The Code and a bone out of it!

via HK Correspondent published on May 10, 2006

 have read the Da Vinci Code like I read any other thriller novel and kept it aside for another sunny day. 

Whereas this fictional work has become the talk of the town. The Vatican and Catholic community across the globe have voiced their protest against the novel and the movie. The Catholics have also gone further to study the book and pass comments phrase to phrase. It’s but natural that any religious community would do exactly the same thing when their religious values are questioned. Not all religion…..Hindus probably wouldn’t even take a second look if the same was written about any of our avatars or God heads! 

The Catholic Secular Forum is a Mumbai based organization who has threatened to start a hunger strike, in the line of Medha Patkar, if the ‘Da Vinci Code’ and ‘tickle my funny bone’ are released in India. The film distributors Sony Pictures have now put the film on hold.  

Did we hear about this organization when the Water protests were on? Or when the protest against fire was on? Or did we hear them when Hussain drew naked Hindu goddesses? I wouldn’t blame him for not presenting Muslim God’s in that manner as they could never have a women’s God figure and even if they did they wouldn’t know how she looked beneath the purdah! 

But where is SAHMAT? The organization which was always in news protesting against the curtailing of artist freedom in India? SAHMAT which went around the globe talking of persecution in India? 

It’s not the first time India has seen protests and agitations against books and films. An earlier controversial book and movie the The Last temptation was also condemned around the world and banned in certain countries. Almost every denomination in India also condemned it. The theory of Judas being told by Jesus to betray him in the book was passed of. But now the National geographic has again brought forward this controversy with their feature,”The Gospel of Judas”.  A year ago a song from a famous Hindi movie was removed due to protest by the Musl;im clergy against its lyrics. The Cartoon protests are still fresh in our minds. The Christians also protest any scripture or archeological evidence that could prove the Bible wrong. The Lost Scrolls is also being rejected. For years scientists have been asking for Christ’s so called robe with blood stains to be DNA mapped. But during the Ayodhya struggle the very Christians asked for archeological proof of a temple existing. Probably the best example of Indian secularists one sided ammunition attack is the banning of Professor P.N. Oak’s well researched book on the Taj Mahal.  Whereas we have countless number of literature by the Christians as well as Muslims refuting the very concept of a Hindu religion.  

What is to be noted is the ferocity with which the Christians and Muslims protest any attack on their religion. This is so because of the in-depth brainwashing and misinterpretations their religion given from childhood. A religion that tells them that those who don’t follow their beliefs are infidels. The Hindus on the other hand and to a large extend ignorant about their religion and their religion and their religious teachers are seen as pass time from their busy work life! The new generation is not being taught the message of our sacred scriptures. And whatever little they get out of our scriptures is drowned in the curse of caste discrimination and valueless ahmisa! 

And to end this on a thought to ponder over… 

Christ expressed his freedom in another way: “And a certain scribe came, and said unto him, Master, I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest. And Jesus saith unto him, the foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.”  Matthew 8:19-20. Music lovers will remember this old KPAC (communist party art’s club) song by George…that goes like this….’pambugalku malam unde, paravakalku akasham unde, manushya Puthran thala chaykan mannil edam illa… 

Interesting to note how the communists used Bible verses to push through their agenda!!!!

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