The Dangerous Faces of Marxist Cultural Destruction

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on February 10, 2008


Marxists and their cohorts are relatively clear what they want to achieve in India. They want the destruction of Hindu civilization and establishment of a proletariat Marxist state. For the last seventy five years, Marxists are working hard to realize their misguided and dangerous goals through positive sounding slogans such as “inclusion”, “human rights”, “feminist empowerment”, “classless society”, and “women’s rights”. With these positive sounding words, Marxists call for the destruction, in every possible way to deconstruct Hindu thoughts and bring down the Hindu culture.

The Marxists who gained power in Kerala and West Bengal failed miserably with their utopian economic policies and they were successful only in distributing poverty and unemployment. Cultural Marxists with their destructive and radical objectives are now focused around undermining the Hindu culture that kept India together for thousands of years.

Cultural reconstruction and destruction has become a policy of Marxists in India. This made possible not only through conscious vandalism against Hindu temples, but also with the creation of an actual culture of violence against Hindu cultural institutions.

Marxist plan to change Hindu temple practices, rituals, cultural tradition and management of Hindu temples is based on their false claim that all principles of our existence are historically situated and structured by bourgeois. These traditional Hindu experience and institutional force including the language, symbols, environment, art, music, temple festivals, literature as well as values and ethics stand in the way for Marxist expansion. These systems need to be reconstructed. Marxists want to deconstruct our traditional cultural precedents, ideas, frameworks, beliefs and philosophy. These Marxist deconstructionists claim that our social bonds and value system, culture and spiritual practices, temples, social institutions and education perpetuate bourgeois power. These beliefs and practices that connect people together must be deconstructed or destroyed.

For several years, Marxists in Kerala and West Bengal have been tinkering with our education, revising temple festivals, rituals, and spiritual practices. Their goal is to obliterate our culture and our customs by systematic deconstruction. Marxists have introduced Devasom Bill in Kerala for the takeover of Hindu temples including Guruvayoorappan Temple, Sabarimala Temple and various high income producing Hindu temples. Marxist government has introduced several restrictive ordinances to permanently ban traditional percussion, fireworks and timeline to permanently ban temple festivals and traditional cultural programs. For Hindus, the temple is the abode of God, the focus for all aspects in life of Hindus-religious, spiritual, cultural and social. It is a center where God can be approached and where divine knowledge can be discovered. Marxists are keen on destroying our temples founded on a platform with a devilish mixture of deception, coercion, and propaganda and government power. It represents one of the most deceptive and dangerous cultural destruction plan in India- a fact which most pseudo secularists and political leaders either do not know or choose to ignore.

There is something sick in these destructive plans to loot temple wealth and permanently destroy and exterminate or vanquish our cultural values. These morally aberrant policies have the infinite capacity to inflict harm to Hindu society.


Now the deadly Marxist government in Kerala has recommended to the Supreme Court to permanently alter sabarimala Temple practices, women’s dress code and temple rituals. These concepts and policies are straight out of the Communist Manifesto wrapped in the rhetoric of women’s rights and equality and freedom. Couched under the phrase “for the common good”, “feminist empowerment” and “freedom for women”, Marxists are trying to erase our spiritual practices, ethics and family values into the handouts of Marxism. If Marxists could persuade women in the name of liberty and empowerment to abandon traditional culture, Marxists reason that this could lead to a deadly blow to Hindu family values.

Marxists embrace today’s feminist movement with a deceptive goal to use women to undermine and destroy the culture by forcing them to abandoning Hindu cultural practices and by not carrying on the critical task of transmitting the culture to the next generation. The Marxist cultural deconstruction is to advance the destruction of women, and families while convincing them they are somehow victims of Hindu social structure. Marxists want to implement perception management techniques relying on the ignorance of gullible Hindus with well-crafted plan. Marxists use deceptive propaganda jargons for a long march through our culture. It is a total Marxist culture war designed to destroy Hindu culture from within. In order to win ‘the heart and mind” of targeted Hindus, Marxists use psychological warfare techniques to induce attitude change, educational reform and propaganda. Thought control methods combined with perception management techniques are used as a powerful form of coercive manipulation. Marxist thought control system tries to replace individual Hindu identity with communist identification.

Marxists have also put radical sex education in schools. It is the best way to destroy traditional sexual morality and weaken the family. Children are urged to deride and ignore parental authority, and percepts of traditional morality.

Worse, the Congress Party headed by Italian catholic Sonia, phony secularists and bogus intellectuals seem to be allies of those Janus faced Marxist forces who would override our spiritual and religious practices. This Marxist plan for the destruction of our culture is a very real threat to our nation, our cultural foundation and social fabric. Anti-Hindu forces from within and without our country continue to try to tell us that these cultural changes are in tune with social transformation around the world. They laugh at us for our traditional, all inclusive and open thought system. These naïve Marxists see a terrible beauty struggling to be born, a beauty that would sweep away our sacred civilization and bring us into a brave Communist world.


Marxists have no qualms when attacking Hindus, but they are very sensitive about attacking Islamic and Christian religious and social practices. We rarely hear any words from the Marxists to liberate Muslims and Christians from their rigid, fundamentalist and non-compromising dogmas. Can anyone think of one speech wherein Marxists have expressed a word against Talak, (divorce), polygamy, child marriage and Jihadi terrorism of Muslims as well as coercive religious conversion, and deceptive propaganda of Christians? Where is the outrage from the Marxists when Muslims and Christians want to retain special privileges and religious laws? In fact, Marxists have made an unholy alliance with Muslim and Christian organizations and marshalling their battalions with the help of Jihadi and missionary warriors against unorganized Hindus. The sheer extent to which the Marxists, Jihadis and Christian Missionaries have been responsible for proving funding and logistical support for subversive forces against Hindus makes for chilling reading. They collude in pursuit of their hidden agenda to destroy Hindu civilization. They undertake secretive and often open initiatives in order to organize psychological operations against Hindus. They provide funding, training, literature, logistical support to organize subversive groups in the name of self-help groups, human rights organizations, feminist movement, dalit support groups and anyone who has the “wrong” priorities and anti-Hindu agenda. Money looted from temples is funded for phony psychological research projects in order to assist Marxists, Muslims and Christians for reaching Hindu targets. They work together for slander campaigns against Hindu organizations like RSS, VHP and Bajarang Dal.


Political leaders, religious leaders and social activists, along with vast majority of Hindus who believe in ideals of Hindu culture must understand that open war has been declared on Hindutva and the cultural roots of India. Only Hindu spiritual values hold the country together. It is time to stop pretending that all religions are the same. Hindus and Christians, Muslims and the Marxists who adhere to alien dogmas have divergent view of political power, morality of power and the use of power. They resort to force, violence and threats more quickly, and compared with Hindus favor policies of coercion and threats. The unholy alliance recruits “useful idiots’ to influence and indoctrinate gullible Hindus through subtle psychological operations.

Hindus in general are turning away from political power and moving into a self-contained world of introspection, self-blame, denial, avoidance and tolerance. Meanwhile the unholy nexus of Marxists, Christians and Muslims are mired in politics, exercising power, and use of wealth and might. And this state of affairs, long and deep is likely to continue. When it comes to setting national priorities, determining threats, defining challenges, promoting self-interest, as well as fashioning and implementing self-protecting policies, Hindus are inept and fearful.

Among Hindus, there are different perspectives and they differ on problem solutions. It is time for Hindus to expose their insanities and inanities of Marxist extremism and hidden agendas for the deconstruction of Hindu society. If Hindus are outwitted by these dogmatists, they will opt for treachery, perfidy, denial and appeasement, our country will go to ruin in the end. This is a lesson taught by history.

A people strong in their culture and spiritual faith are sure to emerge victories. When people are united and confident of sure victory, they will not be afraid of any formidable enemy.

Hindus should realize that tolerance of the intolerant political dogmas and tolerance of “anything goes” attitude is a mark of degeneration. Our reawakening will start when we identify enemies of our survival and confront their ulterior schemes against our survival and return to our Dharma with strength and valor.

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