The Delphic Oracle speaks!!!

via H. Balakrishnan published on October 14, 2008






I must “confess”!!  I was eagerly anticipating the ” Delphic

Oracle” to hold forth on Kandhamal, Mangalore etc!! The “Oracle” duly obliged with the lugubrious drivel in No condoning soft terror “ – (TNIE – 14 oct)!!



The ” Oracle ” pontificates sanctimoniously – ” Hindutav is not Hinduism “!! WOW!! What profound philosophical depth – or – would plumbing the depths – be more appropriate? Simply put the
term ‘ tva ‘ in Sanskrit is ‘ about ‘ – a ‘ characteristic ‘ . Thus ” Hindutva ” can be read as ‘ About Hinduism ‘ in its simplest sense. No more. No less.



Be that as it may, history also tells us, that among the many horrors visited on Santana Dharma – the price for being

‘welcoming ‘ – was the imposition of the ‘Holy Inquisition of Goa’,
by the Portuguese. Weren’t they Roman Catholics?!! And, the person who recommended the imposition of the ‘ Holy Inquisition ‘ in Goa, was none other than ‘SAINT FRANCIS XAVIER’.


Bois Penrose in his ” Sea Fights in the East Indies in the years 1602-1639 “, wrote: ” It is on 6 May 1542 when Francis Xavier set foot ashore in Goa. From then on the Jesuits did their worst, using every form of bribery, threat, and TORTURE to effect a CONVERSION.”  In current parlance, it is affectionately referred to as “Harvesting of Souls “!!



In the ” Holy Inquisition of Goa ” there were ‘ 53 Edicts ‘. To cite just one. A wonderful gesture of reciprocity for ‘ Vasudeva Kuttambakam ‘: “  The said natives of India are hereby
ordered that neither during the season when functions in memory of the deceased are held nor after the death of any person nor on any other occasion, they should arrange feasts in their houses in memory of their deceased relations “.
  Drips ‘ reciprocity ‘ for ‘catholicity’?



The Belgian historian, Dr. Koenraad Elst, in his incisive work:

” Psychology of Prophetism: A secular look at the Bible “,



The point is simply that we European Christians of many generations, have outgrown Christianity. Most people who left the Church have found that they are not missing anything. We now know that Jesus was not God’s ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, that he did not save humanity from eternal sin, and that our happiness in this world or the next does not depend on believing these or any other dogmas”. Continuing: “  When staying in India, I find it sad and sometimes comical to see that these OUTDATED BELIEFS are being foisted upon backward sections of the Indian population by FANATICAL MISSIONARIES”. 


 Like for instance the murdered ” Harvester ” Graham Staines or the ” Harvesters ” in Kandhamal or Mangalore et al.



And, talking of  ‘outdated beliefs ‘, it is interesting to read from Arun Shourie’s  ” Harvesting Our Souls “: 


“Two of the Four Gospels – Matthew and Luke – give the genealogy of Jesus. Therefore let us put the two lists together from Abraham onwards, and see whether both can in any conceivable way be simultaneously TRUE. In Matthew, between Abraham and Jesus there are THIRTY NINE GENERATIONS. In Luke, on the other hand, between Abraham and Jesus there are FIFTY FIVE GENERATIONS. Between David and Jesus in Matthew there are TWENTY SEVEN GENERATIONS, and in Luke there are FORTY TWO GENERATIONS. Of the TWENTY SIX NAMES which occur in Matthew between David and Jesus, ONLY FOUR OCCUR IN Luke. And of these few names that occur in both lists, the ORDER DIFFERS ! But both lists, originating as they do God, occurring as they do in the Gospels, EACH WORD OF WHICH IS TRUE, ARE BY DEFINITION TRUE ! “.



Swami Devananda Saraswati is a Hindu monk of Candian Christian birth. In a freewheeling interview to the journalist Rajeev Srinivasan on 26 Jan 2001, the main theme of the Swamiji was that the history of Chritianity, especially in India, is a combination of FABRICATION – ‘ THE MYTH OF SAINT THOMAS ‘ coming to India is the most telling example – and suppression. He stated:

” The whole idea [ of Saint Thomas ] is a gross perversion of TRUTH and a grave injustice to the Hindu community which has offered refuge to persecuted Christian refugees through the ages. It is the Hindus who have been martyred by these same Christian refugees, starting in the eight and ninth centuries when Syrian and Persian immigrants in Malabar destroyed Temples to build their St. Thomas Churches “. 
The Swamiji was, of course, referring to the ‘ancestral country cousins’ of our Delphic Oracle!!



The methods of the ‘ Harvesters ‘ may have changed now, the colonial armies no longer being present, but not their ideology of ‘HARVESTING SOULS’. As (late) Ram Swarup so succinctly puts it about ‘Conversions’, in his brilliant:


” Pope John Paul II on Eastern Religions and Yoga: A Hindu- Buddhist Rejoinder ” :



” In the spiritual world there are two important categories: God and your neighbour. You could look at your neighbour’s God through his eyes, or could look at your neighbour through the eyes of your God. If you respect your neighbour and think that he is as good as you, then you will also think that his God is as good as your own. But if you think he is no good, then you also conclude that his God is no good and you would like to replace his God with your God. This you do not because you love your neighbour as you love yourself, but because if he is NOT Christian, you are superior to him and need not love him. Christian theology is based not only on an inadequate idea of God, but also on hatred of one’s neighbour”.



These thoughts are echoed in the French philosopher Voltaire’s (1694-1778) words:


” Christianity’s divine teacher, living in humility and peace, preached forgiveness of insults; but his holy and gentle religion has become, through our MADNESS, THE MOST INTOLERANT OF ALL, AND THE MOST BARABARIC”. Again. ” Christianity lit the torches that reduced our cities to ashes, and furbished the swords that for so long covered the countryside with the corpses of our ancestors”.



With such a hoary history, and continuing on the ‘ superiority complex ‘ of ” Churchianity “ in Kandhamal/Mangalore
etc., is it any wonder that it was comeuppance time for the ‘Harvesters’? ‘ Even a worm turns when trod on ‘ goes the adage. I believe the ‘ Hindu Worm ‘ has turned – Jammu, Kandhamal, Mangalore et al. Simply put, the ‘ Harvesters ‘ got kicked in the butt for trying to destroy traditional ways of living. And, if media reports of the ‘Harvesters’ having left Kandhamal en masse, are to be believed, Peace & Tranquility will prevail in Kandhamal in the days ahead. No More. No Less. Q.E.D.!!



And to our dear ‘Delphic Oracle’ – as the saying goes: ‘ Physician Heal Thyself First ‘. Or better still – ‘ Those who live in Glass Houses, Ought Not To Throw Stones ‘.







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