The banality of Valentine Day

via HK Correspondent published on February 11, 2006

Christian western confidence has fallen to low ebb. Those who dreamed of world evangelization and conquest are now desperate. There is a crisis of confidence. The international dimensions of the current malaise indicate that it cannot be attributed to western failure of nerve or marketable ideas. They have lost the capacity to confront non-Christian world militarily but they have devised plans for cultural invasion, shape public opinion, and undermine spiritual traditions. With the help of multi national corporations, the Christian west is now engaged in a psychological warfare to breakdown the barriers to free market activity, smash through or bypass the culture and spiritual tradition. This will give way before organized Christian evangelists can promote their well-packaged conversion products.


Celebrating Valentine Day and selling Valentine Cards in India is a cultural invasion that introduces one of the worst features of the collapsing Christian empire. It is a deliberate and cleverly devised plan of deceitful battle for our mind. It is a subtle attempt to liberate Indians from their rich culture and enslave them with rigid, fundamentalist, exclusive dogma. It is a deliberate plan to force Hindus to discard their spiritual tradition and force them to escape from freedom to slavery.


Promoting Valentines Day is a deliberate ploy to trivialize our cultural tradition, spiritual festivals, social customs and religious holidays. In the name of love, romance and courtship, Valentine Day is used to promote pre-marital sex, and trivial, valueless western life style. For the multi national corporations, India is a market place. The marketing experts, the media and the business people join together to promote Valentine cards, fast foods and party gadgets to make money. They neglect traditional culture and promote fast food culture and throw away products.


The marketing of discarded western goods and meaningless cultural festivals devalues our spiritual past and create a cultural crisis. A nation is known, and the people have been recognized on the basis of religion, art, festivals, customs, food, language and spiritual tradition. A nation’s cultural habits and religious practices make them unique. India has survived hundreds of years of Muslim invasion and Christian colonization because Hindus were able to preserve the spiritual tradition. Now the Christian west is attempting to decimate our eternal Hindu culture by dubious means. This Valentine Day celebration is a clear form of cultural invasion, a psychological trick to oppress our dynamic, vibrant and eternal culture.


The deliberate and cunning strategy to devalue our Hindu culture needs to be resisted. Hindus need to examine how western cultural habits and religious holidays like Valentine Day are infiltrating our society. Our survival as a nation, our social, political, economic, cultural future depends on resisting cultural invasion disguised in many forms including Valentine Day. It is a deceptive, open and covert form of psychological warfare to annihilate our Hindu tradition.


There is nothing wrong in modernizing our nation, embracing progressive ideas, but denial of our rich Hindu cultural traditions and festivals for flimsy, meaningless consumer products and transient habits are dangerous for the future of our nation. It is time to resist cultural invasion and keep our distance from festivals like Valentine Day.

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