The ‘Church’ and the ‘Commies’ have much in ‘common’ : “HINDU BAITING/BASHING”.

published on February 10, 2012


Dear Sir,

Reference to ‘ Today’s Harvester Special ‘ column by Chitra Paul, entitled : ” Now, Church finds brethren in CPM ” – (TNIE – 09 Feb).

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The report stated : ” This should be a ‘divine message’ for the CPM, which is desperately trying to wriggle out of the uneasy ‘Last Supper’ controversy.  In a rare instance of camaraderie, the Delhi Diocese has said that the ‘primary concerns of the Church and the Communists are the same’. The impromptu remark was made by Fr Dominic Emmanuel, spokesperson of the Delhi Arch Diocese “.

Father Dominic Emmanuel. The name ‘instantly’ rang a bell !!

Your sister paper, The Indian Express, had on 07 June 2010, published an Article penned by Father Dominic Emmanuel, entitled
– ” Help us help them “. It can be read at :

The reader’s comments to the Article, makes for interesting reading :


s.shankar | 09-Jun-2010
I think this joker dominic must be a born humorist. The barbaric christians bringing education and development through Mr. Francis in 16th century to India takes the cake.The levels of education, development and wealth of pre christian, mughal India is what brought all these nomadic bankrupt christians and mughals to raid and and capture India. The extent of violence and killings these fellows inflicted on unsuspecting Hindus to loot and plunder the wealth and demolish the seats of learning such as Nalanda, Mithila and Varanasi, which hosted seekers of knowledge from accross the world is too well documented to need mention here. The vision, breadth, and depth contained in the Vedas and Upanishads, and all other scriptures can never be understood by the likes of dominic who have raped and defiled the land which welcomed them with open hands and a smiling face.Long before the west Hindus new about astronomy and mathematics and foreigners came to India to learn the various sciences.

Gaurav | 08-Jun-2010
the way this article is written,is just another farce to make advantage of Hindu people’s goodwill.Writer must rethink about what he has written.As far as the case of working in the Maoist area is concerned then it is already in progress, Christens goodwill is always seen a harsh trap of conversions.the word that is Stereotype is not for the Right people but the people like you who still want that Hindus should always be colonized…shame on the thoughts.

H.Balakrishnan | 08-Jun-2010

The Rev’s reference to Goa, education and Francis Xavier is ‘laughable’. The ‘Goa Inquisition’ is well documented in India, which tells the reader that Francis Xavier was the ‘catalyst’ for the ‘Inquisition’ being proclaimed in Goa. The ‘Raj Days’ of missionaries pulling wool over unsuspecting Indian eyes is long past!! Dr. Trasta Breganka Kunha, a Catholic citizen of  Goa wrote, “Inspite of all the mutilations and concealment of history, it remains an undoubted fact that religious
conversion of Goans is due to methods of force adopted by the Portuguese to establish their rule. The propagation of Christian sect in Goa came about not by religious preaching but through the methods of violence and pressure. If any evidence is needed for this fact, we can obtain it through law books, orders and reports of the local rulers of that time and also from the most dependable documents of the Christian
sect “.

lohit | 07-Jun-2010

This person is telling that, they are educating people may i dare to ask them where they are getting money from to do all these. I can be certain that Hindus donate money nearly 100 times more than any religion in temples, this money is being taken by the govt, if we hindus make an authority to which this money can be deviated instead of govt, these evengelists claim will be nullified. But this cannot be done until we have cong and communists in India.It does not behove a man of God to conceal truth and tell lies

K.C. Sharma | 07-Jun-2010
The truth will come out if father Dominique told us how many of those who have been made literate by the likes of him whom he wants to call an NGO; have converted into Christianity. All his denials of allurements to convert are lies.


In addition, Ishwar Sharan (author of ‘The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple’) had commented on the Article above of Father Dominic Emmanuel :

Fr. Dominic Emmanuel: Ignorant, Arrogant, and Untruthful (June 8, 2010) :  The article, “Help Us To Help Them” by Fr. Dominic Emmanuel SVD, chief propagandist and spokesman for the New Delhi Roman Catholic Archdiocese, is presumptuous, arrogant, untruthful, and in your face Hindu-baiting discourse. Having first created the Maoist  problem among its tribal and dalit converts in central India, the Church through Fr. Dominic now offers to solve the problem and accuses the RSS and VHP of refusing to help. The RSS and VHP have no obligation to help the Church clean up the mess it has created by alienating its evangelized members from their native religion and culture, and would be misguided and foolish to join hands with an institution that has 2000 years of crime behind it and is implicated in the murder of VHP leader Swami Laxmananda of Kandhamal. On the other hand, the RSS and the VHP are doing educational and social work among the tribals and dalits of
central India and are obstructed in this work by the Christian missionaries who feel they have a monopoly on “developing” and “progressing” – i.e. converting – the poor and downtrodden of India.

Fr. Dominic Emmanuel is a part-time Bollywood actor among other special talents, and has a long record of Hindu-baiting and telling lies for Jesus and the Church. Search “Dominic Emmanuel” at and you will soon know this dishonest priest better than he knows himself.

We have inserted our comments between the article’s paragraphs. Dr. Hilda Raja’s rejoinder follows Fr. Dominic’s column. – Ishwar Sharan “


Much earlier, the same Father Dominic Emmanuel had written an Article in the English daily – The Pioneer – 05 April 2006. It was entitled ; ” Bashing christians yet again “. The Rev. Father had written :

” It is now more than a week that Rev Samuel Thomas, the president of the Emmanuel Mission International (EMI), was arrested from NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh. There is also an arrest warrant issued against his father, Archbishop MA Thomas, the founder of the EMI. The whole controversy has taken a serious turn making national headlines. The communal forces acting in Rajasthan and the neighbouring States of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are hell-bent on attacking the minuscule minority Christian community. The trouble with the EMI in Rajasthan, is nothing new. According to sources, two years ago when Archbishop M A Thomas had organised an international convention, where nearly 7,000 people had gathered, the RSS [Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh] and Bajrang Dal activists had made strong protests alleging that it was an exercise in mass conversion to Christianity. When the then member of the National Commission for Minorities, Mr VV Augustine, intervened and reasoned with the groups opposing the convention, it turned out that all present there, except those hardcore Hindu activists who were invited to witness the happenings there, were Christians. The recent controversy, according to one of the investigations, seems to be more personal – between Mr Madan Dilawar, the Minister for Social Welfare and Cooperatives in the Rajasthan Government, and Mr MA Thomas. But the reason cited for public consumption is the book called Haqeeqat, which supposedly contains some denigrating remarks against some Hindi religious deities. As it turns out, the book is neither written nor published by the arrested Bishop Samuel Thomas or his father Archbishop Thomas. Their only crime is that they allowed the book to be kept on shelves for sale. In the meantime, Mr Dilawar, using his clout with the State Government, has managed to get the bank accounts of the EMI frozen and the … “

And here is what senior journalist Kanchan Gupta had to write about the ‘slanderous book – HAQEEQAT’- in the daily – The Pioneer – of 25 March 2006 :

” Since evangelist advocacy groups have willfully refused to tell the full story, it would be in order to place the facts on record.

The immediate provocation that led to the arrest of Dr Thomas and others involved with the Emmanuel mission’s work in Kota is born of the contents of a book that he and his associates have been distributing among the people. The book, Haqeeqat, is authored by a Kerala-based evangelist, MG Matthew, and purports to be a rebuttal of MS Golwalkar’s writings that have been published by the RSS as ‘Bunch of Thoughts’.

In reality, it is unadulterated abuse of Hindu scriptures, faith, ritual and tradition. It denigrates every tenet of Hinduism and pours undiluted scorn on Hindu icons and gurus. It casts aspersions on the chastity of Hindu women and questions received wisdom.

Published by the Kerala-based Truth & Life Publications, which puts out evangelist literature, it has been translated into Hindi by Dennis Nathaniel, associated with the Emmanuel mission, who has been arrested by Rajasthan Police. The book has been banned in Rajasthan. The author, against whom a non-bailable warrant has been issued, is believed to be hiding somewhere in Kerala.

Here are some samples of what Haqeeqat, which was being used by the Thomases and their associates to convince Hindus in Kota to abandon their faith and embrace Christianity, has to say:

* “Hindu gods and goddesses are fictitious and were invented to persecute Dalits” (Page 9).

* “To prevent indigenous people from acquiring knowledge, Saraswati invented difficult Vedas (which nobody can understand)”. (Page 16)

* “With the progression of time, people all over the world (except India) were freed of their ignorance and they began to disown wicked and cruel gods and goddesses. But in India, because people are (enveloped) in the darkness of ignorance, imaginary gods and goddesses are still worshipped.” (Page 17)

* “Naked sanyasis are worshipped by (Hindu) women. The moment (Hindu) women see naked sanyasis, they fall on the ground and prostrate themselves before the sanyasis. (Hindu) women pour water on the sanyasis’ penises and then happily drink that water. Ling Devata is gratified when he sees all these repulsive things and feels empowered… These people are ignorant and do not know the difference between what is right and wrong.” (Page 93)

* “Sita was abandoned in the forest as per Ram’s wishes… Ram later asked Lakshman to kill Sita. In the end, Ram frustrated with life, drowned himself in Saryu. Such are the teachings of half-naked rishis who are praised by Hindutvawadis.” (Page 100)

* “Lord Shiva, to get people to worship him, dropped his penis on Earth (Devi), shaking the ground and the sky! … . Poor Dharti Devi was shaken by the weight of his penis. Seeing this, all the Gods were scared. It seems Gods would use their penises as bombs! Whenever and wherever they wanted to, they would drop their ‘penis bombs’ to terrorise the people. Thus, they were able to enslave the people… But compared to foreign bombs, these penis bombs were a damp squib.” (Page 106-107)

* “(Ramakrishna) Paramahansa should have known that Ganga is the world’s filthiest and dirtiest river. How many dead bodies float down this river every day? How many half-burnt dead bodies are dumped into it every day? And Hindus call it the holy river! In fact, all the rivers of India are dirty and polluted… Hindutvawadis pollute the rivers… and then depend on
their false Gods to cleanse them…” (Page 122-123)

* “(For Hindus) men can be Gods, women can be Goddesses… animals are gods, snakes are gods… they (Hindu Gods) fight among themselves, marry among themselves, throw out their wives, run away with others’ wives, they steal, get intoxicated, drink blood, are reincarnated as animals, fish and tortoise, some of them can lift mountains… Some Gods are in same-sex
relationships and are yet able to produce babies. These Gods and Goddesses are always armed because they believe in killing and plunder. Some Gods think their penises are more powerful than nuclear bombs. Others like animals live naked among their followers. Some of them spend their time in yogic exercises, others are in samadhi and happy to see the number of blind followers swell… You can wash away your sins by worshipping the penises of Gods” (Page 146)

* “How could Arya Hindus bring Aryanisation on this earth. To be Arya, one has to be born of an Arya womb… If Arya Hindus want to bring Aryanisation then they must lend or rent out all Arya wombs to non-Aryans. Non-Aryans should be given Brahmin women so that children are born from Brahmin womb” (Page 182-183).

* “In modern India, many Ramas of this belief are living a carefree life. They marry several times, desert their wives, marry several times, and leave them. Many Ramas kill their Sitas. They are following their God Rama.” (Page 269)

* “(Lord) Krishna had a despicable sex life… Shri Krishna is famous because of his love life. He had 16,008 wives. And all Yadav women were his illegitimate lovers. (Hindu) women are drawn towards him because of pornographic and vulgar tales of his sex life.” (Page 391) “

Oh ! Yes Sir ! The ‘Church’ and the ‘Commies’ have much in ‘common’ : “HINDU BAITING/BASHING”.

I rest my case, Sir !!



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