicted to the pre-cooked rigid ideology, he is always on a journey with fixed steps and directions. On his journey to Utopian Marxist land, he often spew out his verbal diarrhea. Sudhakaran always intrigues people with his thinking errors and funny words. His illogical reasoning and insulting remarks enabled him to attract lot of enemies. Even his Communist fellow travelers are moving away from him as a model.


Recently he was speaking at a seminar organized in memory of late Communist minister T.V.Thomas. Here are some of his mind freak ideas spewed at the seminar: “Marxists used to smoke beedies in earlier times for lack of money to buy cigarettes. Now we are rich to buy cigarettes and foreign liquor and travel in air conditioned cars. Uri Gagarin, the Russian Communist party member went to the moon not to smoke beedi but to eradicate poverty”


Marxist minister Sudhakaran justified Pinaroy Vijayan’s travel with a gun by saying that Lenin always traveled with a loaded gun. But he forgot that Pinaroy Vijayan is not Lenin. Sudhakaran was emphatic in saying that “Communist revolution takes place not with empty hands, but with loaded guns.” When will he examine his motives, overcome his indecency and thinking errors?

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  1. Jitendra Desai Reply

    May 3, 2007 at 9:12 pm

    Re: The Diabolic Mind of Marxist Minister Sudhakaran
    This is not at all diabolic but diarrheic ! If this is how the minds of Marxists ministers are working, God save Marxism ! [if there exists a God for them].We ordinary mortals can ask these great souls few simple questions such as these.

    1.You are in electoral politics since last seven decades.Why are you not winning majorities in Assemblies and Parliament?
    2. What has happened to Lenin’s and Mao’s revolutions in Russia and China?
    3. Soviet Union under the weight of Bolshevik revolution has collapsed since then.Are you planning to engineer such a collapse for India?
    4.Marxists are in power in WB since last four decades.What is the state of this State? This is inspite of Benagalis being some of the most talented Indians.
    5.If you can’t improve one state of a nation in 40 years, how do we believe, you will do so in Delhi or anywhere else? Is this not the message you are getting from Indian voters?

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