The Communist war on Hindus

via Dr. Babu Susheelan published on October 31, 2005


Kerala, the land of Parasurama, Mahabali and Sri Sankaracharya is now under siege. Medias reports in chilling detail the criminal transformation of Kerala. People are now appalled by crime, violence, suicide, alcohol and other drug addiction, murder, rape, poverty, unemployment, corruption, labor unrest, bureau pathology, budget deficits, Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, Muslim, Christian appeasement, destruction of forest land, and de-valuing of traditional heritage. The Communists have supplemented or displaced Hindu culture and virtues with slogans of class warfare, power for the proletariat, distribution of wealth, and meaningless revolutionary concepts. Using every means, including subversion, psychological warfare, terrorism, disinformation, economic warfare, murder, intimidation, and labor unrest, the Communist-Fascists have pursued a deliberate, concerted, long-range program to subvert and destroy Hindu culture and to produce maximum chaos. Traditional Hindu virtues and spirituality that hold the society together are described as vices and subverted more subtly and radically for the well being of the Communist proletariat. The mounting turmoil-moral, social, political, economic and religious-is the devastating result of the planned destruction of Kerala by the Communists. Communist party, left wing Fascists and their fifth column have waged psychological warfare, carrying forward their mission to capture the minds of Hindus. Communist technique is to intensify the attack upon the mind-to eradicate Hindu view of life and to achieve the conversion of Hindus to alien dogmas hostile to Hindu Dharma. For long, this radical departure from our eternal Hindu Dharma passed without resistance.


For several years, communists, leftist intellectual and trade union Fascists have transformed working class into industrial proletariat and exercised “hegemony” over a docile workforce and citizenry. One of the “social controls” is that instead of liberating the labor class, Communism demeaned them as the unwitting victims of “false consciousness”. Unable to practice their life supporting Hindu Sammskaras, students, workers, farmers and artists were easily persuaded to accept the values of their oppressors. Leftist intellectuals and communist psycho programmers have used sophisticated brainwashing techniques to socialize gullible students, writers, government workers, journalists and feminists against their own interests.

By mind manipulation techniques, Communists were successful in degrading Hinduism into secularism and proceeded to de-value and trans-value the sacred Dharma, to create a new set of values alien to our society. Many Hindus were psycho programmed without resistance into the ethos of Communism. Communist’s intellectual universe was formed by alien leaders like Marx, Engel, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro and Trotsky. Indian spiritual, social, political leaders and social reformers were ridiculed or demeaned. With subtle indoctrination, communists and their fellow travelers have introduced radical beliefs, opinions, attitudes, feelings, habits, conventions, preferences, and prejudices, even idiosyncrasies. These non-traditional, anti-Hindu alien values are now so firmly entrenched in the popular vocabulary of missionary trained journalists, teachers, artists, feminists and students.

The shift from Hindu values to conflicting Communist values has had unfortunate consequences. The cultural mutation has the effect of belittling and disparaging Hindu concept of life, wisdom, courage, morality, and family values. Communist theoreticians who claim to be writing “history from below” misinterpreted Hindu values as bourgeoisie values and instilled conflicting alien values in the minds of working class Hindus for the purpose of social and political control. Alliance with groups hostile to Hindus enabled Communists to gain political control and was successful in de-constructing Kerala society and destroying Hindu community and family system. The Communists have made the invasion of schools and colleges, cultural institutions and the media one of the major considerations in their psychological warfare designed to control Hindu mind. Concealed communists in education and their friends are sponsors of Communist fronts and play an active part in influencing the attitudes of the public. The Communists arrogantly and willfully introduced and supported public violence, economic depression, sensationalist journalism, moral deterioration, coercive religious conversion, Jihadi terrorism and attack on religious institutions and desecration of temples. Communist intellectuals skillfully denigrated Hindu religious symbols, rituals, and de-constructed Hindu Darsans, and insulted Hindu spiritual and social role models. Western, secular concepts and institutionalized atheism, and moral agnosticism supplemented school textbooks. The counter current of thought played into the hands of media, theatre, film, literature, and corrupted our art, music, and literature. The psychological game plan was successful in creating a new social order, moral code of immorality and a perverted form of secularism.


This general communist assault upon the foundations of kerala’s heritage has succeeded, in part, because it has been aided and abetted by liberal politicians, leftist intellectuals, missionaries, Church and Islamists. Yet what has really made communist mind manipulation possible has been the seeming inability of caste based organizations to rationally respond to the communist assault. While de-valuing traditional cultural values and demoralizing and secularizing Hindus, Communists have made a nexus with Muslims and Christians. It is this alliance that determines kerala’s social, economic, cultural, and educational policy. The disastrous effects of such alliance are felt at all levels of Kerala. Hindus are slowly discovering that the economic and social aspects of this unholy alliance imperil both the cultural and material well being of Hindus. Can kerala recover from the Communist, Christian, Muslim alliance? Posing this question so prominently is a bit daring? A few Hindus have taken refuge in massive denial. They maintain that social deviance, crime, violence, Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, is designed to create panic thus justifying an increase in the power of elite Hindus. They are uncomfortable in admitting communists are a menace to Hindus of Kerala, lest they be accused of communalism. It is not only our secular political leaders who are prone to this failure of moral nerve. Several caste based organizational leaders have been infected by it, to one degree or another.


It is time for everyone from politicians to teacher, to students, to journalists to focus on the forces behind the de-construction and de-valuation of our society. Prior to the introduction of Communism and alien fundamentalist dogmas, kerala was more civil, more peaceful, more human and religious and culturally vibrant. The traditional family was firmly established; art, music, literature and handicrafts proliferated and cultural institutions continued to thrive.

Most Hindus have no idea how ant-national, anti-Hindu, the hardocre communists in our country truly are. They have never understand that the agenda of the communists has always been directed to attacking all aspects of our culture, economy, and spiritual tradition. The communists are strongly opposed to Hindus joining together to retake the country, to restore the culture. Apparantly they want Hindus to accept the toll of attacks on our innocent citizens by Communist criminals and Jihadi terrorrists.

Now Hindus have much rethinking to do. It is not enough to say that Communism is a political thought and all religions are the same. Hindus should proudly proclaim that the imported dogmas are inadequate, polarizing, and unacceptable. Those Hindus who want to resist these dangerous false belief systems and non-traditional values cannot opt out of the Hindutva movement. They should join together with Hindu unity movements that are the best repositories of eternal Hindu values.

It’s time to ignite Hindus. It’s time to wake up our citizens so they can practice our life sustaining culture, enjoy freedom, and promote Hindu values. It’s time to realize where our present state of affairs taking us and choose the kind of country in which we want to live. But how can we take our country back? The only way Hindus can establish their freedom, liberty, culture, tradition and heritage is to break the hammerlock of Communism, pseudo secularism and alien dogmas that controls people’s passion and behavior.

The good news is that the Comminst disease has created its own antibodies. Hindus are regaining confidence to express their resentment, they are learning again Hindus collectively chosses to affirm and condemn, encourage and discourage. And the task of construction and reconstruction has begun. But it is it is nowhere complete. But Hindus are on the way marching ahead.

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